UK time trial round-up: Alf Hilton wins Manchester and District TTA 50-mile

Brian Walker victorious in Tyneside Vagabonds CC hilly 26-mile event

Alf Hilton wins Manchester and District TTA 50-mile

In-form Alf Hilton secured a confident victory in the Manchester and District TTA 50-mile time trial in Cheshire on Saturday evening, winning by just over one minute to secure his second victory in as many weekends.


The 44-year-old Congleton CC rider, from Ashton in Makerfield near Manchester, clocked 1:51:02 to win by 1:01 from last man off Charles Taylor (South Pennine RC) and take a second Manchester and District TTA victory having won their 100-mile event last weekend with a course record time.

The later starters – including Hilton and Taylor – managed to avoid getting wet as the first 25 riders got caught in the showers, but all had to endure strong winds throughout on the course, which goes from Holmes Chapel to Chelford and Knutsford and was covered three times.

Third spot went to comeback rider SimonBridge (Leigh Premier RC) with 1:52:21, who was only off at number 35 but is displaying some good form.

The team prize was calculated according to the Bidlake method, and it was Manchester Wheelers who had the better-placed third rider, narrowly beating Seamons CC.

The event also incorporated the Manchester and District TTA Women’s Championships, and there was another comfortable victory in that category with North Shropshire Wheelers’ Leah Leonard clocking 2:09:47 to win by almost ten minutes from Manchester Wheelers’ Viv Slack.

Brian Walker tops podium in Northumberland

Team Swift-Allsports rider Brian Walker secured victory in the tough Tyneside Vagabonds CC hilly 26-mile event, staged on the M26 course in Northumberland on Sunday.

Walker, from Heaton near Newcastle, clocked 1:02:09 to win the event by around a minute and a half from Tony Fawcett (Hetton Hawks), while second favourite Paul Thirling (Westbrook Cycles) had to settle for third, another 30 seconds off the pace.

With pre-race favourite Stefan Harrison (Team Echlon Spiuk) a non-starter, Walker went off as favourite for victory, and he did not disappoint.

Windy ride for Don Woodman Memorial 25-mile event

High winds made it tough going in the Don Woodman Memorial 25-mile event at Pandy, near Abergavenny in Wales on Sunday, promoted by Ross on Wye and District CC and incorporating the Welsh Veterans TTA Championships.

The valleys around the course channelled the already strong winds, meaning some tough headwind sections but also a bizarre 30mph uphill stretch to the finish.

The promoting club’s Alan Cook took victory by more than two minutes with his time of 53:17 – a cracking ride on a windy day that, according to many, could well have threatened the course record of 52:44 on a calmer day.

Merthyr CC’s Colin Wallace took second spot with 55:38, and with his colleagues Lyn Jones and Michael Portlock finishing third and eighth they secured the team prize with ease.

Elsewhere in the event, the Welsh VTTA Championships was won by Barry Williams (Cardiff 100 Miles RCC). The 74-year-old from Cardiff clocked 1:05:26 which gave him an impressive plus of 19:34 – more than a minute better than his nearest rival, Gordon Butler (M&D Cycles).

Anthony Stapleton fastest in Victoria CC 10.2-mile event at Newport

Chelmer CC’s Anthony Stapleton was fastest of the solo riders in the Victoria CC 10.2-mile event at Newport in Essex on Saturday – but by the narrowest of margins.

Stapleton’s time of 22:19 was just one second better than his nearest rival, Simon Bateson of East London Velo, while third spot wasn’t too far behind, Rob Young (In Gear Quickvit) clocking 22:34.

One of five events being staged from May to August, the latest event included categories for tandems, three-up, two-up and veterans two-up with each section giving points towards the final overall.

Simon Clark wins Border City Wheelers’ 10-mile event

Winner Simon Clark (GS Metro) took full advantage of the early dry conditions to win the Border City Wheelers’ 10-mile event at Cockermouth in Cumbria on Saturday, with the later starters had to contest with gusty winds and downpours.

Clark clocked 21:45 to win by seven seconds from the promoting club’s Tom Walker, who did well to get under the 22-minute mark – as did third-placed team-mate Howard Cain.

Fourth spot – just 12 seconds away from a podium spot – was another Border City Wheelers rider Carlo Berton, who completed the line-up for the team winners with some ease.

Stephen Whitewick best in Hampshire

The only rider under the 21-minute mark, Stephen Whitewick (UTAG proved a comfortable winner of North Hampshire Road Club’s 10-mile event on the Bentley bypass course in Hampshire on Saturday.

His time of 20:16 was 44 seconds faster than runner-up Tejvan Pettinger (

Sri Chinmoy CT

), while Simon Tout (Velocity Bikes RT) completed the podium with 21:24.

A time of 23:19 was good enough to make John Woodburn (VC Meudon) the best veteran on standard with a plus of 9:43, while Lesley-Anne Walkling (PB Science) was best woman with 23:33.

And best of the juniors was Harry Edney of North Devon Wheelers, whose time of 24:44 was almost two and a half minutes quicker than his nearest rival.



Manchester & District TTA (Goostrey, Cheshire, 50 miles):
1 Alf Hilton (Congleton CC) 1:51:02
2 Charles Taylor (South Pennine RC) 1:52:03
3 Simon Bridge (Leigh Premier RC) 1:52:21
4 Scott Burns (Manchester Wheelers) 1:53:58
5 Jack Green (VC St Raphael) 1:55:56
6 David Williams (Fibrax-Wrexham RC) 1:56:11
7 Paul Greenhalgh (ABC Centreville) 1:56:15
8 Stuart Walker (Walsall RCC) 1:56:16
9 Neil Skellern (Congleton CC) 1:56:44
10 Paul Shallicker (Cover Your Car) 1:57:24
Team (Bidlake): Manchester Wheelers (Scott Burns, Simon Moreton 1:58:34, Ian Whittell 2:02:24).
Women (Manchester DTTA Champs):
1 Leah Leonard (North Shropshire Wheelers) 2:09:47
2 Viv Slack (Manchester Wheelers) 2:19:26
3 Christine Roberts (North Shropshire Wh) 2:19:52.
Veterans on std: Derek Hodgins (Stockport Clarion) (2:13:21) +45:46.
Handicap: Charles Gray (Manchester Wheelers) (46:59) 1:34:12.
Tyneside Vagabonds CC (Belsay, Northumberland, 26 miles):
1 Brian Walker (Team Swift-Allsports) 1:02:09
2 Tony Fawcett (Hetton Hawks) 1:03:34
3 Paul Thirling (Westbrook Cycles) 1:04:04
4 Craig Fenwick (Tyneside Vagabonds CC) 1:04:36
5 Jonathan Gavaghan (Wansbeck CC) 1:04:53
6 Geoff Mount (Westbrook Cycles) 1:05:39
7 Russ Richardson (Teesdale CRC) 1:05:45
8 Nev Martin (Infinity Cycles) 1:06:02
9 David Lund (Black Hawk 1:06:14
10 Chris Pearth (Ferryhill Wheelers) 1:07:17
Women: Hilary Ross (Durham Tri Club) 1:18:18.
Juveniles: Kyle Watts (Tyneside Vagabonds CC) 1:16:16.
Don Woodman Memorial (Pandy, Wales, 25 miles):
1 Alan Cook (Ross on Wye & Dist CC) 53:17
2 Colin Wallace (Merthyr CC) 55:38
3 Lyn Jones (Merthyr CC) 56:15
4 Luke Moseley (Climb On Bikes) 56:24
5 Andrew Butcher (Cwmcarn Paragon CC) 56:55
6 Earl Smith (Royal Dean Forest CC) 57:07
7 Andrew Jones (Royal Dean Forest CC) 57:21
8 Michael Portlock (Merthyr CC) 57:38
9 Clinton Evans (CC Blaenau Gwent) 59:02
10 John French (Oxford City CC) 59:20
Team: Merthyr CC (Colin Wallace, Lyn Jones, Michael Portlock) 2:49:31.
Women: June Edwards (Pontypool RC) 1:05:24.
Welsh VTTA Championships:
1 Barry Williams (Cardiff 100 Miles RCC) (1:05:26) +19:34
2 Gordon Butler (M&D Cycles) (1:06:34) +18:26
3 Dennis Oram (Cheltenham & County CC) (1:10:44) +16:51
Victoria CC (Newport, Essex, 10.2 miles):
1 Anthony Stapleton (Chelmer CC) 22:19
2 Simon Bateson (East London Velo) 22:20
3 Rob Young (In Gear-Quickvit RT) 22:34
4 Brian Phillips (East Grinstead CC) 22:53
5 Paul Smith (Chelmer CC) 22:54
6 Neill Coventry (API Metrow) 23:04
7 Nick Jackson (Cambridge CC) 23:10
8 James Endicott (Chelmer CC) 23:29
9 Bryce Conduit (Cambridge Univ CC) 23:52
10 Martin Reynolds (Cambridge CC) 23:59
Women: Sue Clarke (Team Cambridge) 29:24.
Under-18s: B Hirst (Essex Roads CC) 27:37.
Veterans: Anthony Stapleton.
Tandems: Sandra Mackay & Nick Hastler (Essex Roads CC) 22:32.
Three-up TTT: Braintree VCRC (Defrates, Muzio, Van Poucke) 24:00.
Two-Up: A. Grundy & D. Bamford (East London Velo) 24:06.
Veterans Two-Up: M. Sheridan & M. Graves (Newmarket C&TC) 25:07.
Border City Wheelers (Cockermouth, Cumbria, 10 miles):
1 Simon Clark (GS Metro) 21:45
2 Tom Walker (Border City Wheelers) 21:52
3 Howard Cain (Border City Wheelers) 21:59
4 Carlo Berton (Border City Wheelers) 22:11
5 Russ Richardson (Teesdale CRC) 22:16
6 Stephen Jagger (Border City Wheelers) 22:33
7 Graham Putnam (Border City Wheelers) 22:43
8 John Paterson (Dumfries CC) 22:48
9 Steven Fullerton (Darlington CC) 22:49
10 Dan Warwick (Border City Wheelers) 23:02
Team: Border City Wheelers (Tom Walker, Howard Cain, Carlo Berton) 1:05:02.
Veterans: Over-40s: Carlo Berton.
Over-50s: Russ Richardson.
Over-60s: Mike Westmorland (Border City Wheelers) 24:05.
Women: Jessica Wilson-Young (Edinburgh RC) 23:09.
Juniors: Dan Warwick.
North Hampshire Road Club (Bentley, Hampshire, 10 miles):
1 Stephen Whitewick (UTAG 20:16
2 Tejvan Pettinger (Sri Chinmoy CT) 21:00
3 Simon Tout (Velocity Bikes CC) 21:24
4 Paul Matthews (UTAG 21:33
5 Simon Edney (North Devon Wheelers) 21:37
6 Nick Stagg (Hounslow & District Wh) 21:44
7 John Sibley (UTAG 21:46
8 Colin McDermott (Festival RC) 21:55
9 Paul Holdsworth (Hounslow & Dist Wh) 21:58
10 Phil Ember (Kingston Wheelers) 22:12
Women: Lesley-Anne Walkling (PB Science) 23:33.
Veterans on std: John Woodburn (VC Meudon) (23:19) +9:43.
Tandems: Richard & Tom Collins (Imperial RT) 23:34.
Juniors: Harry Edney (North Devon Wheelers) 24:44.
Espoir: Matthew Golden (Farnham RC) 28:07.
Trike: Bob West (VTTA Wessex) 30:05.