UK time trial round up: Bottrill wins Rudy Project in Worcestershire

Wendy Houvenaghel takes women’s event

Series leader Matt Bottrill (I Ride RT) notched up his second victory in a national round of the RTTC-Rudy Project Time Trial Series, winning the fifth round in Worcestershire promoted by Wyre Forest CRC on Saturday.


Bottrill, from Coalville in Leicestershire, clocked 1:12:40 for the 33.1-mile course based around Great Witley, winning by more than three minutes to underline his good form.

Second-placed Jeff Jones (Chippenham and District Wheelers) had to settle for third spot, with Chippenham team-mate Ben Anstie nipping in to take second spot, although Jones still retains second place in the overall.

With five rides to count out of eight national rounds and 13 district rounds, Bottrill already has 297 out of a maximum 300, while Jones is on 289.

Bottrill’s ride broke the old course record by 50 seconds, beating Stuart Dangerfield’s two-year-old mark for the K22/16 despite rain showers making an appearance as he started his second lap and forcing him to throw off his misted visor.

While things remained more or less the same in the men’s event, it was all change in the women’s event where the weather played a big part in causing some drama in the race for the Series.

Bike Chain Ricci’s Olympic ace Wendy Houvenaghel won convincingly with 38:29 for the one-lap 16.4-mile course, almost four minutes clear of her nearest rival and just three seconds shy of her own course record from last year, with rain showers perhaps stopping her breaking the old mark.

Cult Racing team-mates and title hopefuls Jane Kilmartin and Michelle King both failed to finish as the rain caused slippery conditions.

Kilmartin suffered from a misted helmet visor and came off after over-cooking it at a roundabout, while King was left with grazed arm and sore hip after slipping off.

While Trudi Sammons (Reading CC) remains in the lead in the overall series following her second place behind Houvenaghel, King drops from second to third and Kilmartin from third to sixth after their disastrous day.

The big winner from their misfortune was Cult Racing team-mate Nadine Mayhew, who climbed from fifth to second following fifth spot in Saturday’s event.

In other categories, Lincolnshire’s Ian Dalton (Cherry Valley RT) notched up another victory in the veterans category, while John Woodburn (VC Meudon) was 1:11 better than Carole Gandy (Born to Bike) in the target time competition.

Bottrill wasn’t the only I Ride Racing Team rider to celebrate victory, with Stockport’s Alex Royle winning the junior event. It was his second victory in two national rounds, and puts him among the favourites for the series if he continues to compete.

Julian Jenkinson wins Burton and DistrictCA 50-mile event

In-form Julian Jenkinson (UTAG proved a clear winner of the Burton and DistrictCA 50-mile event at Etwall in Derbyshire.

He was more than three minutes ahead of his nearest rival over the A50/6 course from Etwall to BlytheBridge in Staffordshire, along the A50, clocking 1:42:25 to leave Team Pedal riders Mark Arnold and Andy Bason scrapping for the minor placings.

Arnold took second, his time of 1:45:27 being just two seconds quicker than Bason in third. South Pennine RC’s Charles Taylor was seventh overall with 1:47:01, and was fastest of the BDCA riders.

Paul Shallicker wins East Liverpool Wheelers 50-mile event

Helping secure the team prize as well as the individual prize, Paul Shallicker (Cover Your won the East Liverpool Wheelers 50-mile event at Broxton in Cheshire on Sunday.

Bolton-based Shallicker clocked 1:56:54 to win by 1:07 from Fibrax Wrexham RC rival Dave Jones, and with his team-mate Daniel Burrows sixth they teamed up with John Gibson to secure the team prize.

Despite dry, warm and still conditions there was a disappointing turnout for the event, which uses the simple D50/12 course which takes riders up and down the A41 from Broxton to Christleton then back down to Hampton Heath and Handley.

Wouter Sybrandy victorious at Surrey League 26-mile time trial

The winner of the second round of the Rudy Project National Time Trial Series in April , Sigma Sport RT’s flying Dutchman Wouter Sybrandy tasted victory once again when he won the Surrey League 26-mile time trials being staged by GS Stella at Staplefield on Saturday.

Sybrandy clocked 56:48 for the event to win by more than three minutes from Jon Sturman (Activ Cycles), while Jerone Walters made sure there was a second Sigma jersey on the podium with third spot, another 15 seconds off the pace with 1:00:14.

Sybrandy looked comfortable as he covered the first lap around two minutes quicker than his nearest rival, but the second circuit proved harder with Sturman being just six seconds off his pace.

The event also included a two-up event over the same course, and composite duo Gordon Kenneway (London Dynamo) and Richard Mason (Cycles Dauphin) won that event by a minute and a half from South Downs Bikes pair Steve Atkinson and Roger Smith.

Team Milton Keynes’ Jason Gurney takes Hemel Hempstead CC 10-miler

A heavy shower less than an hour before the start made for treacherous riding conditions in the Hemel Hempstead CC 10-mile event at Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire on Saturday.

While the rain cleared up in time for the start the surface was still wet, and times generally were 20-40 seconds down on riders’ best for the course.

Team Milton Keynes’ Jason Gurney was more than 50 seconds down on the course record time he set in the recent VTTA midweek event, but he still took victory by two seconds from team-mate Luke Clarke with 21 minutes dead.



Rudy Project National TT Series (Round five, Great Witley, Worcestershire):
Men (33.1 miles):
1 Matt Bottrill (I Ride RT) 1:12:40
2 Ben Anstie (Chippenham & Dist Wh) 1:15:54
3 Jeff Jones (Chippenham & Dist Wh) 1:16:59
4 Tejvan Pettinger (Sri Chinmoy CT) 1:17:10
5 Scott Walker (I Ride RT) 1:18:09
6 Lee Tunnicliffe (Cycles Dauphin RT) 1:21:17
Espoirs: Robert Ward (VC St Raphael) 1:29:52
Women (16.4 miles):
1 Wendy Houvenaghel (Bike Chain Ricci) 38:29
2 Trudi Sammons (Reading CC) 42:18
3 Sue Fenwick (Crest CC) 43:12
Veterans (Actual):
1 Ian Dalton (Cherry Valley RT) 38:15
2 Stephen Marchant (Swindon RC) 39:03
3 Stefan Harrison (Team Echelon-Spiuk) 39:15
4 Ian Houvenaghel (One and All/Bike Chain Ricci) 40:50
5 Jonathan Ashby (Climb On Bikes RT) 40:57
6 David Walker (Worcester St Johns CC) 41:00
Veterans (On Target Time):
1 John Woodburn (VC Meudon) +7:47
2 Carole Gandy (Born to Bike) +6:36
3 Tony Taylor (Team Endura) +5:15
4 Stephen Marchant (Swindon RC) +3:03
5 Ian Dalton (Cherry Valley RT) +2:56
6 David Francis (Sid Valley CC) +2:45
1 Alex Royle (I Ride RT) 38:01
2 Tom Lackenby (I Ride RT) 38:56
3 Andrew Brind-Surch (VC St Raphael) 39:16
Girls: Holly Page (Worcester St Johns CC) 48:27.
Disabled: Rebecca Rimmington & Lora Marie Turnham (Melton Olympic CC) 37:19 (adjusted).
Burton and District CA 50-mile TT (Etwall, Derbyshire):
1 Julian Jenkinson (UTAG 1:42:25
2 Mark Arnold (Team Pedal 1:45:27
3 Andy Bason (Team Pedal 1:45:29
4 Barry Charlton (Lyme RC) 1:46:03
5 Scott Povey (Warwickshire RC) 1:46:18
6 Nik Bowdler (Team Pedal 1:46:53
7 Charles Taylor (South Pennine RC) 1:47:01
=8 Joel Wainman (Team Swift-Allsports) 1:47:03
=8 Carl Ruebotham (Team Swift-Allsports) 1:47:03
10 Scott Westwood (Walsall Roads CC) 1:47:14
Women: Lynn Taylor (Born To Bike) 1:56:30.
Tandems: Andy Fisher (National Clarion) & Ruth Crossley (VTTA North) 1:49:51.
BDCA Association Winner: Charles Taylor.
East Liverpool Wheelers 50-mile TT (Broxton, Cheshire):
1 Paul Shallicker (Cover Your 1:56:54
2 Dave Jones (Fibrax Wrexham RC) 1:58:01
3 Tommy Murphy (Liverpool Century RC) 1:58:04
4 Jim Gresty (North Shropshire Wheelers) 2:00:33
5 Andrew Crawshaw (Preston CC) 2:00:38
6 Daniel Burrows (Cover Your 2:00:43
7 Peter Ware (St Helens CRC) 2:00:47
8 Phil Pearce (Withington Wheelers) 2:01:13
9 Dave Fearon (Weaver Valley CC) 2:02:07
10 Arthur Winstanley (Phoenix CC) 2:02:27
Team: Cover Your (Paul Shallicker, Daniel Burrows, John Gibson 2:04:56) 6:02:33.
Handicap: Geraint Catherall (Anfield BC) (42:00) 1:42:01.
Veterans: Dave Jones.
Veterans on std: Jim Gresty +44:30.
Women on handicap: Caroline Fearon (Weaver Valley CC) (2:56:54) 1:51:50.
GS Stella/Surrey League 26-mile TT (Staplefield, Surrey):
1 Wouter Sybrandy (Sigma Sport RT) 56:48
2 Jon Sturman (Activ Cycles) 59:59
3 Jerone Walters (Sigma Sport RT) 1:00:14
4 Guy Powdrill (London Dynamo) 1:00:21
5 Phill Sykes (Sigma Sport RT) 1:00:34
6 James Whatling (Orbea For Goodness Shakes) 1:01:04
7 Martin Williamson (London Dynamo) 1:01:20
8 Kevin Knox (Dulwich Paragon CC) 1:01:30
9 James Stuart (Norwood Paragon CC) 1:01:41
10 Ishmael Burdeau ( 1:02:20
Veterans: Kevin Knox.
1 Gordon Kenneway (London Dynamo) & Richard Mason (Cycles Dauphine) 1:01:42
2 Steve Atkinson & Roger Smith (South Downs Bikes) 1:03:10
3 Nick Gasson & Stuart Hourigan (34 Nomads) 1:04:24
4 Cosmo Kedros (Wyndymilla) & Mark Ottaway (VC Meudon) 1:04:41
5 Mark Edwards & Paul Redman (Thames Velo) 1:06:54
6 Mike Cownley & Adam Coppock (Norwood Paragon CC) 1:09:27
Hemel Hempstead CC 10-mile TT (Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire):
1 Jason Gurney (Team Milton Keynes) 21:00
2 Luke Clarke (Team Milton Keynes) 21:02
3 Tony Ball (Team Swift-Allsports) 21:25
4 David Johnson (VC10) 21:33
5 Alastair McChesney (Solihull CC) 21:39
6 Rob Fletcher (VC10) 21:40
7 Simon Cannings (Team Milton Keynes) 21:43
8 Ross Clarke (Team Milton Keynes) 21:44
9 Pete Smith (Team Endura) 22:14
10 Gavin Lewis (North Road CC) 22:20
Tandems: Jeremy Mulkern (Aylesbury CC) & Richard Moule (Bossard Wheelers) 21:08.
Veterans on std: Merv Player (Hertfordshire Wheelers) (25:26) +8:40.
Women: Nikki Hunt (VTTA London & Home Cos) 25:57.
Tyneside Vagabonds CC 10-mile TT (Boghouses, Tyne and Wear):
1 John Tuckett (Activ Cycles-Fentimans RT) 20:29
2 Harry Armstrong (Berwick Wheeners) 21:10
3 Harry Walker (Team Swift-Allsports) 21:15
4 Simon Clark (GS Metro) 21:20
5 David Robinson (Tyneside Vagabonds CC) 21:24
6 Haydn Maughan (Ryton Tri Club) 21:37
7 Tim Humphries (Team Swift-Allsports) 21:51
8 Ben Lane (GS Metro) 21:58
9 Mike Harris (Northumbria Police CC) 22:01
10 Nev Martin (Infinity Cycles) 22:03
Women: Dawn Sherrin (GS Metro) 25:04