UK time trial round-up: Bowdler getting faster

Wins Shaftesbury 50 mile event in 1hr41

Nik Bowdler, age group winner at last week's national 25, clocked the fastest 50 mile time of the year on Sunday

Reigning British Best All-Rounder Nik Bowdler won the Shaftesbury CC 50 on Saturday with a 1:41:06 – the fastest time of the year – but then announced he is planning to miss the National 50-Mile Championship this weekend.


The Farnborough and Camberley CC rider is aiming to defend his Best All-Rounder title, and looks set to tackle the East District CA 100 next Sunday instead of the title race.

“I need a faster 100 time if I’m going to seriously defend the BAR, although I’m a little happier after doing a good time in the Shaftesbury 50,” he said afterwards.

“I don’t think anyone can touch Hutch in the Nationals at the moment, but also the course has been changed because of roadworks and now has a couple more roundabouts on it, which has also influenced my decision.”

Bowdler’s time at Six Mile Bottom on Saturday was all the more impressive given that he had been suffering with a stomach bug for 24 hours prior to the event, but he was still good enough to take victory by more than two and a half minutes from West Suffolk Wheelers’ Peter Balls.

Cammish back on form in Finsbury Park 50

Over on the Tempsford course in Bedfordshire, Planet X legend Ian Cammish won the Finsbury Park CC 50 by more than three and a half minutes from the promoting club’s Dave Kendall.

Cammish clocked 1:47:03 on a superb sunny morning, which began well but got more windy as the event went on.

Kendall’s 1:50:50 was good enough for second by almost six minutes, with Tony May (North Road CC) finishing off the podium.

Also on for a sub-two hour ride was Julian Smith (Hemel Hempstead CC), but an unfortunate puncture with just a few miles left forced him to abandon.

Elzinga wins Reading 50

American Jesse Elzinga (Beeline Bicycles) capped a good weekend of time trialling with victory in the Reading CC 50 at Aldermaston, Berkshire, on Sunday.

Fastest by more than four minutes, Elzinga had finished sixth in the previous day’s Dursley RC 25 at Ashton Keynes in Wiltshire, but took victory in the Reading event by a comfortable margin.

His time of 1:54:11 beat second-placed Steven Bale (Reading CC) by 4:08, but Bale will be pleased with his ride, having gone under the two-hour mark for the first time.

Copp takes Granite City 50

Jonathan Copp (Sandy Wallace Cycles) was fastest in the Granite City CC Fitnut 50-mile event near Aberdeen in Scotland on Sunday, clocking 1:53:48 to win by around three minutes.

Copp beat Steve Nutley (Fife Cycling 2000) to victory, while the promoting club’s Veli Matti Raikkonen was third, another 1:45 off the pace.

Shetland Wheelers’ Carlos Riise looked set to challenge for a spot on the podium, but he punctured and lost several minutes which left him fourth, around five and half minutes behind Copp.

O’Rourke scorches field in Sherwood 25

Flitch Crono’s in-form rider Richard O’Rourke was a convincing winner of the Sherwood CC’s 25-mile event at Carlton on Trent in Nottinghamshire on Saturday, clocking 50:27.

Walsall RCC’s Stuart Walker was second with 52:20, while he was just five seconds ahead of Leicestershire Road Club rival Matt Sinclair in third.

Close victory for Jones in Dursley 25

In the Dursley Road Club’s 25 mile event at Ashton Keynes on Saturday evening, Chippenham Wheelers’ Jeff Jones managed a seven second victory over VC St. Raphael’s Mick St. Leger.

Jones clocked 50:49 to St. Leger’s 50:56, with national junior 25 mile silver medalist Tom Yeatman (Glendene Biketrax) taking third in 51:49.

Fastest woman was Danuta Tinn (a3crg) with 58:26.



Shaftesbury CC (Six Mile Bottom, Cambridgeshire, 50 miles):
1 Nik Bowdler (Farnborough and Camberley CC) 1:41:06
2 Peter Balls (West Suffolk Wheelers) 1:43:37
3 Paul Smith (PCA Ciclos Uno) 1:44:17
4 Carl Ruebotham (Team Swift) 1:45:29
5 Dave Kendall (Finsbury Park CC) 1:46:48
6 Mark Arnold (API Metrow) 1:46:58
7 Lee Bark (Stowmarket & District CC) 1:47:17
8 David Johnson (High Wycombe CC) 1:47:28
9 Jonathan Shubert (Verulam CC) 1:48:15
10 Gary Birch (VC Elan) 1:48:40
Women: Lynne Taylor (Walsall RCC) 1:51:22
Finsbury Park CC (Tempsford, Bedfordshire, 50 miles):
1 Ian Cammish (Planet X) 1:47:03
2 Dave Kendall (Finsbury Park CC) 1:50:50
3 Tony May (North Road CC) 1:56:32
4 Nick Calkin (High Wycombe CC) 1:56:47
5 Dave Lazenby (A5 Rangers CC) 1:57:21
6 Kevin Holloway (High Wycombe CC) 1:58:15
7 Gavin May (FVS Tri Club) 1:58:41
8 Gareth Rose (Icknield RC) 1:59:19
9 Ian Brazier (Verulam CC) 2:00:13
10 David Giles (Century RC) 2:00:16
Women: Nicky Zandora (Banbury Star Wheelers) 2:08:46
Reading CC (Aldermaston, Berkshire, 50 miles):
1 Jesse Elzinga (Beeline Bicycles) 1:54:11
2 Steven Bale (Reading CC) 1:58:19
3 Graham Weeks (Hillingdon CC) 1:58:27
4 Robert Watson (North Hants RC) 2:00:48
5 Paul Innes (Hounslow & District Wheelers) 2:01:53
6 Brian Bingham (Reading CC) 2:02:28
7 Andre Posthuma (North Hants RC) 2:02:56
8 Stephen Millward (Reading CC) 2:03:47
9 Andy Lack (Kingston Wheelers) 2:03:59
10 David George (Hounslow & District Wheelers) 2:05:38
Team: Reading CC (Steven Bale, Brian Bingham, Stephen Millward) 6:04:34
Women: Lucinda Seymour (Reading CC) 2:08:06
Veterans on std: Peter Wilson (Bath CC) (2:14:14) +42:14
Granite City RT (Aberdeen, Scotland, 50 miles):
1 Jonathan Copp (Sandy Wallace Cycles) 1:53:48
2 Steve Nutley (Fife Cycling 2000) 1:56:46
3 Veli Matti Raikkonen (Granite City RT) 1:58:31
4 Carlos Riise (Shetland Wheelers) 1:59:19
5 Sean Monaghan (Granite City RT) 2:02:01
6 Norman Skene (Granite City RT) 2:02:47
Women: Christine McLean (Shetland Wheelers) 2:08:16
Veterans on standard: D. Stewart (Deeside Thistle CC) +43:01
Handicap: K. Anderson (Deeside Thistle CC) 1:34:50
Sherwood CC (Carlton on Trent, Nottinghamshire, 25 miles):
1 Richard O’Rourke (Flitch Crono) 0:50:27
2 Stuart Walker (Walsall RCC) 0:52:20
3 Matt Sinclair (Leicestershire RC) 0:52:25
4 Martin Garner (I-Ride RT) 0:52:30
5 Joe Murray (Hinckley CRC) 0:53:07
6 Geoff Platts (I-Ride RT) 0:53:13
7 Neil Kirk (North Notts Olympic RC) 0:53:30
8 Andre Dyason (PCA CIclos Uno) 0:53:38
9 Dale Sidwell (Lutterworth Cycle Centre) 0:54:07
10 Alan Cooke (VC Chesterfield) 0:54:22
Dursley RC (Ashton Keynes, Wiltshire, 25 miles):
1 Jeff Jones (Chippenham Wheelers) 0:50:49
2 Mick St. Leger (VC St Raphael) 0:50:56
3 Tom Yeatman (Glendene CC) 0:51:49
4 Chris Madge (Leisure Lakes RT) 0:52:08
5 Ray Hughes (Clarence Whlrs) 0:52:13
6 Jesse Elzinga (Beeline Bicycles RT) 0:52:18
7 Stu Dodd (Leisure Lakes RT) 0:52:37
8 Dave Keene (Bristol South) 0:52:44
9 Rob Pears (Bath CC) 0:53:00
10 Simon Haward (Severn Road Club) 0:53:13
Women: Danuta Tinn (a3crg) 0:58:26