UK time trial round up: Hutchinson notches up 11th consecutive 50-mile win

Julia Shaw takes women's 50-mile title and comp record

Michael Hutchinson (In Gear-Quickvit RT) notched up a record 11th consecutive National 50-mile Championship victory in Hampshire on Sunday.


The London-based rider clocked 1:38:55 to win by 2:15 and break Graeme Obree’s 1993 championship record by just six seconds.

And on a good day for record breaking, the women’s title was won by Julia Shaw (UTAG who broke her own women’s competition record by three seconds, while London Dynamo won the team prize with a championship record time.

Although the day was cooler than of late the conditions were still good, with a little wind not causing too many problems for the riders as they tackled the course from Rake in Hampshire, south to Petersfield, before heading up the A3 and back twice.

Hutchinson clocked 1:38:55, while second-placed Mark Holton led to the team prize with 1:41:10. And Kevin Tye (Datateam Allstars)  took third with 1:43:24.

“It was an uneventful ride for me, controlled and relaxed and all went well,” said Hutchinson afterwards. “I was happy enough with the time gap, it was a fairly controlled ride if you look at the 25-mile time I may have expected my 50-mile time to be a bit more, but I got a time check towards the end, and it was a bit out, so I pushed on in the last seven or eight miles and there was a fair bit more at the end.

“I vaguely know the course because the National 10 was there a couple of years ago, but it’s a pretty simple course to be fair. Knowing the course probably only gives you a few seconds because it wasn’t difficult.” clinched the men’s team prize by five and a half minutes from In Gear-Quickvit, and were only 2:08 away from the current team competition record, set in 1995 by the Optimum Performance trio of Kevin Dawson, Wayne Randle and Paul Curran.

Julia shaw:
Brian Jones/Kimroy Photography

Julia Shaw won the women’s event by a massive 7:43

Meanwhile, women’s winner Shaw was jubilant after winning the event by a whopping 7:43 from Ferryhill Wheelers’ rival Mathilde Matthijsse.

“It went really well. I’ve ridden on that course before so I knew what it was like to ride,” she said. “I was glad the temperature had dropped a little from previous days, although it was ever so windy.

“I didn’t expect to win by such a big margin, but if you look at the gaps from the National 25 then it’s not that much out. I’ve ridden a number of 50s recently and done well, so I was reasonably confident going into today’s race. But you never know how things are going to go on the day.

“My coach said it wasn’t impossible to have a go at the record, but I didn’t think it was likely with the conditions. But once I got to half way it was still possible, although I wasn’t sure so I just carried on at my pace.

“I had to do the last eight miles in 17 minutes to go for the record, but I had a tailwind and just managed to scrape inside.”

With three riders inside the two hour mark, London Dynamo were deserving winners of the women’s team prize with a time that gave them the championship record.

While Rebecca Slack led the way with seventh spot, they held off several challengers and were seven minutes quicker than their nearest rivals, Born to Bike.

Roy brook hits the deck in a cloud of dust: roy brook hits the deck in a cloud of dust
Brian Jones/Kimroy Photography

Roy Brook hits the deck in a cloud of dust after entering the roundabout too quickly

Planet X rider Ryan Mullen breaks juvenile 10-mile competition record

While records were being broken in Hampshire, they were also falling elsewhere in the country, with Planet X 15-year-old talent Ryan Mullen breaking the juvenile 10-mile competition record twice in one weekend.

Mullen finished second in the Kent Valley RC 10-mile event on the fast L10115 course at Levens in Cumbria on Saturday, clocking 19:49 to slice seven seconds off Alex Royle’s previous record from 2009.

And not content with that Mullen – from ColwynBay – went on to win a ten promoted on Sunday by Rhos on Sea CC, where he is a second claim member.

In that event at Bodelwyddan in Denbighshire, he took a further 13 seconds off the juvenile record, lowering it to 19:36.

Of course, both times are subject to CTT ratification.

Mike Piper victorious in Scotland

Kent Fire Brigade rider Mike Piper secured both the 10 and 25-mile titles at the British Emergency Services Championships in Scotland over the weekend.

He won the 10-mile title on Saturday with a time of 21:39, which was good enough for third spot in the open event, which was won by Deeside Thistle CC’s Philip Kelman.

And on the Sunday, he was crowned 25-mile champion with a time of 54:41, which gave him fourth spot overall in the open event, with Kelman again victorious with 53:51.

Peter Balls fastest in Veterans TTA in Newmarket

And in Suffolk, Peter Balls (West Suffolk Wheelers) was fastest in the Veterans TTA 25-mile Geri Lang Memorial event at Newmarket, clocking 50:12 to beat St Ives CC rider Mick Hodson by 1:03.

And in the veterans event Colin Bunnett (Kings Lynn CC) was best, his time of 55:59 giving him an impressive plus on his age standard of 24:42 – almost a full minute better than his nearest rival, Ron Keeble (34 Nomads).



National 50-mile Championship (Liss, Hampshire):
1 Michael Hutchinson (In Gear Quickvit RT) 1:38:55
2 Mark Holton ( 1:41:10
3 Kevin Tye (Datateam Allstars) 1:43:24
4 Steve Dennis (East Grinstead CC) 1:43:38
5 Ben Instone (Scientific Coaching) 1:43:48
6 Adam Topham (High Wycombe CC) 1:44:21
7 Jerone Walters (Sigma Sport RT) 1:44:44
8 Julian Jenkinson (UTAG 1:44:53
9 John Tuckett (Activ Cycles) 1:45:04
=10 James Wall (Team Echelon-Spiuk) 1:45:30
=10 Stuart Dodd ( 1:45:30
Team: (Mark Holton, Stuart Dodd 1:45:30, Laurence Harding 1:45:33) 5:12:13.
1 Julia Shaw (UTAG 1:46:46
2 Mathilde Matthijsse (Ferryhill Wheelers) 1:54:29
3 Avril Swan (Endura Racing) 1:55:39
4 Lynne Taylor (Born to 1:56:26
5 Lesley-Anne Walkling ( 1:57:26
6 Claire Newland (Welwyn Wheelers) 1:57:57
7 Rebecca Slack (London Dynamo) 1:58:00
8 Christine McLean (Shetland Wheelers) 1:59:05
9 Rachel Turner (London Dynamo) 1:59:16
10 Emilie Fisher (Orbea-For Goodness Shakes) 1:59:46
Team: London Dynamo (Rebecca Slack, Rachel Turner, Jenny Lloyd-Jones 1:59:56) 5:57:12.
Rhos on Sea CC (Bodelwyddan, Denbighshire, 10 miles):
1 Ryan Mullen (Planet X) 19:36 (juvenile competition record)
2 Dave Crawley (Fibrax-Wrexham CC) 20:18
3 Justin McIlveen (Rhos on Sea CC) 20:19
4 Alan Overson (VC Melyd) 21:11
5 Andy Walsh (Birkenhead North End CC) 21:14
=6 Mike Cumings (VC Melyd) 21:20
=6 Dan Evans (Rhos on Sea CC) 21:20
8 Brian Cliff (North Shropshire Wh) 21:36
9 Jimmy Williams (Warrington RC) 21:34
10 Nick Giles (Fibrax-Wrexham RC) 21:48
Team: Fibrax-Wrexham RC (Dave Crawley, Nick Giles, Rob McDonald 22:09) 1:04:55.
Women: Vicky Stinton (Birkenhead North End CC) 24:32.
Veterans on std: Ben Griffiths (Anfield BC) (26:42) +7:08.
Kent Valley RC (Levens, Cumbria, 10 miles):
1 Jack Green (VC St Raphael) 19:31
2 Ryan Mullen (Planet X) 19:49 (juvenile competition record)
3 Barry Charlton (Lyme RC) 19:49
4 Derek Parkinson (Cleveleys RC) 19:56
5 Steven Fidler (Crewe Clarion Wheelers) 20:05
6 Jason Bateman (Pendle Forest CC) 20:09
=7 Chris Isats (Berwick Wheelers) 20:25
=7 Scott Burns (Manchester Wheelers) 20:25
9 Harry Armstrong (Berwick Wheelers) 20:33
10 David Baxter (Kent Valley RC) 20:34
Juniors: Jack Green.
Juveniles: Ryan Mullen.
Veterans: Barry Charlton.
Women: Charlotte Wadsworth (Ribble Valley CRC) 22:37.
British Emergency Services Championship (Drumlithie, Aberdeenshire, 25 miles):
Open event:
1 Phil Kelman (Deeside Thistle CC) 53:51
2 Ray Wilson (Sandy Wallace Cycles) 53:54
3 Ian Black (Sandy Wallace Cycles) 54:09
4 Mike Piper (Kent Fire Brigade) 54:41
5 Colin Duncan (Ythan CC) 55:10
6 Sean Gray (Strathclyde Fire Brigade) 55:26
Women: Kirsti Robertson (A&S Police) 1:00:46
Emergency Services Championship:
1 Mike Piper (Kent Fire Brigade) 54:41
2 Sean Gray (Strathclyde Fire Brigade) 55:26
3 Jeremy Greengrass (Central Scotland Police) 56:17
4 Andy Cowie (Northumbria Constabulary) 57:11
5 Kevin Lackie (Grampian Fire Brigade) 57:30
6 Steve Coultish (North Yorkshire Police) 57:44
British Emergency Services Championship (Laurencekirk, Aberdeenshire, 10 miles):
Open event:
1 Philip Kelman (Deeside Thistle CC) 21:23
2 Steve McIntosh (Granite City RT) 21:38
3 Mike Piper (Kent Fire Brigade) 21:39
4 Colin Duncan (Ythan CC) 21:48
5 Jeremy Greengrass (Central Scotland Police) 21:58
=6 Robert Brown (Granite City RT) 21:59
=6 Sean Gray (Strathclyde Fire Brigade) 21:59
Women: Diona Duncan (Grampian Police) 24:07.
Emergency Services Championship:
1 Mike Piper (Kent Fire Brigade) 21:39
2 Jeremy Greengrass (Central Scotland Police) 21:58
3 Sean Gray (Strathclyde Fire Brigade) 21:59
4 Steve Legg (Metropolitan Police) 22:00
5 Ross Laidlaw (L&B Police) 22:54
6 Donald Scally (Strathclyde Fire Brigade) 22:57
Veterans TTA (East Anglia) (Newmarket, Suffolk, 25 miles):
1 Peter Balls (West Suffolk Wheelers) 50:12
2 Mick Hodson (St Ives CC) 51:15
3 Ian Cammish (Planet X) 51:26
4 Stuart Walker (Walsall RCC) 51:36
5 Neil Dowie (Shorter Rochford RT) 53:15
6 Andre Dyason (St Ives CC) 53:33
7 Ken Platts (Cambridge CC) 53:47
8 Tony May (North Road CC) 54:14
9 Stephen Wilkins (Walsall RCC) 54:40
10 Michael Wills (Hinckley CRC) 54:44
Women: Corinna Francis (Chelmer CC) 1:00:12.
Veterans on standard:
1 Colin Bunnett (Kings Lynn CC) (55:59) +24:42
2 Ron Keeble (34 Nomads) (55:11) +23:44
3 Merv Player (Hertfordshire Wheelers) (1:03:30) +23:26
4 Peter Baumber (Cambridge CC) (1:04:57) +23:17
5 Bill Broadfield (Flitch Crono) (58:55) +22:58
6 Peter Horsnell (Chelmer CC) (1:06:54) +22:00
Women: Angela Nye (San Fairy Ann CC) (1:05:41) +10:56.