UK time trial round-up: Hutchinson wins again

Julian Ramsbottom takes victory in Matlock CC event

Michael Hutchinson in action

With the National 10-mile Championship just three weeks away, riders across the country are preparing well for the first title race of the season, with more sub 20-minute times recorded last weekend.


The winner for the last four years, Michael Hutchinson (In Gear-Quickvit RT) looks likely to challenge for another title if his performance in the Cambridge CC 10-mile event at Hardwick is anything to go by.

Hutchinson clocked 19min 22sec to beat Planet X duo Ian Cammish and Sam Barker into second and third respectively. He was an impressive 1-17 faster than Cammish, while Barker was another five seconds adrift.

Hutchinson then went on to ride the Sussex CA 25 on Sunday, where he clocked 00:50:48 to win by more than four minutes.

Elsewhere, there was also a sub 20-minute ride in the Bath CC event at Ashton Keynes in Wiltshire on Saturday, where Mick St Leger (VC St Raphael) clocked 00:19:45.

St Leger’s time was fastest by 18 seconds from Stratford CC rival James Wall, while Stuart Wright (M&D Cycles) was another 18 seconds off the pace in third.

While the fast times attracted attention, all eyes were on the riders competing in the Planet X Old Skool Series – only open to people riding with no tri bars, disc wheels, aero helmets or several other of the modern speed-enhancing inventions.

Perhaps warming up for his podium ride in Cambridge the following day, Ian Cammish rode the Old Skool Series and clocked 00:22:24 to win by 32 seconds, and was actually the 44th fastest in the 120-strong field.

Ramsbottom victorious in Rowsley

In Derbyshire, De Rosa RT’s Julian Ramsbottom won the Matlock CC 10-mile event at Rowsley in an impressive time of 00:21:03, winning by more than a minute on a day with high winds.

Philip Graves wins in North Yorkshire

There were also some impressive rides over 25 miles across the country, with perhaps the most impressive being the winning ride from Yorkshire Road Club rider Philip Graves in the Yorkshire Cycling Federation 25 at Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, on Saturday.

Graves, the espoir who has won the last two rounds of the Rudy Project Series, clocked 00:50:55 to win by more than two minutes in a quality field.

Team Swift’s Joel Wainman was second with 00:53:00, while Pedalsport’s Andy Jackson was third, another five seconds off the pace.

Wayne Randle tops podium in South Yorkshire

Further south, Wayne Randle (Planet X) scored a near three-minute victory in the Sheffield Phoenix CC event at Hatfield Woodhouse, South Yorkshire, when he clocked 00:52:57 on another blustery day.

Rutland CC’s Marc Mallender was second with 00:55:47, his second runner-up finish of the weekend following his second place in the Matlock CC 10 in Derbyshire the previous day.

Lee Bark crowned East District Champion

With only five riders going under the hour in the CC Breckland 25 on Saturday, Lee Bark was crowned a worthy East District Champion with an impressive time of 00:54:49.

The Stowmarket and District CC rider won by 1:20 from West Suffolk Wheelers’ Peter Balls, while Gary Rushmore took third spot and led Kings Lynn CC to the team prize. Meanwhile, VC Baracchi’s Tracy Prewer clocked a women’s course record with 1:12:43.



Cambridge CC (Hardwick, Cambridgeshire, 10 miles):
1 Michael Hutchinson (In Gear-Quickvit RT) 00:19:22
2 Ian Cammish (Planet X) 00:20:39
3 Sam Barker (Planet X) 00:20:44
4 Stuart Wright (M&D Cycles) 00:20:51
5 Andre Dyason (PCA Ciclos Uno) 00:21:19
6 Stuart Tarry (Team Sanjan Design) 00:21:19
7 Robert Gilmour (Hounslow & District Wheelers) 00:21:35
8 Alan Newark (Planet X) 00:21:41
9 Andrew Strickland (Cambridge CC) 00:21:49
10 Graham Dolby (45 Road Club) 00:21:58
Women: Avril Swann (Team Endura) 00:22:54.
Juniors: Gage Lloyd (Newmarket C&TC) 00:23:08.
Bath CC (Ashton Keynes, Wiltshire, 10 miles):
1 Mick St Leger (VC St Raphael) 00:19:45
2 James Wall (Stratford CC) 00:20:03
3 Stuart Wright (M&D Cycles) 00:21:21
4 Rob Pears (Bath CC) 00:20:26
4 Rob Lyne (Giant CC) 00:20:26
6 Ben Anstie (Chippenham & District Wh) 00:20:27
7 Alan Warburton (Leisure Lakes RT) 00:20:27
8 Mark Lees (South Fork Racing) 00:20:29
9 David Kiddell (Cavalier CC) 00:20:30
10 David Povnall (Cwmcarn Paragon CC) 00:20:46
Veterans: Over-40s: Mick St Leger.
Over-50s: Robert Parry (Royal Dean Forest CC) 00:20:55.
Over-60: Roger Iddles (Stourbridge Velo) 00:20:58.
Over-70s: Peter Wilson (Bath CC) 24:58.
Old Skool Series: Ian Cammish (Planet X) 00:22:24.
Juniors: Rob Yeatman (Glendene CC) 00:22:39.
Women: Sally St Leger (A3CRG) 00:23:06.
Matlock CC (Rowsley, Derbyshire, 10 miles):
1 Julian Ramsbottom (De Rosa RT) 00:21:03
2 Marc Mallender (Rutland CC) 00:22:12
3 Andrew Woolf (Nottingham Clarion CC) 00:22:33
4 Richard Cordin (Matlock CC) 00:22:50
5 Darren Otter (Rutland CC) 00:22:56
6 Peter Colledge (Matlock CC) 00:22:57
7 Jon Rickards (Rutland CC) 00:23:06
8 Mark Shardlow (Derby Mercury RC) 00:23:21
9 Dominic Wibberley (Matlock CC) 00:23:24
10 Alan Cooke (VC Chesterfield) 00:23:30
Veterans: Andrew Woolf.
Women: Vicky Dawson (Matlock CC) 00:26:21.
Youth: Patrick Smart (Matlock CC) 00:31:08.
Team: Rutland CC (Marc Mallender, Darren Otter, Jon Rickards) 1:07:59.
Yorkshire Cycling Federation (Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, 25 miles):
1 Philip Graves (Yorkshire Road Club) 00:50:55
2 Joel Wainman (Team Swift) 00:53:00
3 Andy Jackson (Pedalsport CC) 00:53:05
4 Keith Murray (Westbrook Cycles) 00:53:14
5 Steve Smales (Boneshaker Bikes) 00:53:41
6 Paul Kaye (Pedalsport CC) 00:53:48
7 Mike Marshall (Yorkshire Velo) 00:54:01
8 Michael Ellerton (Team Swift) 00:54:09
9 Steven Roe (Team Swift) 00:55:12
10 Simon Beldon (Team Swift) 00:55:19
Veterans: Steve Smales.
Women: Ruth Dorrington (Team Swift) 1:00:38.
Handicap: John Callaghan (Ravensthorpe CC) (14:00) 00:47:27.
Sheffield Phoenix CC (Hatfield Woodhouse, South Yorkshire, 25 miles):
1 Wayne Randle (Planet X) 00:52:57
2 Marc Mallender (Rutland CC) 00:55:47
3 Richard Dean (Planet X) 00:56:06
4 Anthony Nash (Scunthorpe Poly CC) 00:56:14
5 Alan West (Rutland CC) 00:56:45
6 Darren Otter (Rutland CC) 00:56:47
7 David Robinson (Lindsey Roads CC) 00:58:01
8 Dale Sidwell (Lutterworth Cycle Centre) 00:58:12
9 Paul Davis (St Ives CC) 00:58:36
10 Paul Mapletoft (JE James RT) 00:59:26
CC Breckland (Scoulton, Norfolk, 25 miles):
1 Lee Bark (Stowmarket & District CC) 00:54:49
2 Peter Balls (West Suffolk Wheelers) 00:56:09
3 Gary Rushmore (Kings Lynn CC) 00:58:51
4 Bobby De’ath (CC Breckland) 00:59:27
5 Jason Nixon (Kings Lynn CC) 00:59:35
6 Ken Roesner (Kings Lynn CC) 1:00:45
7 Guy Stevens (East Anglian CC) 1:00:58
8 Chris Nudds (CC Breckland) 1:01:35
9 Gary Smith (Kings Lynn CC) 1:02:23
10 Peter Johnson (Norwich ABC) 1:03:10
Veterans on std: Colin Bunnett (Kings Lynn CC) (1:04:00) +00:16:05.
Team: Kings Lynn CC (Gary Rushmore, Jason Nixon, Ken Roesner) 2:59:11.
East District Champion: Lee Bark.
Women: Tracy Prewer (VC Baracchi) 1:13:29.