UK time trial round up: I-Ride to victory in Antelope TTT

More course records fall around the country

UK time trial round up

I-Ride Racing Team secured a good one-two in the Antelope Racing Team three-up 31-mile event in Buckinghamshire on Saturday, and had to survive a suspect road surface which left several of the pre-race favourites crawling home with just one or two riders.


Adam Duggleby, Matt Bottrill and James Cambridge were the last team off and clocked an impressive time of 1-04-07 for the course based on Haddenham near Ely, beating the I-Ride B team of Scott Walker, Geoff Platts and Brett Harwood by 1-47.

The composite team of Lee Tunnicliffe (Cycles Dauphin), Jonathan Shubert (Verulam CC) and Matt Clinton (Mike Vaughan Cycles) completed the podium, another 44 seconds off the pace, while two of the strongest teams limped home without the necessary three riders with road conditions causing many punctures and mechanical problems throughout the field.

The Sigma Sport RT trio of Jerone Walters, Steve Golla and Phill Sykes finished with just two riders and so didn’t qualify for a placing, but with a time of 1-03-59 for the two who did finish they would’ve won the event.

A similar fate also awaited the trio of Andy Bason, Nino Piccoli and Mark Arnold, whose lone finisher clocked 1:06:54 which would’ve been good enough for fourth spot, but with a full complement they would’ve challenged for at least a podium finish.

The event doubled up as the British Universities Championship, and the men’s prize in that event went to the Cambridge University CC team of Toby Weatherall, Toby Parnell and Dan Ahearn whose time of 1:07:39 put them seventh overall.

Rambo breaks course record in Barton Wheelers 10

Another I-Ride Racing Team rider, Julian Ramsbottom, soloed to victory in the Barton Wheelers 10-mile event in Lincolnshire, his time of 20:19 breaking the old course record and giving him victory by 41 seconds over his nearest rival.

Veteran Cherry Valley RT rider Ian Dalton took second spot with exactly 21 minutes, while fellow vet Anthony Nash (Scunthorpe Poly CC) was third, another 19 seconds back.

Motorpoint score multiple wins

While I Ride RT were celebrating several wins, it also proved a good weekend for Motorpoint-Marshalls Pasta RT.

In Worcestershire, Andrew Tennant took victory by just one second in the Wyre Forest CRC 19-mile SPOCO event at Great Witley, pipping Somerset Road Club’s Dean Robson with his time of 30:54, while third was the promoting club’s Phil Blacker, more than a minute further back.

Meanwhile, further North his Motorpoint team-mate Ed Clancy won the Ravensthorpe CC 10-mile event near Ferrybridge in West Yorkshire, clocking 20:44 to win by a more convincing margin of 1:21.

Runner-up Matt Howitt (Yorkshire RC) was just one second faster than Team Wallis CHH youngster James Gullen, who completed the podium.

And in bunched racing, Lee Davis (Motorpoint-Marshalls Pasta) held off his three breakaway rivals to win the Archer Spring Road Race in Berkshire on Sunday.

Tadros takes Sussex 10

Pete Tadros (In Gear-Quickvit RT) scored an expected victory in the East Sussex CA 10-mile event on Saturday, clocking 20:50, but Chris Birch (East Street Cycles) had to be content with third spot as Lewes Wanderers Nick Dwyer separated the two pre-race favourites with a strong ride.

Dwyer clocked 21:19 to beat Birch by 18 seconds on a morning which proved dramatically different depending on when a rider started the East Hoathley event.

Freezing conditions greeted the riders in the early morning, and a heavy mist near the start almost caused the event to be delayed. But with the majority of the course clear, the riders began on time.

Warm conditions greeted the later riders and helped them plough through the miles, and while Tadros stopped Dwyer taking the win by 29 seconds, he did lead Lewes Wanderers to the team prize alongside Rob Pelham and Peter Morris.

A good entry of eight riders for the women’s event resulted in Elisabeth Brama (Brighton Phoenix Tri) winning with 25:49, beating Lewes Wanderers’ TT newcomer Naomi Dandridge by 1:33.

Fibrax Wrexham mountain TT record falls to Allen

New Brighton CC rider Andrew Allen broke the course record for the D24/1 course in Wales on Sunday, riding to victory in the Fibrax Wrexham Road Club mountain time trial at Pentredewr in Denbighshire.

The event – shortened to a 24-mile event because of roadworks on the original 32-mile course – saw Allan clock 1:01:58 to win by 2:27 from his nearest rival, Paramount CRT’s Dave Griffiths, while Congleton CC veteran Alf Hilton completed the podium with 1:06:27.

Crewe Clarion Wheelers’ Rory Davies was top junior, the 16-year-old covering the distance in 1:16:39, while best woman was Leah Leonard (North Shropshire Wheelers) with 1:27:16.



Antelope Racing Team Three-Up (Ely, Cambridgeshire, 31 miles):
1 Adam Duggleby, Matt Bottrill, James Cambridge (I Ride RT) 1:04:07
2 Scott Walker, Geoff Platts, Brett Harwood (I Ride RT) 1:05:54
3 Lee Tunnicliffe, Jonathan Shubert, Matt Clinton (Cycles Dauphin, Verulam CC, Mike Vaughan) 1:06:38
4 Luke Clarke, Steve Clarke, Ross Clarke (Team Milton Keynes) 1:07:00
5 Jez Ponting, Patrick Brennan, Sebastian Ader (a3crg) 1:07:16
6 Toby Weatherall, Toby Parnell, Dan Ahearn (Cambridge Univ CC) 1:07:39
Women: Walkling, Tinn, Clark (PB Science) 1:20:09
BUCS Championship:
1 Cambridge Univ CC (Weatherall, Parnell, Ahearn) 1:07:39
2 Durham Univ CC (Clayton, Bachelor, Howard) 1:07:42
3 Leeds Univ CC (King, Dales, Kirk) 1:08:54
BUCS Women: Leeds Met Carnegie (Dove, Rosindale, Silson) 1:23:32
Barton Wheelers 10-mile TT (Barton, Lincolnshire):
1 Julian Ramsbottom (I Ride RT) 20:19 (course record)
2 Ian Dalton (Cherry Valley RT) 21:00
3 Anthony Nash (Scunthorpe Poly CC) 21:19
4 Andy Askwith (Bridlington CC) 22:01
5 David Robinson (Lindsey Roads CC) 22:18
6 Richard Lambert (Cottingham Coureurs) 22:22
7 John Gadie (Barton Wheelers) 22:34
8 Andy Moore (Lincoln Wheelers) 23:16
9 Graham Briggs (Cottingham Coureurs) 23:21
10 Mark Devine (Malton Wheelers) 23:41
Veterans: Ian Dalton
Espoirs: A Roelich (Doncaster Wheelers) 25:06
Wyre Forest CRC SPOCO 19-mile TT (Great Witley, Worcestershire):
1 Andrew Tennant (Motorpoint-Marshalls Pasta RT) 30:54
2 Dean Robson (Somerset RC) 30:55
3 Phil Blacker (Wyre Forest CRC) 32:02
4 Ian Thomas (Paramount CRT) 32:10
5 Michael Donnelly (LVRC) 32:25
6 Andy Hunt (Ystwyth CC) 32:59
7 Bill Moore (Shorter Rochford RT) 33:00
8 Neil Dallaway (Univ of Birmingham CC) 33:16
9 Mike Lee (Royal Sutton CC) 33:35
10 Andy Convery (Wyre Forest CRC) 33:40
Veterans: Michael Donnelly
Women: Nicky Xandora (Banbury Star CC) 36:23
Veterans on std: Mick Ives (MI Racing) (37:49) +7:20
Ravensthorpe CC 10-mile TT (Ferrybridge, West Yorkshire):
1 Ed Clancy (Motorpoint-Marshalls Pasta RT) 20:44
2 Matt Howitt (Yorkshire RC) 22:05
3 James Gullen (Team Wallis CHH) 22:06
4 Keith Turner (Preston Wheelers) 23:15
5 Stephen Wood (Yorkshire Velo) 23:40
6 Lewis Meadows (York Cycleworks) 23:41
7 Andy Johnson (Yorkshire Velo) 23:55
8 Kevin Warr (Seacroft Wheelers) 24:09
8 Brian Sunter (Condor RC) 24:09
10 Chris Williams (Airedale Olympic) 24:49
Medium Gear: Jonathan Hobson (Chevin Cycles) 24:24
Veterans: Keith Turner
Women: Sarah Cramoysan (Team Swift) 25:16
Tandems: Andy Fisher (National Clarion) & Ruth Crossley (VTTA North) 22:13
East Sussex CA 10-mile TT (East Hoathley, Sussex):
1 Pete Tadros (In Gear-Quickvit RT) 20:50
2 Nick Dwyer (Lewes Wanderers CC) 21:19
3 Chris Birch (East Street Cycles) 21:37
4 Simon McNamara (South Downs Bikes) 21:49
5 Rob Pelham (Lewes Wanderers) 21:56
6 Jon Sharples (In Gear-Quickvit RT) 22:25
7 Paul Holdaway (Team Lifestyle) 22:37
8 Iain Brogden (Eastbourne Rovers) 22:40
9 Peter Morris (Lewes Wanderers CC) 22:53
10 Alan MacInnes (East Grinstead CC) 22:58
Team: Lewes Wanderers (Nick Dwyer, Rob Pelham, Peter Morris) 1:06:08
Veterans: Nick Dwyer
Veterans on std: Harry Featherstone (Eastbourne Rovers) (27:36) +6:30
Women: Elisabeth Brama (Brighton Phoenix Tri) 25:49
Juniors: Thomas Baker (Lewes Wanderers) 25:28
Fibrax-Wrexham Road Club 24-mile Mountain Time Trial (Pentredewr, Denbighshire):
1 Andrew Allan (New Brighton CC) 1:01:58 (course record)
2 Dave Griffiths (Paramount CRT) 1:04:25
3 Alf Hilton (Congleton CC) 1:06:27
4 David Williams (Fibrax Wrexham RC) 1:07:44
5 Steven Fidler (Crewe Clarion Wheelers) 1:08:09
6 David Crawley (Fibrax Wrexham RC) 1:08:25
7 Chris Edmondson (Blackburn & Dist CTC) 1:09:17
8 Alan Overson (VC Melyd) 1:11:01
9 Michael Cummins (VC Melyd) 1:11:33
10 Bryan Cliff (North Shropshire Wheelers) 1:12:05
Veterans: Alf Hilton
Juniors: Rory Davies (Crewe Clarion Wheelers) 1:16:39
Women: Leah Leonard (North Shropshire Wheelers) 1:27:16
Juveniles: Aaron Squire (Fibrax Wrexham RC) 1:31:36