UK time trial round-up: Impressive victory for 15-year-old Burton

Hill climb action from across the country

UK time trial round-up

Talented teenager Germaine Burton stunned the field at the Bec CC hill climb on Sunday, claiming the £1,000 first prize with victory in the popular event on the White Lane course near Limspfield in Surrey.


The 15-year-old Team De Ver Cycles rider clocked 1:45.3 for the 700-yard course at Titsey, winning by 1.4 seconds from Arctic Premier RT’s Robert Gough, while reigning national champion Dan Fleeman (Team Raleigh) was third, 2.2 seconds behind Burton.

Last year’s winner Michael Smith (Team Corley Cycles) had to settle for fourth spot, missing out on a podium finish by 2.1 seconds.

The event was led for a long period of time by Team Zappi’s rider Jack Kirk, the 19-year-old clocking 1:51.0 in his early ride and holding the lead right until the last few riders.

A record field broke the 100 mark for the first time, making Burton’s victory all the more impressive, although the likes of Gough and Fleeman can rest easy, as he has no plans to ride the Nationals in two weeks’ time.

Earlier in the day, Gough had taken victory in the Catford CC’s event on Yorks Hill at Goathurst Common, covering the 660-yard course in 1:49.2 to win from Fleeman by just 0.6 seconds.

Gough’s time was less than two seconds away from breaking the 27-year-old course record held by Phil Mason, while third spot went to Team Corley Cycles’ Michael Smith who, along with Richard Cartland and Chris McNamara, took the team prize.

Team Corley also won the team prize on the Bec climb, but this time Jake Hales replaced McNamara as third man. Kingston Wheelers’ Maryka Sennema was fastest woman in both events, while Pete Tadros (In Gear-Quickvit) was best of the veterans in both events.

Seven-second lead for Downing at Monsal Head

Elsewhere, Team Sky professional Russell Downing won the 80th running of the Monsal Head hill-climbin Derbyshire, promoted by Sheffrec CC on Sunday.

On a 675-yard course, Downing won by an impressive seven seconds, but was still more than six seconds shy of the course record, set in 1981 by Malcolm Elliott who was a spectator once again this year.

Downing, whose best time on the course was 1:18.3 in 2003, was reported to be over-geared, and also had to battle with a headwind which prevented him getting closer to the course record.

South Pennine Road Club’s Charles Taylor was second, while Matlock CC’s Chris Metcalfe was another 0.7 seconds back in third.

Double victory for Curning in West Yorkshire

Team Raleigh’s Mike Cuming threw down the gauntlet for the national hill climb championships in three weeks’ time, winning both the Holme Valley Wheelers’ climb of Brockholes Lane and the Huddersfield Star Wheelers’ event at Jackson Bridge, both in West Yorkshire on Saturday.

Cuming, a 19-year-old rider from Stoke on Trent, beat former champion Matt Clinton by more than 10 seconds on Saturday morning, clocking 6:27.3 for the 1.3-mile Brockholes Lane climb.

His time was 10.1 seconds ahead of 2008 national title holder Clinton (Mike Vaughan Cycles), and a huge 32 seconds ahead of the next best rider, Coventry Road Club’s David Watson, in third spot.

That victory was swiftly followed by a win in the Huddersfield Star Wheelers climb, where he clocked 4:28.8 for the 1,540-yard Jackson Bridge climb.

However, although Clinton was still second again, Cuming’s margin of victory was just 0.4 seconds in the afternoon’s event, while Peak RC’s Chris Myhill took third, around 25 seconds off the pace.

Dobbin a class apart at Llangollen

On the Horseshoe Pass at Llangollen, near Wrexham, former national champion James Dobbin (Arctic Premier RT) won the Wrexham Road Club hill climb, covering the two miles and 585-yard climb in 9:39 and winning by 20 seconds from Rhos on Sea CC’s Dan Evans.

Pre-race favourite Dobbin was a class apart from his rivals, with only himself and Evans able to get under the 10-minute mark for the tough ascent.

Myhill takes the win in Cheshire

After taking third in the Huddersfield Star Wheelers event on Saturday, Peak RC’s Chris Myhill won the Lyme Racing Club climb on the Mow Cop climb in Cheshire.

Veteran Myhill covered the 0.75-mile climb – which features a tough 1-in-4 section shortly before the finish – in 4:51.7 to win by 26 seconds from the promoting club’s Will Corden, while Stone Wheelers’ junior Joe Corden was less than a second further back in third.

St Ives pair victorious at Ugley

St Ives CC pair Mick Hodson and Lee Desborough took victory in the Hainault Road Club two-up 25-mile event at Ugley in Essex on Sunday.


Hodson and Desborough pipped pre-race favourites and last pair off Murat Ozdenya and Richard O’Roukre of Flitch Crono by 17 seconds, while the composite team of Dean Lubin of PCA Ciclos Uno and API Metrow’s John Iszatt were another 18 seconds off the pace in third spot.


Bec CC (White Lane, Titsey, Surrey, 700 yards)

1 Germaine Burton (Team De Ver Cycles) 1:45.3
2 Rob Gough (Arctic Premier RT) 1:46.7
3 Dan Fleeman (Team Raleigh) 1:47.5
4 Michael Smith (Team Corley Cycles) 1:49.6
5 Jack Kirk (Team Zappis) 1:51.0
6 Liam Holohan (Team Raleigh) 1:51.2
7 Richard Cartland (Team Corley Cycles) 1:54.5
8 Frederick Johanssen (Team Sprocket) 1:54.8
9 Graham Briggs (Rapha Condor-Sharp) 1:55.4
10 Kristian House (Rapha Condor-Sharp) 1:55.9
Team: Team Corley Cycles (Smith, Cartland, Jake Hales 1:56.0) 5:40.1
Women: Maryka Sennema (Kingston Wheelers) 2:40.7
Veterans: Pete Tadros (In Gear-Quickvit) 2:00.4
Juniors: Dante Carpenter (One Life Dev Team) 2:12.6

Catford CC (Yorks Hill, Surrey, 660 yards)

1 Robert Gough (Arctic Premier RT) 1:49.2
2 Dan Fleeman (Team Raleigh) 1:49.8
3 Michael Smith (Team Corley Cycles) 1:55.4
4 Kristian House (Rapha Condor-Sharp) 1:58.2
5 Liam Holohan (Team Raleigh) 2:00.0
6 Richard Cartland (Team Corley Cycles) 2:01.6
7 Matthew Pilkington (Dulwich Paragon) :02:02
8 Pete Tadros (In Gear-Quickvit) 2:03.7
9 Chris McNamara (Team Corley Cycles) 2:04.6
10 Jake Hales (Team Corley Cycles) 2:05.2
Team: Team Corley Cycles (Michael Smith, Richard Cartland, Chris McNamara) 6:01.6
Women: Maryka Sennema (Kingston Wheelers) 2:49.5
Juniors: Jack Lear (Pembrokeshire Velo) 2:17.6
Veterans: Pete Tadros
Women vets: Juliette Clark (PB 2:50.1
MTB: Chris King (Catford CC) 3:05.7
Lantern Rouge (Robert Joliffe (Catford CC) 5:10.3

Sheffrec CC (Monsal Head, Derbyshire, 675 yards)

1 Russell Downing (Team Sky) 1:20.5
2 Charles Taylor (South Pennine RC) 1:27.5
3 Chris Metcalfe (Matlock CC) 1:28.2
4 Lee Baldwin (Buxton CC) 1:32.9
5 Sam Clark (Buxton CC) 1:33.0
6 Daniel Storey (Sheffrec CC) 1:33.2
7 Laurie Brooking (Buxton CC) 1:33.9
8 Rob Watkinson (Doncaster Wheelers) 1:34.1
9 James Thompson (Boneshakers RT) 1:34.4
10 Jordan Skinner (Dinnington RC) 1:34.5
Team: Buxton CC (Lee Baldwin, Sam Clark, Laurie Brooking)
Veterans: Peter Johnson (Derby Mercury RC) 1:36.7
Juniors: Laurie Brooking
Women: Diane Lee (Zepnat RC) 1:56.8
Youth: Callum Rogers (Scunthorpe Poly CC) 1:52.7
N.Mids rider: Daniel Storey.

Holme Valley Wheelers (Brockholes Lane, New Mill, West Yorkshire, 1.3 miles)

1 Mike Cuming (Team Raleigh) 6:27.3
2 Matt Clinton (Mike Vaughan Cycles) 6:37.4
3 David Watson (Coventry RC) 6:59.5
4 Ian Stott (Blackburn & Dist CTC) 7:06.2
5 Josh Teasdale (Team Endura) 7:24.8
6 Blair Buss (Pedalsport CC) 7:51.6
7 Tom Broadbent (Huddersfield Star Wheelers) 8:06.8
8 David Thompson (Scarborough Paragon CC) 8:11.1
9 Leon Taylor-Woodhouse (Holme Valley Wheelers) 8:39.8
10 Ben Kellett (VS Cycles) 8:40.6
Women: Harmonie Waterman (Holme Valley Wh) 9:08.8
Veterans: Blair Buss (Pedalsport CC) 7:51.6
Juniors on h’cap: Josh Teasdale (Team Endura) 7:24.8 (6:44.8)

Huddersfield Star Wheelers (Jackson Bridge, West Yorkshire, 1,540 yards)

1 Mike Cuming (Team Raleigh) 4:28.8
2 Matt Clinton (Mike Vaughan Cycles) 4:29.2
3 Chris Myhill (Peak RC) 4:53.4
4 David Watson (Coventry RC) 4:53.5
5 Ian Stott (Blackburn & Dist CTC) 5:01.3
6 Andrew Pearson (Huddersfield Star Wh) 5:10.1
7 Josh Teasdale (Team Endura) 5:18.8
8 Andrew Askwith (Bridlington CC) 5:22.8
9 John Miller (Huddersfield Star Wheelers) 5:26.5
10 Ben Kellett (VS Cycles) 5:26.6
Team: Huddersfield Star Wheelers
Women: Harmionie Waterman (Holme Valley Wheelers) 6:30.1
Veterans: Andrew Askwith

Fibrax-Wrexham RC (Horseshoe Pass, Llangollen, 2 miles, 585 yards)

1 James Dobbin (Arctic Premier RT) 9:39
2 Dan Evans (Rhos on Sea CC) 9:59
3 Jonathan Schubert (Verulam CC) 10:06
4 David Griffiths (Paramount CRT) 10:12
5 Chris Green (Clwb Rasio Mona) 10:22
6 Jon Wood (Coventry CC) 10:33
7 Steven Fidler (Team Elite) 10:36
8 Daniel Thorogood (Club Beicio Ystwyth) 10:59
9 Neil Coles (Oswestry Paragon CC) 11:15
10 Jordan Bason (Team Nemesis GB) 11:18
Team: Rhos on Sea CC (Dan Evans, Simon Roxburgh 11:45, Paul Howarth 12:18)
Veterans: Jon Wood
Women: Rhian Roxburgh (Rhos on Sea CC) 12:58
Juveniles: Joe Evans (Newcastle RC) 11:48
Juniors: Jordan Bason.

Lyme Racing Club (Mow Cop, Cheshire, 1.2km)

1 Chris Myhill (Peak RC) 4:51.70
2 Will Corden (Lyme RC) 5:17.76
3 Joe Corden (Stone Wheelers) 5:18.22
4 Jack Bowyer (Team Wallis CHH) 5:21.13
5 Nick Dickens (Lyme RC) 5:22.80
6 Chris Wilcox (Lyme RC) 5:24.51
7 Ian Holbrook (Stone Wheelers) 5:30.73
8 Tom Leese (Lyme RC) 5:44.95
9 Ian Shapiro (Stockport Clarion) 6:01.76
10 Will Pegg (Lyme RC) 6:24.01
Veterans: Nick Dickens (Lyme RC)
Juniors: Jack Bowyer
Juveniles: George Edwards (Lyme RC) 6:26.98
Women: Claire Green (Lyme RC) 8:33.11

Hainault Road Club Two-Up (Ugley, Essex, 25 miles)

1 Mick Hodson & Lee Desborough (St Ives CC) 54:41
2 Murat Ozdenya & Richard O’Rourke (Flitch Crono) 54:58
3 Dean Lubin (PCA Ciclos Uno) & John Iszatt (API Metrow) 55:16
4 Antony Stapleton & Richard Evans (Chelmer CC) 56:22
5 Mark Lloyd & Phil Jarvis (Colchester Rovers CC) 57:23
6 Bryan Crump & Phil Hersey (Eagle RC) 57:37
7 Mark Steers & Howard Staunton (Hainault RC) 57:50
8 David Bradnam & Andy Page (Flitch Crono) 57:59
9 Richard Layne (34 Nomads) & Anthony Purnell (Cambridge CC) 58:08
10 Nick Hastler & Jeffery Orrey (Essex Roads CC) 58:10
Composite: Lubin & Iszatt
Women: Lea Marshall & Gwen Cook (Essex Roads CC) 1:05:36