UK time trial round-up: Michael Hutchinson wins in Cambridgeshire

Pete Tadros victorious in West Sussex

Michael Hutchinson in action

Multiple national time trialling champion Michael Hutchinson made a winning start to his 2009 campaign, notching up a comfortable victory in the VTTA East Anglia 25-mile event in Cambridgeshire on Sunday.


In Gear-Quickvit RT rider Hutchinson, the reigning British champion at that distance, won the event in 52min 14sec, almost five minutes faster than his nearest rival.

“It was a windy day, but quite bright and sunny,” said Hutchinson after his ride. “The wind was in the wrong direction for the course so a lot of people were down generally, but it’s good to get out.

“It’s only a couple of weeks ago that I first opened the handbook. I don’t feel I need to do a lot of racing just to bring my form on. It will come with time.”

While Planet X’s evergreen ace Ian Cammish was a non-starter, Flitch Crono’s Richard O’Rourke took second with 57:06, and Peter Balls (West Suffolk Wheelers) third, another 43 seconds off the pace as the result went to form.

With O’Rourke’s team-mate Nick Green fourth, Guernsey Velo visitor Josh Gosselin made a worthwhile journey to Stetchworth when he clocked 58:41 to boost his bid to make the island’s team for the Commonwealth Games.

Pete Tadros victorious in West Sussex

Hutchinson’s team-mate Pete Tadros was also tasting victory, having ridden the Redmon CC 25 at Broadbridge Heath, WestSussex.

He clocked 52min 59sec to win by 50 econds from De Rosa RT’s Julian Ramsbottom, while London Dynamo’s Martin Williamson completed the podium with 54:24.

John Morgan wins 25-mile event in Cheshire

Preston Wheelers’ John Morgan was victorious in the Withington Wheelers 25-mile event at Knutsford in Cheshire on Saturday, clocking 56min 2sec, while pre-race favourite Charles McCulloch was a non-starter.

Morgan’s time was good enough for the win by 41 seconds from Simon Wilson (Arctic Premier RT), while Robin Brennan (Preston CC) was third, another 28 seconds off the pace.

Lower down the field, Nova CC’s Martin Francis clocked 1:17:59, beating his standard by almost four minutes. Francis won the novices prize in the same event in 1959, and brought along his plaque to prove it.

William Moore wins Elizabethan CC hilly 21

Clocking exactly 50 minutes, William Moore (Shorter Rochford RT) won the Elizabethan CC hilly 21, stepping up to the top of the podium after finishing third last year.

While still a minute off the course record set by Rob Wood last year, Moore’s time was 50 seconds better than anyone else.

The Wombourne-based rider – who also won the event 12 years ago – made good use of his local knowledge to slice 30 seconds off his time from 2008.

Golla breaks 20-minute mark in Wiltshire

Steve Golla (Sigma Sport RT) was the only rider to break the 20-minute mark in the 10 at Ashton Keynes, Wiltshire, on Saturday, with an impressive average speed of more than 30mph on a windy afternoon.

Golla proved victorious by just seven seconds from Kinesis KUK rival James Stewart, while veteran Barry Charlton (Lyme RC) was third with 20:16.

Jones back on top in WTTA hilly

After being beaten by Chris Birch in the Bath hilly two weeks ago, Jeff Jones (Chippenham & District Wheelers) returned to the top with a win in the Western Time Trials Association (WTTA) 29.3 mile hilly in Wiltshire.

Jones clocked 1:06:57 to win, beating Chris Madge (Leisure Lakes) by 1:44. Chris Birch (East Street and Rob Lyne (Giant CC) shared equal third place with identical times of 1:09:08.

Matt Bottrill wins again in Leicestershire

And in-form De Rosa RT rider Matt Bottrill added another win to his 2009 palmares with victory in the Melton Olympic 20.5-mile event at Great Dalby, Leicestershire.

His time of 46:51 was 1:18 quicker than second-placed James Cambridge of the promoting club, while Zenith CC’s James Perkins was third, just two seconds further back.



VTTA East Anglia (Stetchworth, Cambridgeshire, 25 miles):
1 Michael Hutchinson (In Gear Quickvit RT) 00:52:14
2 Richard O’Rourke (Flitch Crono) 00:57:06
3 Peter Balls (West Suffolk Wheelers) 00:57:49
4 Nick Green (Flitch Crono) 00:58:14
5 Josh Gossellin (Guernsey Velo) 00:58:41
6 Andre Dyason (PCA Ciclos Uno) 00:59:56
7 Paul Davis (St Ives CC) 1:01:53
8 John Golder (Chelmer CC) 1:02:08
9 Steve James (North Road CC) 1:02:30
10 David Bradnam (Flitch Crono) 1:02:57
VTTA rider: Peter Balls.
Veterans on std: Ken Stevens (South Pennine RC) (1:11:14) +16:21
Handicap: Roger Pimm (Hainault RC) (22:19) 00:44:43
Team on standard: PCA Ciclos Uno (Les Howell, Eric Marsh, Andre Dyason) +41:47.
Women: Claire Lee (Science in 1:06:15
Redmon CC (Broadbridge Heath, West Sussex, 25 miles):
1 Pete Tadros (In Gear Quickvit RT) 00:52:59
2 Julian Ramsbottom (De Rosa RT) 00:53:49
3 Martin Williamson (London Dynamo) 00:54:24
4 Richard Legge (London Dynamo) 00:54:31
5 Lee Turner (Sigma Sport RT) 00:55:54
6 Colin McDermott (Festival RC) 00:56:38
7 Niall Digby (Sigma Sport RT) 00:57:17
8 Richard Payn (34 Nomads) 00:57:24
9 Brian Molloy (Epsom CC) 00:57:42
10 Ian Burgess (In Gear Quickvit RT) 00:58:01
Veterans: Lee Turner. Women: Deborah Percival (34 Nomads) 1:07:19.
Novice: Ed Clark (Redmon CC) 1:00:18.
Juveniles: Wilf Sinclair (Redmon CC) 1:16:57.
Withington Wheelers (Knutsford, Cheshire, 25 miles):
1 John Morgan (Preston Wheelers) 00:56:02
2 Simon Wilson (Arctic Premier RT) 00:56:43
3 Robin Brennan (Preston CC) 00:57:11
4 Jack Green (Westmead Team 88) 00:57:28
5 Nigel Haigh (Planet X) 00:58:09
6 Graeme Norman (New Brighton CC) 00:58:22
7 Richard Cordin (Matlock CC) 00:58:47
8 Nick Giles (Warrington RC) 00:58:48
9 Gary Brown (Equipe Velo Ecosse) 00:58:57
10 Steve Hankey (Warrington RC) 00:59:27
Team: Warrington RC (Nick Giles, Steve Hankey, Gordon Leicester 59:52) 2:58:07.
Veterans on std: Trevor Horton (Warrington RC) (1:01:02) +17:53.
Juniors: Jack Green.
Women: Christine Higgs (Macclesfield Wheelers) 1:07:12.
Juveniles: Alexander Royle (Cover your Car) 00:59:47.
Elizabethan CC hilly (Bridgnorth, Shropshire, 21 miles):
1 William Moore (Shorter Rochford RC) 00:50:00
2 Daniel Soltys (Wrekinsport CC) 00:50:50
3 David Barnes (Wyre Forest CRC) 00:51:45
4 Rob Weare (Team Midland) 00:52:16
5 Matthew Nicholls (Wolverhampton Wh) 00:52:39
6 Tim Ashton (Royal Sutton CC) 00:52:51
7 Philip Brown (Walsall Roads CC) 00:53:28
8 Mick Lee (Royal Sutton CC) 00:54:12
9 Mark Mullender (Walsall Roads CC) 00:54:29
10 Richard Miles (Stourbridge Velo) 00:55:10
Veterans: David Barnes.
Women: Michelle Parsons (Team Echelon) 00:58:18
Team: Wyre Forest CRC (David Barnes, Jon Howard 56:03, Patrick Connolly 57:29) 2:45:17. (Ashton Keynes, Wiltshire, 10 miles):
1 Steve Golla (Sigma Sport RT) 00:19:57
2 James Stewart (Kinesis KUK) 00:20:04
3 Barry Charlton (Lyme RC) 00:20:16
4 Ben Anstie (Chippenham & Dist Wh) 00:20:18
5 Thomas Collier (Pedragon Kalas) 00:20:24
6 Mick St Leger (VC St Raphael) 00:20:26
7 David Barnes (Wyre Forest CRC) 00:20:28
7 Colin Parry (VC St Raphael) 00:20:28
9 James Boyman (In Gear Quickvit RT) 00:20:31
10 Rob Pears (Bath CC) 00:20:34
Veterans: Barry Charlton
Women: Danuta Tinn (A3CRG) 00:22:55
Juniors: Fraser MacDonald (Corinium CC) 00:23:46
WTTA Hilly (Sutton Benger, Wiltshire, 29.3 miles):
1 Jeff Jones(Chippenham & District Wheelers) 1:06:57
2 Chris Madge(Leisure Lakes RT) 1:08:41
=3 Chris Birch(East Street 1:09:08
=3 Rob Lyne(Giant CC)
5 David Kiddell(Cavalier CC) 1:09:42
6 Charles Zanettacci(Leisure Lakes RT) 1:09:53
7 Dave Keene(Bristol South Cycling Club) 1:10:15
8 Gavin Poupart(Echelon -SPIUK) 1:10:17
9 Rob Pears(Bath CC) 1:10:25
10 Derek Smetham(Dursley Road Club) 1:11:21
Melton Olympic CC (Great Dalby, Leicestershire, 20.5 miles):
1 Matt Bottrill (De Rosa RT) 00:46:51
2 James Cambridge (Melton Olympic CC) 00:48:09
3 James Perkins (Zenith CC) 00:48:11
4 Scott Walker (De Rosa RT) 00:48:30
5 Geoff Platts (De Rosa RT) 00:49:01
6 Lee Tunnicliffe (DH Cyclesport) 00:49:20
7 Martin Garner (De Rosa RT) 00:49:43
8 Ashley Long (Coalville Wheelers) 00:51:10
9 Paul Lilley (Fenland Clarion) 00:51:35
10 Matt Jennings (Cycling Bargains) 00:51:40