UK time trial round up: Tejvan Pettinger wins 30-mile hilly

Luke Clarke retains Welwyn Wheelers title

Tejvan Pettinger wins 30-mile hilly

Despite finishing with a soft back tyre, Tejvan Pettinger (

Sri Chinmoy CT

) was a comfortable winner of Maidenhead & District CC’s 30-mile hilly time trial near Frieth in Buckinghamshire on Saturday.

Pettinger clocked 1:09:30 to win by 55 seconds from veteran Willian Girvan (North Hampshire RC). While a little cold, all but one of the riders avoided the rain, with only the last man off getting caught in a shower just before the finish.

But Pettinger was not the only rider to fall foul of debris being washed onto the roads; the promoting club’s Ed James put his triathlon skills to the test by running to the finish after a mechanical, while London Dynamo’s Richard Legge arrived at the finish in the back of a rubbish collectors van after suffering a similar problem.

Luke Clarke wins at Codicote

Team Milton Keynes ace Luke Clarke successfully defended his title in the Welwyn Wheelers hilly on Good Friday, winning by 55 seconds in the 26-mile event at Codicote, Hertfordshire.

Clarke’s time of 1:03:51 was good enough for victory by 21 seconds from Sheffield Triathlon Club’s Nick Sparks, while team-mate and brother Ross Clarke was third, another six seconds off the pace.

With the exception of Luke Clarke whose time was similar to 2009, most riders were around a minute down with a strong cold breeze blowing in the face of riders on the southbound leg of the course.

Also successfully defending their title from last year was fastest woman Claire Newland of the promoting club, who clocked 1:13:43, while Welwyn also had the best junior in Alex Anderson with 1:13:01.

John Morgan breaks Withington Wheelers event record

John Morgan broke the event record in the Withington Wheelers 25-mile event at Goostrey in Cheshire, clocking 54:28 to win by a massive two and a half minutes.

The Preston Wheelers rider was best of a large field for the event around quiet Cheshire lanes, with Yorkshire Road Club rider Matthew Howitt making the journey over the border worthwhile with 57:04 for second spot.

Despite having just one rider in the top ten, Warrington Road Club were top team with Steve Hankey, Steve Hargreaves and John Williamson forming the winning trio, while Sara Blackburn was best of the women, the Team PB Science rider clocking 1:07:12.

Westmead Team 88 rider Mike Cotgreave scraped to victory in the veterans on standard category, recording a plus of 19:54 to hold off prolific winner Derek Hodgins (Stockport Clarion) by just 11 seconds.

Mark Wolstenholme wins in CountyDurham

York rider Mark Wolstenholme secured a comfortable victory in the Stockton Wheelers 23-mile event in CountyDurham on Sunday.

Wolstenholme, the 32-year-old Team Swift rider from Haxby, covered the sporting course in 53min 5sec to break the old course record and win the event by around a minute and a half from Westbrook Cycles rival Paul Thirling.

The new record puts an end Keith Murray’s five-year-old reign as course record holder, and came on a sunny but cold morning.

Pre-race favourite Carlo Berton (Border City Wheelers) had to settle for fourth spot, with Darlington CC’s Steve Fullerton completing the podium in third with 55:13, just three seconds ahead of Berton.

Barry Charlton takes City RC event in East Yorkshire

Lyme RC’s Barry Charlton was one of only three riders to go under 20 minutes in the City RC (Hull) 10-mile event on the fast SouthCave course in East Yorkshire, clocking 19:41 to take the win by 5 seconds from Cleveleys RC’s Derek Parkinson.

The course has a reputation for fast times and had attracted riders from across the country, but none could match Charlton, while Parkinson clocked 19:46 and third-placed Andy Bason (TT was third, another six seconds slower.

Clare Ella was best of the women, her time of 22:59 being 35 seconds too good for rival Louise Day (Gabbyday Cyclesport), while Joe Moore (Lindsey RC) was top junior with 21:34.

Mark Holton wins at Garstang

While three riders went under 20 minutes in East Yorkshire, just one managed it in Lancashire on another fast course, the L101 at Garstang.

Mark Holton ( clocked 19:44 to win the North Lancashire Road Club event by 1:19 from Congleton CC’s Alf Hilton, while another 15 seconds back in third was Preston CC’s Robin Brennan.

Theresa Taylor (Team Wallis CHH) was best woman with 25:17, while Preston CC were best team with Brennan being joined by Martin Pool and Paul Johnstone.

Prebble tops podium in Oxfordshire

Richard Prebble scored a hard-won victory in the High Wycombe CC 10-mile event at Kingston Bagpuize in Oxfordshire, battling with the cold and an unpleasant cross-wind which offered no help to riders.

The Motorpoint-Marshalls Pasta rider clocked 21:23 to win by 21 seconds from joint runners-up Adam Topham (High Wycombe CC) and Danny Axford (Arctic Premier RT) who both clocked 21:44.

Although being pipped for victory in the senior event, the promoting club won the team prize, while London Dynamo’s in-form rider Rebecca Slack clocked 24:06 to beat Danuta Tinn (PB Science) by 45 seconds in the women’s category.



Maidenhead & District CC (Frieth, Buckinghamshire, 30 miles):
1 Tejvan Pettinger (Sri Chinmoy CT) 1:09:30
2 William Girvan (North Hampshire RC) 1:10:25
3 Mark Cox (Fairly United CT) 1:13:33
4 James Goward (Farnham Road Club) 1:14:01
5 David Johnson (Velo City 10) 1:14:05
6 Chris Taylor (Maidenhead & District CC) 1:14:46
7 Andrew Payne (Maidenhead & District CC) 1:15:01
8 Julian Fairly (Maidenhead & District CC) 1:15:25
9 Paul Granger (Fairley United CT) 1:16:55
10 Ian Blatchford (Maidenhead & District CC) 1:18:57
Two-up: Pete Lawrence (Velo City 10) & Chris Starling (Team MDT-Giant) 1:15:08.
Veterans on std: David Johnson +12:32.
Women: Kate Hunt (Maidenhead & District CC) 1:36:29.
Welwyn Wheelers hilly (Codicote, Hertfordshire, 26 miles):
1 Luke Clarke (Team Milton Keynes) 1:03:51
2 Nick Sparks (Sheffield Tri Club) 1:04:12
3 Ross Clarke (Team Milton Keynes) 1:04:18
4 Jonathan Shubert (Verulam CC) 1:05:10
5 Tim Davies (Icknield RC) 1:05:47
6 Nigel Stephens (Finchley RT) 1:06:43
7 David Vaughan (Shorter Rochford RT) 1:06:48
8 James Fox (CC Luton) 1:07:17
9 Simon Cannings (Team Milton Keynes) 1:07:49
10 Phil Lisher (Team Welwyn CC) 1:07:57
Team: Team Milton Keynes (Luke Clarke, Ross Clarke, Simon Cannings) 3:15:58.
Women: Claire Newland (Welwyn Wheelers) 1:13:43.
Juniors: Alex Anderson (Welwyn Wheelers) 1:13:01.
Withington Wheelers (Goostrey, Cheshire, 25 miles):
1 John Morgan (Preston Wheelers) 54:28
2 Matthew Howitt (Yorkshire RC) 57:04
3 Chris Dursley (Cover Your Car RT) 57:38
4 Scott Burns (Manchester Wheelers) 57:58
5 Daniel Burrows (Cover Your Car RT) 57:59
6 Dave Fearon (Weaver Valley CC) 58:21
7 Matt Stell (Preston Wheelers) 58:35
8 Gary Tye (Preston CC) 58:49
9 Jason Pickford (Wills Wheels) 58:55
10 Steve Hankey (Warrington RC) 59:22
Team: Warrington RC (Steve Hankey, Steve Hargreaves 1:00:21, John Williamson 1:00:26) 3:00:09.
Veterans on std: Mike Cotgreave (Westmead Team 88) +19:54.
Women: Sara Blackburn (Team PB Science) 1:07:12.
Tandems: Colin Knapp (Middridge CRT) & Ruth Crossley (VTTA North) 59:04.
Stockton Wheelers SPOCO (Bishopton, County Durham, 23 miles):
1 Mark Wolstenholme (Team Swift) 53:05 (course record)
2 Paul Thirling (Westbrook Cycles) 54:38
3 Steve Fullerton (Darlington CC) 55:13
4 Carlo Berton (Border City Wheelers) 55:16
5 Martin Gibson (Adept Precision RT) 55:24
6 Mark Johnson (Yorkshire RC) 55:32
7 Oliver Pearce (Boneshaker Bikes) 55:37
8 Ian Knight (VC Briganti) 56:05
=9 Paul Stubbs (Ferryhill Wheelers) 56:26
=9 Paul Felce (Westbrook Cycles) 56:26
Team: Westbrook Cycles (Paul Thirling, Paul Felce, Nick Calvert 58:29) 2:47:33.
Women: Mathilde Mathijsse (Ferryhill Wheelers) 58:45.
City RC Hull (South Cave, East Yorkshire, 10 miles):
1 Barry Charlton (Lyme RC) 19:41
2 Derek Parkinson (Cleveleys RC) 19:46
3 Andy Bason (TT 19:52
4 Joel Wainman (Team Swift) 20:05
=5 Julian Ramsbottom (I Ride RT) 20:09
=5 Rob Weare (Leamington C&AC) 20:09
7 Scott Povey (Warwickeshire RC) 20:13
8 Matthew Howitt (Yorkshire RC) 20:18
9 Nino Piccoli (TT 20:30
10 Jason Young (City RC Hull) 20:32
Veterans: Barry Charlton.
Juniors: Joe Moore (Lindsey RC) 21:34.
Women: Clare Ella (Born to Bike) 22:59.
North Lancashire Road Club (Garstang, Lancashire, 10 miles):
1 Mark Holton ( 19:44
2 Alf Hilton (Congleton CC) 21:03
3 Robin Brennan (Preston CC) 21:18
4 James Gullen (Team Wallis CHH) 21:21
5 Ian Cox (North Lancashire RC) 21:22
6 Fraser Snape (North Lancashire RC) 21:50
7 Paul Fleming (Preston Wheelers) 21:59
8 Martin Pool (Preston CC) 22:16
9 Paul Warrener (Rossendale RC) 22:16
10 Guy Laycock (GMP Racing Team) 22:20
Team: Preston CC (Robin Brennan, Martin Pool, Paul Johnstone22:59) 1:05:18.
Women: Theresa Taylor (Team Wallis CHH) 25:17.
Juniors: Sam Hall (Border City Wheelers) 26:02.
Juveniles: Sam Stewart (Southport CC) 26:02.
Tandems: Rod Goodfellow (North Lancashire RC) & Peter Goodfellow (Planet X) 22:29.
High Wycombe CC (Kingston Bagpuize, Oxfordshire, 10 miles):
1 Richard Prebble (Motorpoint-Marshalls Pasta) 21:23
=2 Adam Topham (High Wycombe CC) 21:44
=2 Danny Axford (Arctic Premier RT) 21:44
4 Justyn Cannon (RAF CC) 21:48
5 Steve Golla (Sigma Sport RT) 21:51
6 Matthew Pursehouse (Warwick RC) 21:59
7 James Stephenson (Oxford University CC) 22:02
8 Mark Westwell (RAF CC) 22:03
9 Jesse Elzinga (Beeline Bicycles) 22:07
10 Tejvan Pettinger (Sri Chinmoy CT) 22:11
Team: High Wycombe CC (Adam Topham, Geoff Powell 22:53, Paul Lasenby 23:50) 1:08:27.
Women: Rebecca Slack (London Dynamo) 24:06.
Juniors: Rob Yeatman (Team Zappies) 22:44.
Veterans on std: John Woodburn (VC Meudon) (24:48) +8:16.
Tandem: Peter & Nicola Oliver (Fairly Uniter CT) 26:36.
Tandem trike: Ralph Dadswell (Antelope RT) & Paul Lasenby (High Wycombe CC) 23:01.