UK time trial round up: Tragedy hits Dursley Road Club 25-mile event

Alex Anderson dies after collision with car

North Hampshire Road Club rider Alex Anderson has died of injuries sustained when he was involved in a collision with a car while riding the Dursley Road Club 25-mile time trial on the U46 course in Wiltshire on Saturday.


Anderson received treatment at the side of the dual carriageway from fellow competitors and passers by. He was taken to hospital, but died of his injuries later that night.

His death has led to organiser James Reis cancelling next Saturday’s Bristol South CC 50-mile time trial, which was to have used the same stretch of road.

Julian Jenkinson wins Burton and DistrictCA 100-mile event

UTAG rider Julian Jenkinson won the Burton and DistrictCA 100-mile event in Derbyshire on Saturday, clocking 3:36:55 for the course from Etwall to BlytheBridge.

He won by 2:36 from South Pennine RC rival Charles Taylor, while Team Swift’s Joel Wainman was third, another 2:28 off the pace.

Scott Westwood convincing winner at Alcester

In-form Scott Westwood (Walsall Roads CC) proved a convincing winner of the Shirley Road Club 50-mile event at Alcester, Warwickshire, on Sunday, winning the event by almost four minutes.

Westwood clocked 1:48:32 for the K33/50 course, winning by 3:56 from Team Echelon-Spiuk rider Stefan Harrison, while Solihull CC’s Richard Eason was third, another 1:19 slower.

While the whole day was warm and dry, the early starters benefited from still conditions which disappeared as the morning went on, with winds making the return leg difficult.

A larger than normal field of 71 riders tackled the dual carriageway-based course, which includes several long drags and exposed sections.

Robin Brennan takes Goostrey event

Preston CC’s Robin Brennan won the Cheshire Road Club 50-mile event at Goostrey, clocking 1:56:54 for the J4/16 circuit on a windy Saturday afternoon.

Brennan’s time was fastest by 1:18 from Hewitt Racing rival Andrew Crawshaw, who was the only other rider to go under two hours on the challenging circuit from Cranage to Twemlow, Chelford and Knutsford.

The team prize was closely contested, but it was the Seamons CC who took the prize, beating Wills Wheels by just 30 seconds with the winning trio of riders being fourth-placed Daniel Mathers, Daniel Snape in eighth and Roy Myers in 12th.

Emelie Fisher breaks BS35 course record

Emilie Fisher broke the women’s record for the BS35 course in the CC Breckland 25-mile event at Scoulton, Norfolk, the Orbea-For Goodness Shakes RT rider clocking 1:03:36 to finish 14th overall in a field of 43.

Fisher was almost three minutes quicker than her nearest female rival, and made light work of the breezy conditions to slice a good chunk off the previous mark.

Pedal Revolution rider Mark Arnold won overall with 55:41, again charging through the winds to win by just a second less than three minutes from Diss & District CC rival Duncan Murphy.

David Wheeler wins GS Invicta 25-miler

David Wheeler (In Gear-Quickvit-Trainsharp) won the GS Invicta 25-mile time trial on Sunday, clocking 53:39 for the Q25/8 course at Chilham in Kent.

Wheeler powered round the course to Canterbury and Ashford to win by more than two minutes from his nearest rival, with dry and still conditions making for some good times throughout the field.

Seth Kay (Datateam ALlstars) took second by just seven seconds from Dulwich Paragon RC’s Kevin knox, who was third, while Sigma Sport’s Lee Turner missed out on the podium by just 26 seconds.

San Fairy Ann CC’s Kathryn Bosley was best of the women with 1:07:08, beating her nearest female rival Jill Cliff (Deal Tri Club) by just over a minute.

And there was also a good ride from another San Fairy Ann CC rider – 15-year-old Jack Edwards – who clocked 1:02:13 to take the prize for fastest junior/juvenile.

Ian Dalton secures Albert Emmerson Memorial Trophy

Ian Dalton secured the Albert Emmerson Memorial Trophy when he won the Lindsey Roads CC 25-mile event in Lincolnshire on Sunday.

The Cherry Valley RT rider clocked 54:03 for the C25/17 course at Great Coates, just 21 seconds ahead of runner-up Julian Gromett (Cottingham Coureurs).

A still day proved a boost for the riders on the flat and exposed course, with many of the 41 starters posting improvements.

Mark Thaxter tops podium in West Yorkshire

Huddersfield Star Wheelers’ Mark Thaxter was just three seconds ahead of his nearest rival while winning the Holme Valley Wheelers’ 10-mile event in West Yorkshire on Saturday, which used a section of the old A1 dual carriageway between Brotherton and Micklefield.

Thaxter clocked 22:10 for a narrow victory over Yorkshire Velo rival Doug Hart, while veteran Birdwell Wheelers’ Trevor Mayne took third, 50 seconds further off the pace.

The promoting club’s Leon Gledhill was top juvenile with 25:47, while his team-mate Samantha Mannion was fastest of the women with 27:53.



Burton and District CA 100-mile TT (Etwall, Derbyshire):
1 Julian Jenkinson (UTAG 3:36:55
2 Charles Taylor (South Pennine RC) 3:39:31
3 Joel Wainman (Team Swift) 3:41:59
4 Jeff Jones (Chippenham & District Wheelers) 3:42:50
5 Carl Ruebotham (Team Swift) 3:42:52
6 Nicholas English (Reading CC) 3:43:07
7 Rob Weare (Leamington C&AC) 3:45:08
8 Alf Hilton (Congleton CC) 3:45:33
9 Ian Cooke (Team Swift) 3:46:27
10 David Watson (Coventry RC) 3:47:10
Veterans on std: Rod Brooks (Warrington RC) (4:00:12) +1:53:57.
Women: Avril Swan (Team Endura-MI Racing) 4:01:01.
Shirley Road Club (Alcester, Warwickshire, 50 miles):
1 Scott Westwood (Walsall RCC) 1:48:32
2 Stefan Harrison (Team Echelon-Spiuk) 1:52:28
3 Richard Eason (Solihull CC) 1:53:47
4 Matt Purshouse (Warwickshire RC) 1:55:42
5 Adam Hart (Worcester St John’s CC) 1:58:14
6 Neil Dallaway (Univ of Birmingham CC) 1:58:28
7 Peter Escritt (Wolverhampton Wheelers) 1:58:34
8 Andy Convery (Wyre Forest CRC) 1:58:46
=9 Phil Hurt (Wyre Forest CRC) 1:58:51
=9 Mark Heath (Team Echelon-Spiuk) 1:58:51
Team: Team Echelon-Spiuk (Stefan Harrison, Mark Heath, Simon Osborne 2:00:58) 5:52:17.
Women: Michele Parsons (Team Echelon-Spiuk) 2:07:10.
Handicap: Olav Martin-Giles (Team Midland Racing) (44:40) 1:24:59.
Veterans on std: John Dixon (Team Endura-MI Racing) (2:10:31) +42:01.
Cheshire Road Club (Goostrey, Cheshire, 50 miles):
1 Robin Brennan (Preston CC) 1:56:54
2 Andrew Crawshaw (Hewitt Racing) 1:58:16
3 Steve Hargreaves (Warrington RC) 2:00:14
4 Daniel Mathers (Seamons CC) 2:00:25
5 Jimmy Froggatt (Wills Wheels) 2:02:07
6 Paul Johnstone (Preston CC) 2:02:30
7 Craig Nicholson (Westmead Team 88) 2:03:09
8 Daniel Snape (Seamons CC) 2:03:48
9 Chris Siepen (Wills Wheels) 2:04:04
10 Greg Newton (Wills Wheels) 2:04:20
Women: Fenella Brown (Redditch R&PCC) 2:25:21.
Handicap: Peter Baskerville (Kidsgrove Wheelers) 1:44:46.
Veterans on std: Greg Newton +18:59.
Team: Seamons CC (Dan Mathers, Dan Snape, Roy Myers) 6:10:01.
CC Breckland (Scoulton, Norfolk, 25 miles):
1 Mark Arnold (Pedal Revolution) 55:41
2 Duncan Murphy (Diss & District CC) 58:40
3 Geoff Frost (API Metrow) 59:45
4 Angus Jardine (Ipswich BC) 1:00:07
5 Bobby De’Ath (Anglia Velo) 1:00:30
6 Guy Stevens (East Anglian CC) 1:01:08
7 David Bamford (East London Velo) 1:02:03
8 Gary Smith (Kings Lynn CC) 1:02:12
9 Patrick Ellis (Diss & Dist CC) 1:02:21
10 Chris Nudds (CC Breckland) 1:02:25
GS Invicta (Chilham, Kent, 25 miles):
1 David Wheeler (In Gear-Quickvit RT) 53:39
2 Seth Kay (Datateam Allstars) 55:52
3 Kevin Knox (Dulwich Paragon RC) 55:59
4 Lee Turner (Sigma Sport RT) 56:25
5 Malcolm Davies (Kent Cycles RC) 56:46
6 Carl Chapman (GS Invicta) 56:57
7 Richard Kennison (Medway Velo) 57:11
8 Danial Phillips (GS Invicta) 58:16
9 Simon Henderson (Thanet RC) 58:19
10 Neil O’Grady (Greenwich Titans) 58:23
Team: GS Invicta (Carl Chapman, Danial Phillips, Martin Apps 59:35) 2:54:38.
Women: Kathryn Bosley (San Fairy Ann CC) 1:07:08.
Juniors/Juveniles: Jack Edwards (San Fairy Ann CC) 1:02:13.
Veterans: Over-40s: Simon Henderson.
Over-50s: Andy Girling (Thanet RC) 58:47.
Over-60s: Reg Smith (DCB Kent) 58:46.
Albert Emmerson Memorial (Lindsey Roads CC, Great Coates, Lincolnshire, 25 miles):
1 Ian Dalton (Cherry Valley RT) 54:03
2 Julian Gromett (Cottingham Coureurs) 54:24
3 Jon Surtees (VC St Raphael) 54:51
4 Anthony Nash (Scunthorpe Poly CC) 54:57
5 Andrew Moore (Cherry Valley RT) 56:19
6 Philip Morgan (Kiveton Park CC) 57:20
7 Paul Wakefield (Lindsey Roads CC) 58:35
8 Dave Robinson (Lindsey Roads CC) 58:37
9 Stuart Baker (Lindsey Roads CC) 59:19
10 Eddie Woollock (Team Swift) 59:45
Veterans on std: John Mould (Lindsey Roads CC) +16:30.
Holme Valley Wheelers (Ferrybridge, West Yorkshire, 10 miles):
1 Mark Thaxter (Huddersfield Star Wh) 22:10
2 Doug Hart (Yorkshire Velo) 22:13
3 Trevor Mayne (Birdwell Wheelers) 23:03
4 Blair Buss (Pedalsport CC) 23:27
5 Tom Broadbent (Huddersfield Star Wheelers) 23:31
6 Laurie Holmes (Team Swift) 23:33
7 Matthew Enticknap (Malton Wheelers) 23:33
8 Andrew Callaghan (Ravensthorpe CC) 24:16
9 Martin Oliver (Kiveton Park CC) 24:27
10 Steven McCall (Ravensthorpe CC) 24:35
Veterans: Trevor Mayne. Juveniles: Leon Gledhill (Holme Valley Wheelers) 25:47.
Women: Samantha Mannion (Holme Valley Wheelers) 27:53.
Tandems: Wendy & Mike Cole (Huddersfield RC) 28:35.