UK time trial round-up: Warnock and Bloom win national 24

Nearly 500 miles in a single day

After finishing second for the last two years, Twickenham CC’s John Warnock was finally crowned National 24-Hour Champion after a gruelling day of riding on roads around Farndon in Cheshire on Saturday and Sunday.


Warnock covered 497.122 miles according to the provisional results, almost five miles more than his nearest rival, Sean Childs of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines CA, while the best of the rest were another 15 miles off the pace.

Childs was ahead by exactly a minute at the 100-mile mark, but faded afterwards. Warnock led by six miles at the 12-hour stage, and although Childs narrowed that gap slightly over the second half of the event, he was still 4.71 miles behind Warnock.

Childs had the consolation of leading the Royal Navy and Royal Marines CA to the team prize alongside Gary Drew and Stuart Edwards.

The women’s event saw Marina Bloom (Rugby CC) clock 424.762 miles to take the title from Theresa Taylor (Team Wallis) with 397.301 miles. Louise Clowes (Lyme RC) further back in third with 310.772 miles.

Piccoli takes one second victory in Cambridge Uni 25

Winning by just one second, API Metrow rider Nino Piccoli took advantage of his local knowledge when he won the Cambridge University CC 25-mile event at Newmarket on Saturday.

Piccoli clocked 50:26 to win by a second from Sigma Sport RT rival Steve Golla – but the event very nearly didn’t go ahead.

A vehicle accident on the A11 had closed one lane of the dual carriageway shortly before the event on the E2/25 course, but the debris was cleared a matter of minutes before the first rider was due off.

With reigning British Best All-Rounder Nik Bowdler (Farnborough and Camberley CC) a non-starter, it was left to Piccoli to take victory, while he also led API to the team prize alongside Mark Arnold and Stuart Lemanski.

Sykes bests Walkling in Bognor Regis 50

Last year’s winner Steve Walkling went 20 seconds quicker in the 2009 Bognor Regis CC 50-mile event at Findon in West Sussex on Sunday. But he had to settle for second place as VC St Raphael rival Phil Sykes took victory.

Scratch man Sykes clocked 1:45:35 to take the event with a comfortable 36-second margin, while the best of the rest were more than three minutes further off the pace.

There were 19 personal best times recorded in the 69-strong field, with a dry day and only a slight wind for most riders making it a fast day.

The event doubled up as the VTTA (Wessex) Championship, which was won by Dave England of the Crabwood CC.

Holton superior in Cumbria 25

Shorter Rochford rider Mark Holton scored a convincing victory in the VC Cumbria 25 at Cockermouth on Saturday.

The Preston-based rider clocked 50:49 to make the most of a glorious day which had just a slight westerly wind for the riders to content with.

Resurfacing work on a section the A66 threatened to cause problems with the event, but all passed by the area without problems.

Jones wins windy Chippenham 25

Chippenham and District Wheeler Jeff Jones won his own club’s 25-mile event at Ashton Keynes in Wiltshire on Sunday, clocking 51:04 to go within 15 seconds of his personal best despite a tricky wind.

Jones won by 42 seconds, and enjoyed a better time of it over the second half of the event, despite having to slow towards the end because of a car doing a U-turn on a sliproad.

Clarke brothers dominate Verulam 25

Team Milton Keynes brothers Luke and Ross Clarke took first and third in the Verulam CC 25 on the F1 course at Tempsford in Bedfordshire on Sunday.

Luke won the event with 54:01 and Ross was third with 54:47, but they were split by Cambridge University CC’s Dan Ahearn who sliced an impressive three minutes off his PB with his ride of 54:10.

Also hammering down their PB was fastest woman Clare Newland (Welwyn Wheelers) whose time of 58:07 was good enough for ninth overall, and gave her a PB by two and a half minutes.

Smales cuts it fine to win Scarborough Paragon 10

Boneshakers Bikes rider Steve Smales got held up in roadworks on the way to the Scarborough Paragon CC 10 on Saturday, and he only just made the start in time.

Nevertheless, he clocked 22:51 to win the event by six seconds on a warm and dry day for the event based on Grindale in East Yorkshire.

The 2006 Yorkshire Best All-Rounder showed his class with a winning ride over a challenging undulating course, with a mainly westerly breeze causing few problems.



National 24-Hour Championship (Farndon, Cheshire):
1 John Warnock (Twickenham CC) 497.122 miles
2 Sean Childs (RNRMCA) 492.412
3 Robin Haigh (Seamons CC) 475.747
4 Brian Walker (Team Swift) 474.413
5 Graham Jones (Edinburgh RC) 466.2
6 Gary Drew (RNRMCA) 461.624
7 Neil Barford (45 RC) 455.487
8 Karl Austin (Congleton CC) 443.036
9 Stuart Edwards (RNRMCA) 432.648
10 Ken Roesner (Kings Lynn CC) 431.743
Team: RNRMCA (Sean Childs, Gary Drew, Stuart Edwards) 1386.68 miles
Women: Marina Bloom (Rugby RCC) 424.762
Cambridge University CC 25 (Newmarket, Suffolk):
1 Nino Piccoli (API Metrow) 0:50:26
2 Steve Golla (Sigma Sport RT) 0:50:27
3 Peter Balls (West Suffolk Wheelers) 0:50:51
4 Jerone Walters (Sigma Sport RT) 0:50:56
5 Lee Bark (Stowmarket & District CC) 0:51:16
6 Mark Arnold (API Metrow) 0:51:41
7 Ken Platts (Cambridge CC) 0:51:42
8 Dan Ahearn (Cambridge University CC) 0:52:57
9 Chris Baldwin (Eagle RC) 0:52:59
10 Andy Hudson (Cambridge CC) 0:53:21
Veterans: Peter Balls
Women: Avril Swan (Team Endura) 0:56:01
Team: API Metrow (Nino Piccoli, Mark Arnold, Stuart Lemanski 54:53) 2:37:00
Bognor Regis CC 50 (Findon, West Sussex):
1 Phil Sykes (VC St Raphael) 1:45:35
2 Steve Walkling (Velocity Bikes) 1:46:11
3 Arron Stanton (VC St Raphael) 1:49:36
4 Jeremy Ponting (A3CRG) 1:49:52
5 Phil Burton (Velocity Bikes) 1:51:34
6 Andy Plewes (RNRMCA) 1:51:53
7 Glenn Longland (Antelope RT) 1:51:57
8 Jonathan Hepper (A3CRG) 1:52:17
9 Paul Byford (GS Stella) 1:56:52
10 Patrick Sanders (Velocity Bikes) 1:56:54
Team: Velocity Bikes (Steve Walkling, Phil Burton, Patrick Sanders) 5:34:39
Women: Lesley Walkling (A3CRG) 2:04:06
Veterans on std: Dave England (Crabwood CC) (2:05:10) +41:05
VTTA (Wessex) Championships:
1 Dave England +41:05
2 Glenn Longland +39:01
3 Roy Fairchild (Bognor Regis CC) (2:22:32) +36:36
VC Cumbria 25 (Cockermouth, Cumbria):
1 Mark Holton (Shorter Rochford RT) 0:50:49
2 Jason Bateman (Pendle Forest CC) 0:53:31
3 Derek Parkinson (Cleveleys RC) 0:53:46
4 Michael Smith (Cleveleys RC) 0:54:25
5 Adam Power (VC Cumbria) 0:54:39
6 Brian Payton (VC Cumbria) 0:54:47
7 Ian Stott (Blackburn & District CTC) 0:55:11
8 Carlo Berton (Border City Wheelers) 0:55:27
9 Paul Greenhalgh (ABC Centreville) 0:56:21
10 Steve Daintith (Warrington RC) 0:56:29
Team: Cleveleys RC (Derek Parkinson, Michael Smith, Steve Whiteside 2:44:04
Women: Judith Irving (Border City Wheelers) 1:04:32
Over-40s: Michael Smith
Over-50s: Ian Manson 0:56:31
Over-60s: Mike Westmorland (Border City Wheelers) 0:57:39
Over-70s: Jim Harrison (Wigan Wheelers) 1:07:27
Juniors: Sam Huddleston (Kent Valley RC) 0:58:17
Chippenham and District Wheelers 25 (Ahston Keynes, Wiltshire):
1 Jeff Jones (Chippenham and District Wheelers) 0:51:04
2 Julian Jenkinson (UTAG 0:51:46
3 Ben Anstie (Chippenham and District Wheelers) 0:52:53
4 Jason Gurney (Team Milton Keynes) 0:53:57
5 Rob Pears (Bath CC) 0:53:59
6 David Kiddell (Cavalier CC) 0:54:14
7 Julian Kirkpatrick (Pro Bike Kit) 0:54:14
8 Robin Coomber (Chippenham & District Wheelers) 0:54:32
9 Adam Topham (High Wycombe CC) 0:54:38
10 Derek Smetham (Dursley RC) 0:54:51
Women: Chrissy Radon (High Wycombe CC) 0:56:23
Team: Chippenham & District Wheelers (Jeff Jones, Ben Anstie, Robin Coomber) 2:38:29
Juniors: Luke Davies (Chippenham & District Wheelers) 1:05:19
Verulam CC 25 (Tempsford, Bedfordshire):
1 Luke Clarke (Team Milton Keynes) 0:54:01
2 Dan Ahearn (Cambridge Univ CC) 0:54:10
3 Ross Clarke (Team Milton Keynes) 0:54:47
4 Neil Dowey (API Metrow) 0:56:33
5 Steve Clarke (Team Milton Keynes) 0:57:13
6 Angus Wilson (Cambridge CC) 0:57:39
6 Richard Webster (Team Welwyn) 0:57:39
8 Ian Marshall (Team Milton Keynes) 0:57:48
9 Clare Newland (Welwyn Wheelers) 0:58:07
10 Paul Innes (Hounslow & District Wheelers) 0:58:19
Team: Team Milton Keynes (Luke Clarke, Ross Clarke, Steve Clarke) 2:46:01
Veterans on std: Cliff Tremaine (Trike) (Kettering CC) (1:10:42) 0:21:35
Women: Clare Newland
Scarborough Paragon CC 10 (Grindale, East Yorkshire):
1 Steve Smales (Boneshakers Bikes) 0:22:51
2 Adam Hardy (Wolds RT) 0:22:57
3 Andy Askwith (Bridlington CC) 0:23:21
4 John Colman (Yorkshire RC) 0:23:33
5 James Gullen (Yorkshire Velo) 0:23:37
6 John Galway (Keswick 0:24:05
Team: Bridlington CC (Andy Askwith, Richard Thompson 24:32, Greystone Small 26:22) 1:14:15
Juniors: Adam Oliver (Doncaster Wheelers) 0:24:51
Juveniles: Lewis Scott (Scarborough Paragon CC) 0:33:57
Veterans on std: John Galway +4:07