UK time trialling: Dowsett fastest in national series

Wallace Welsh Best All-rounder

UK time trialling: Dowsett fastest in national series


GB Academy ace Alex Dowsett proved fastest in the latest round of the Rudy Project National Time Trial Series in Buckinghamshire on Saturday, winning the 31-mile event by more than two minutes.

The espoir, riding for the 100 Per Cent ME team, beat team-mate and fellow espoir Russell Hampton by 2-23 having averaged 28.889mph for the course based around Botolph Claydon.

Series leader Kevin Dawson ( was the best of the senior riders in third spot, more than three minutes behind talented Dowsett, who flew back to his training base in Italy the day after the event.

But with just two more rounds remaining, Dawson looks likely to hold on to his leadership in the series, with Mark Holton (Pro Bike Kit) and Richard Meadows (Pezula Racing Team) likely to battle it out for second spot.

In the women’s event, Michelle King (Wyre Forest CRC) maintained her lead in the series with victory in the 20.5-mile women’s event.

Having ridden the previous rounds in her maiden name of Michelle Brown, the recently married rider looked set to win by a bigger margin until she went off course after a marker had been tampered with.

In the end she won by 36 seconds from MI Racing veteran Avril Swann, while Reading CC’s Trudi Sammons was third with 52min 01sec.

Weekend double for Instone

Ben Instone (Scientific Coaching) was head and shoulders above everyone else in the East Sussex CA 10 and 25-mile events on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

In Saturday’s 10-mile event at East Hoathley, Instone was quickest by 1min 38sec, while there was a tie for second spot between 34 Nomads’ Tim Stevens and Lewes Wanderers’ Mark Winton, who both clocked 22min 19sec.

With two riders in the top ten the GS Stella took the team prize, while the evergreen Harry Featherstone (Eastbourne Rovers CC) was best veteran on standard, his time of 26min 11sec giving him a ‘plus’ of 7-23, almost a minute better than second-placed Bob Stapley.

And 24 hours later there were many similarities in the result of the 25-mile event on the nearby Maresfield course.

Instone took victory with a time of 52min 23sec, while this time Steve Dennis (East Grinstead CC) was second just over a minute slower.

This time it was East Grinstead CC who took the team prize with Dennis being backed up by Paul Blackmore and Mike Anton, while Harry Featherstone once again pipped Bob Stapley to the honours in the veterans on standard category.

Wallace lands Welsh Best All-rounder

Colin Wallace (Merthyr CC) secured the Welsh Best All-Rounder title on Sunday, despite finishing second in the final counting event, the Cardiff Byways CC 50-mile time trial at Glynneath.

The event was won by Alun Owen (CC Abergavenny) with a time of 1hr 54min 59sec, 1min 9sec ahead of Wallace, with John French (Bath CC) in third spot, almost six minutes off the pace.

But Wallace knew he had done enough to secure the BAR title from his rival Owen.

Sandy a minute up at Axbridge

And Somerset Road Club’s Greg Sandy was fastest in the Clevedon and District 10-mile event at Axbridge, his time of 20min 54sec being good enough for the win by almost one minute from Mike Simmons (Clevedon & District RC), while Sandy’s team-mate Kelvin Price was third with 22:02.

Watkinson fastest up Blackstone Edge

Yorkshire visitor Rob Watkinson took victory in the ABC Centreville hill-climb on the two-mile Blackstone Edge in Greater Manchester on Sunday.

The Doncaster Wheelers riding made it to the top of the climb in 8min 34.1sec to beat the previous year’s winner, Chris Edmondson (Blackburn & District CTC) by 14 seconds.


Conditions for the event were good, but the riders suffered from a headwind for the first time in several years, meaning times generally were about 30 seconds down on previous marks.


Rudy Project National Series
Botolph Claydon, Bucks
Seniors/Espoirs, 31 miles
1 Alex Dowsett (100 Per Cent ME) 1:04:23
2 Russell Hampton (100 Per Cent ME) 1:06:46
3 Kevin Dawson ( 1:07:31
4 Mark Holton (Pro Bike Kit) 1:08:10
5 Wouter Sybrandy (Sigma Sport RT) 1:08:30
6 Simon Baxter (MTS Cyclesport) 1:10:07
1 Alex Dowsett (100 Per Cent ME) 1:04:23
Women, 20.5 miles
1 Michelle King (Wyre Forest CRC) 50:23
2 Avril Swann (MI Racing) 50:59
3 Trudi Sammons (Reading CC) 52:01
Juniors, 20.5 miles
1 Richard Houghton (Keswick Bikes) 49:33
1 Richard Davies (High Wycombe CC) 51:02
Veterans on actual time (20.5 miles)
1 Ian Dalton (Cherry Valley RT) 46:35
2 Jamie Burrell (MI Racing) 47:04
3 Alan Newark (Planet X) 48:02
4 David Lund (Symbol Signs RC) 48:23
5 Brian Philips (East Grinstead CC) 48:31
6 David Johnson (High Wycombe CC) 49:08
Veterans on target time
1 John Woodburn (VC Meudon) +15:34
2 Alan Newark (Planet X) +13:12
3 Tony Stott (Wheelspin Cycles) +11:59
4 Louise Day (Fat Birds CC) +7:34
5 David Johnson (High Wycombe CC) +7:21
6 Ian Dalton (Cherry Valley RT) +6:41
East Sussex CA
Maresfield, East Sussex, 25 miles
1 Ben Instone (Scientific Coaching) 52:23
2 Steve Dennis (East Grinstead CC) 53:29
3 David Pollard (In Gear-Quickvit RT) 55:27
4 Mark Winton (Lewes Wanderers CC) 55:43
5 Tim Stevens (34 Nomads) 56:55
6 Mark Jones (GS Stella) 57:00
7 Iain Brogden (Eastbourne Rovers CC) 57:38
7 Peter Rowe (Southborough & District Wh) 57:38
9 Kevin Shaw (GS Stella) 57:43
10 Nick Dwyer (Brighton Phoenix AC&T Club) 58:30
1 East Grinstead CC 2:51:44
1 Elizabeth Brama (Brighton Phoenix AC&T Club) 1:04:44
1 Elliott Tabrahan-Dowers (Hastings & St Leonards CC) 1:09:31
Veterans on std
1 Harry Featherstone (Eastbourne Rovers, 1:06:21) +19:17
East Sussex CA
East Hoathley, East Sussex, 10 miles
1 Ben Instone (Scientific Coaching) 20:41
2 Tim Stevens (34 Nomads) 22:19
2 Mark Winton (Lewes Wanderers CC) 22:19
4 Iain Brogden (Eastbourne Rovers CC) 22:21
5 John Sadler (Tri Sport News) 22:28
6 Daniel Paine (GS Stella) 22:36
7 Mark Jones (GS Stella) 22:59
8 Michael Valks (Sussex Nomads) 23:24
9 Dan Henthy (Hastings & St Leonards CC) 23:26
9 Anthony Bee (Kent Cycles RC) 23:26
1 GS Stella 1:00:25
1 Elliott Tabrahan-Dowers (Hastings & St Leonards CC) 26:45
1 Emma Richards (Eastbourne Rovers CC) 26:44
Veterans on std
1 Harry Featherstone (Eastbourne Rovers CC, 26:11) +7:23
Cardiff Byways CC
Glynneath, Gwent, 50 miles
1 Alun Owen (CC Abergavenny) 1:54:59
2 Colin Wallace (Merthyr CC) 1:56:08
3 John French (Bath CC) 2:00:53
4 Nick Brown (Pembrokeshire Velo) 2:02:54
5 Clinton Evans (Abertillery & Dist Wh) 2:02:58
5 Hugh Davies (Port Talbot Wheelers) 2:02:58
7 Wayne Van Den Burgh (Bush Healthcare) 2:04:32
8 Chris Hughes (Hereford & Dist Wh) 2:05:38
9 Clifford Jackson (Pembrokeshire Velo) 2:05:55
10 David Brice (Bynea CC) 2:05:59
1 Colin Wallace
Veterans on std
1 Hugh Davies (Port Talbot Wheelers, 2:02:58) +24:01
1 Catherine Etchell (Hirwaun Wheelers) 2:24:43
Clevedon & District CC
Axbridge, Somerset, 10 miles
1 Greg Sandy (Somerset Road Club) 20:54
2 Mike Simmons (Clevedon & District RC) 21:46
3 Kelvin Price (Somerset Road Club) 22:02
4 Rob Pears (Bath CC) 22:03
5 Derek Smetham (Dursley RC) 22:18
6 Andy Stuart (VC St Raphael) 22:24
7 Mark Keyford (Bath CC) 23:01
8 Robert Heathcote (Weston Wheelers) 23:13
9 Stuart Berryman (Dursley RC) 23:40
10 Gary Walker (Chippenham & Dist Wh) 23:47
1 A Butcher (Cwmcarn Paragon CC)/J Edwards (Pontypool RCC) 21:21
Veterans on std
1 David Driver (Yeovil CC, 24:18) +7:27
1 Barry Williams (Cardiff 100 Miles RCC, 25:19) +7:27
ABC Centreville Hill-Climb
Blackstone Edge, Greater Manchester, two miles
1 Rob Watkinson (Doncaster Wheelers) 8:34.1
2 Chris Edmondson (Blackburn & Dist CTC) 8:48.0
3 Dan Stevens (Liverpool Century RC) 8:59.5
4 Rick Clough (Rochdale Tri Club) 9:06.3
5 Paul Smith (Seamons CC) 9:21.5
6 Matt Postlethwaite (ABC Centreville) 9:29.8
7 Paul Whatmough (ABC Centreville) 9:49.1
8 Dave Lowe (ABC Centreville) 10:04.8
9 Robert Williams (Pedalsport CC) 10:17.6
10 Mark Stevens (Liverpool Century RC) 10:36.1
1 Denise Shackleton (Yorkshire Velo) 11:47.9
1 Jack Beardsell (Holme Valley Wheelers) 11:47.9