UK time trialling: Gough sets Hinton Hill record

National champ Dobbin beaten in Somerset

Kevin Dawson won the Nottingham Clarion 25-mile event.

Reigning national hill-climb champion James Dobbin had to settle for second place in the Severn Road club event at Hinton Hill in Somerset as John’s Bikes RT rider Robert Gough smashed the course record to win by nine seconds.


Gough has obviously improved dramatically since last year when he was only 14th in the national championship, more than 40 seconds slower than Dobbin, but he looks set to be a real force in the 2008 season.

His time of 1min 51.8sec sliced almost two seconds from his own old course record from last year, but what was perhaps more remarkable was the 8.5 second gap between him and second-placed Dobbin (Arctic Premier).

Gough’s team-mate Robin Coomber was third, less than a second behind Dobbin, but in the absence of a third man the team prize went to the promoting Severn Road Club with Simon Haward, Rob Adams and Simon Burgess finishing fourth, fifth and sixth respectively.

Clinton dominates in Yorkshire

Elsewhere, riders in the North tackled the Otley Cycling Club two-stage hill-climb event over the 1,500-yard climb of East Chevin and the one-mile Norwood Edge in West Yorkshire.

It was 2007 national championship bronze medallist Matt Clinton (Mike Vaughan Cycles) who dominated, taking victory in both stages as well as the overall.

The Coventry rider covered the opening stage on East Chevin in 3min 51.5 seconds to win by around six seconds from GS Metro rival Alex Coutts, while multiple national title winner Jim Henderson (Southport CC) was third, just half a second further back.

And in the afternoon’s final climb the positions were the same, with Clinton winning by 5.4 seconds from Coutts, while Henderson was 10.7 seconds off the pace.

Dawson takes Tuxford honours

Kevin Dawson warmed up for the final round of the Rudy Project National Time Trial Series with a convincing victory in the Nottingham Clarion 25-mile event at Tuxford, Nottinghamshire, on Saturday. rider Dawson, who is leading the series but needs to do a good ride next weekend to secure the title, looked in a different class as he powered through strong winds to win by more than one minute from Julian Ramsbottom (De Rosa RT).

While Dawson’s team-mate Brad Johnston took third, more than a minute further off the pace, the rest of the field were at least two minutes further back with just eight riders going under the hour.

Pinder takes maiden victory

Fourth in both stages at Otley, Blackburn & District CTC rider Adam Pinder finally tasted victory in Sunday’s Lancaster CC JubileeTowers hill-climb in Lancashire.

The reigning national junior champion won last year’s Lancaster event, and although he was 24.1 seconds faster this time he was still 4.7 seconds shy of Ben Greenwood’s course record.

He clocked 7min 27.6sec to push Preston Wheelers’ Jimmy Wright into second spot by 26.3 seconds, while his team-mate Ian Stott was third, another 17 seconds off the pace.

And fastest woman for the second year running was Lynn Hamel (The Green Room with 8min 25sec.

King Kit rules again 

In Derbyshire, Kinesis UK’s top road-racing ace proved he is equally adept in hill-climbs when he won the Birdwell Wheelers event on the 1,796-yard climb on Curbar Edge.

Kit Gilham, who was crowned King of the Mountains in the FBD Insurance Ras in Ireland earlier this season, reached the top of the climb in 5min 39sec to win by four seconds from Team Milton Keynes’ Michael Smith, while Charles Taylor (South Pennine RC) was another two seconds back in third.


Veteran Chris Storer (Ashfield RC) was seventh overall with 6min 25sec, while best junior was 16-year-old Jamie Raven (Rutland CC) who clocked a superb 6min 52sec for the course, which was dry but battered by a strong wind.

Severn Road Club (Hinton Hill, Somerset):
1 Robert Gough (John’s Bikes RT) 1min 51.8sec
2 James Dobbin (Arctic Premier RT 2:00.3
3 Robin Coomber (John’s Bikes RT) 2:01.0
4 Simon Haward (Severn Road Club) 2:07.5
5 Rob Adams (Severn Road Club) 2:09.7
6 Simon Burgess (Severn Road Club) 2:11.7
7 Neil Blessitt (Severn Road Club) 2:13.9
8 John Whittington (Bristol Cyc Dev Squad) 2:15.7
9 David Curtis-Whitfield (Felt Racing) 2:16.0
10 Glyndwr Griffiths (Bristol South CC) 2:17.5
Veterans: Neil Blessitt
Juniors: Luke Dunbar (Bristol Cyc Dev Squad) 2:12.8.
Women: Marianne Britten (VC St Raphael) 2:33.3.
Team: Severn Road Club (Haward, Adams, Burgess) 6:28.9.
Otley CC Two-Stage (West Yorkshire):
Stage One (East Chevin):
1 Matt Clinton (Mike Vaughan Cycles) 3min 51.5sec
2 Alex Coutts (GS Metro) 3:57.3
3 Jim Henderson (Southport CC) 3:57.8
4 Adam Pinder (Blackburn & District CTC) 4:05.5
5 Dominic Munnelly (KB Cycles) 4:11.3
6 Adrian Lawrence (Lancashire RC) 4:21.9
7 Ian Stott (Blackburn & District CTC) 4:24.3
8 Tom Howling (Otley CC) 4:36.9
9 Graham Pollard (Bob Jackson RT) 4:39.7
10 Michael Mallen (GS Metro) 4:41.9
Veterans: Ian Cullen (Otley CC) 5:26.1.
Juveniles: Jacob Ragan (Rochdale Tri Club) 5:00.0.
Juniors: Adam Pinder.
Stage Two (Norwood Edge):
1 Matt Clinton (Mike Vaughan Cycles) 4min 58.9sec
2 Alex Coutts (GS Metro) 5:04.3
3 Jim Henderson (Southport CC) 5:09.6
4 Adam Pinder (Blackburn & District CTC) 5:20.1
5 Dominic Munnelly (KB Cycles) 5:23.4
6 Adrian Lawrence (Lancashire RC) 5:35.4
7 Ian Stott (Blackburn & District CTC) 5:40.8
8 Michael Mallen (GS Metro) 5:50.7
9 Matthew Green (Huddersfield Star Wheelers) 5:55.7
10 Tom Howling (Otley CC) 5:56.0
Veterans: Paul Brierley (Huddersfield RC) 6:53.0
Juveniles: Jacob Ragan (Rochdale Tri Club) 6:22.8
Juniors: Adam Pinder
Final overall:
1 Matt Clinton (Mike Vaughan Cycles) 8min 50.4sec
2 Alex Coutts (GS Metro) 9:02.0
3 Jim Henderson (Southport CC) 9:07.4
4 Adam Pinder (Blackburn & District CTC) 9:25.6
5 Dominic Munnelly (KB Cycles) 9:43.7
6 Adrian Lawrence (Lancashire RC) 9:57.3
7 Ian Stott (Blackburn & District CTC) 10:05.1
8 Michael Mallen (GS Metro) 10:32.6
9 Tom Howling (Otley CC) 10:32.9
10 Graham Pollard (Bob Jackson RT) 10:36.6
Veterans: Paul Brierley (Huddersfield RC) 12:35.4
Juveniles: Jacob Ragan (Rochdale Tri Club) 11:22.8
Juniors: Adam Pinder
Team: Otley CC (Howling, Ian Cullen 12:45.6, Richard Falls 15:08.3) 38:26.8
Lancaster CC (Jubilee Towers, Lancashire):
1 Adam Pinder (Blackburn & District CTC) 7min 27.6sec
2 Jimmy Wright (Preston Wheelers) 7:53.9
3 Ian Stott (Blackburn & District CTC) 8:10.8
4 Lynn Hamel (The Green Room 8:25.0
5 Jonathan Knox (Kent Valley RC) 8:50.0
6 Paul Graham Smith (Blackburn & District CTC) 9:16.4
7 James Knox (Kent Valley RC) 10:04.6
8 Bradley Thornton (Blackburn & District CTC) 10.43.6
9 Paul Maxwell (Lakes RC) 11:13.5
10 Tim Rollinson (Lancaster CC) 11:32.7
Women: Lynn Hamel.
Birdwell Wheelers (Curbar Edge, Derbyshire):
1 Kit Gilham (Kinesis UK) 5min 39sec
2 Michael Smith (Team Milton Keynes) 5:43
3 Charles Taylor (South Pennine RC) 5:45
4 Steve Guymer (Star Bikes) 6:06
5 Phillip Howell (Rutland CC) 6:13
6 Andrew Steel (Sheffield Univ CC) 6:23
7 Chris Storer (Ashfield RC) 6:25
8 Chris Sharp (Matlock CC) 6:29
9 Trevor Mayne (Birdwell Wheelers) 6:34
10 Steve Gibson (Peak RC) 6:36
Veterans: Chris Storer
Juniors: Jamie Raven (Rutland CC) 6:52
Women: Kim Knight (JE James RT) 10:36
Nottingham Clarion (Tuxford, Notts, 25 miles):
1 Kevin Dawson ( 53min 2sec
2 Julian Ramsbottom (De Rosa RT) 54:12
3 Bradley Johnston ( 55:29
4 Colin Parkinson (South Western RC) 57:31
=5 Ian Dalton (Cherry Valley RT) 57:34
=5 Andy Eagers (Derby Mercury RC) 57:34
7 Nick Cave (Leicester Forest CC) 58:27
8 Jason Swann (Nottingham Clarion) 59:50
9 Rob Brooks (Warrington RC) 1:00:44
10 David Wallwin (Belper BC) 1:01:46
Team: Nottingham Clarion (Swann, Gordon McGowan 1:11:30, Ray Mould 1:24:45) 3:36:05
Women: Clare Ella (Lincoln Wheelers) 1:05:41.
Veterans on standard: Derek Hodgins (Stockport Clarion) (1:05:49) +19:11
Handicap: Colin Parkinson (6:00) 51:31