UK time trialling roundup

Gardiner secures 24 hour title; Hutchinson smashes 50 comp record

Pre-race favourite Nik Gardiner (John’s Bikes RT) secured his fourth National 24-Hour Championship in Shropshire over the weekend, covering 510.095 miles.


Gardiner, who won the event in 2004, 2005 and 2006, did not ride last year but returned to the top of the podium in style, covering over 22 miles more than his nearest rival, Twickenham CC’s John Warnock.

Neil Skellern took third with 464.19 miles, and led the Congleton CC to the team prize alongside Karl Austin, fifth with 450.49 miles, and veteran Graham Barker, eighth overall with 439.97 miles.

The only woman to finish was Rose Leith, who completed 352.51 miles to win the solo category.


1 Nik Gardiner (John’s Bikes RT) 510.09 miles
2 John Warnock (Twickenham CC) 487.83
3 Neil Skellern (Congleton CC) 464.19
4 Daniel Mathers (Seamons CC) 452.39
5 Karl Austin (Congleton CC) 450.49
6 Joel Sothern (Ultra Marathon CA) 442.43
7 Steven Massey (Derby Mercury RC) 442.38
8 Graham Barker (Congleton CC) 439.97
9 Jim Gresty (North Shropshire Wheelers) 437.87
10 Paul O’Donoghue (Sorento CC) 425.32
Women: Rose Leith (Sorento CC) 352.51

Hutchinson smashes 50 comp record

Multiple national time trial champion Michael Hutchinson took full advantage of ideal conditions on Saturday when he broke the 50-mile competition record in the Shaftesbury CC event in Cambridgeshire.

The In Gear-Quickvit RT rider covered the course at Six Mile Bottom in 1hr 35min 27sec to take 1min 54sec off the 11-year-old record set in 1997 by reigning British Best All-Rounder Kevin Dawson. He won the event by more than six minutes from former national record holder Ian Cammish (Planet X), while West Suffolk Wheelers rider Peter Balls was third.

“The conditions were good to break the record, but you can’t plan it in advance because so much depends on what kind of day it is,” said the Cambridge-based rider. “To be honest I had been wondering if it would happen because I know it had the potential to be a fast course, and when I saw the weather forecast on Thursday and Friday, I started to think seriously about whether the record could fall.

“Kevin’s record has stood for a long time, but it’s getting harder to break records. I know things like training techniques and nutrition are improving but there are fewer courses around because we have to do things like risk assessments and traffic counts.

“From half distance I was fairly confident the record was going to fall – it was just a question of by how much, and I had to concentrating on keeping it together.”

Results – 50 miles
1 Michael Hutchinson (In Gear-Quickvit RT) 1:35:27
2 Ian Cammish (Planet X) 1:41:41
3 Peter Balls (West Suffolk Wheelers) 1:44:18
4 Martin Smith (AW Cycles) 1:44:46
5 Steve Golla (Sigma Sport RT) 1:45:19
6 Paul Holdsworth (Hounslow & District Wheelers) 1:45:59
7 Dave Kendall (Finsbury Park CC) 1:48:35
8 David Johnson (High Wycombe CC) 1:49:02
9 Robert Gilmore (Hounslow & District Wheelers) 1:49:46
10 Dave Green (RAF CC) 1:49:50
Team: Finsbury Park CC (Dave Kendall, Daniel Northern, Ian Bibby) 5:41:56
Women: Lynne Taylor (Walsall RCC) 1:56:41
Veterans on std.– Derek Hodgins (Stockport Clarion CC) 1:58:28
Tandems: Andy Page (API Metrow) & Dean Lubin (PCA Ciclos Uno) 1:45:14

McGaw tops in Diss and District 25

Over the border in Norfolk, David McGaw proved victorious in the Diss and District CC 25-mile event at Bressingham on Sunday having clocked 54min 24sec.

The Arctic Premier RT rider won by around a minute and a half from Anglia Velo’s James Eman, while Andrew Leggett (Stowmarket and District Wheelers) completed the podium and led Stowmarket to the team prize alongside Ben Casey and Chris Leggett.

Results – 25 miles
1 David McGaw (Arctic Premier RT) 0:54:24
2 James Eman (Anglia Velo) 0:55:49
3 Andrew Leggett (Stowmarket & District CC) 0:56:11
4 Mark Solley (Mildenhall CC) 0:56:56
5 Duncan Murphy (Cambridge CC) 0:58:36
6 Alan Newark (Planet X) 0:58:56
7 Jason Nixon (Kings Lynn CC) 0:59:38
8 Guy Stevens (East Anglian CC) 1:00:02
9 Glenn Taylor (API Metrow) 1:00:05
10 Bobby De’ath (CC Breckland) 1:00:38
Team: Stowmarket & District CC (Andrew Leggett, Ben Casey, Chris Leggett) 2:58:36
Women: Laura Robinson (CC Breckland) 1:04:42
Veterans on std: Alan Newark +17:41
Tandems: George Kerridge & John Swanbury (VC Baracchi) 0:59:57
Best pre:1980 bike: Phil Hollingsworth (East Anglian CC) 1:09:40

“Rambo” wins Rutland 25

National Team Time Trial Champion Julian Ramsbottom (De Rosa RT) maintained his form with a winning performance in the Rutland CC 25-mile event at Ranby, North Nottinghamshire.

Scunthorpe-based Ramsbottom clocked 54-22 to win the event by 1-18 from Team Swift-Allsports rival Mark Wolstenholme with 55-40, while the podium was completed by the impressive Alan West, the promoting club’s 60-year-old rider who clicked 56min 38sec.

Results – 25 miles
1 Julian Ramsbottom (De Rosa RT) 0:54:22
2 Mark Wolstenholme (Team Swift-Allsports) 0:55:40
3 Alan West (Rutland CC) 0:56:38
4 Wayne Thorpe (Team Swift-Allsports) 0:56:42
5 Marc Mallender (Rutland CC) 0:57:02
6 Steve Hankey (Warrington RC) 0:57:19
7 Adam Powe (VC Cumbria) 0:57:45
8 David Wallwin (Belper BC) 0:58:04
9 Andrew Smith (North Notts Olympic RC) 0:58:18
10 Andrew Whitehead (Thurcroft CC) 0:58:22

Jackson beats Saint in Scarborough Paragon 10

After breaking the national trike record over the same distance, Carl Saint (Yorkshire Road Club) had to settle for second spot on two wheels in the Scarborough Paragon RC 10-mile event at Grindale, East Yorkshire, on Saturday.

Andy Jackson (Pedalsport CC) won the event with 22min 28sec, while Saint was second with 22min 56sec and the promoting club’s youngster James Gullen was third with 23min 28sec.


Saint and Jackson had been level-pegging at the top of the hill with both clocking 7min 24sec, but Jackson edged ahead in the second half of the event.

Results – 10 miles
1 Andy Jackson (Pedalsport CC) 0:22:28
2 Carl Saint (Yorkshire RC) 0:22:56
3 James Gullen (Scarborough Paragon RC) 0:23:28
4 John Colman (Yorkshire RC) 0:23:30
5 Andrew Askwith (Bridlington CC) 0:23:40
6 David Thompson (Scarborough Paragon CC) 0:24:19
7 Paul Hickman (Malton Wheelers) 0:24:21
8 Stewart Pickard (Bridlington CC) 0:24:24
9 Nigel Goscinski (Clifton CC) 0:24:35
10 Matthew Lunn (Team Swift-Allsports) 0:24:46