UK time trialling roundup

Stuart Dangerfield returns to win Rudy Project round 5

Back from Australia for a few months, former series winner Stuart Dangerfield proved he has lost none of his class when he took victory in the fifth round of the RTTC-Rudy Project Series in Worcestershire on Saturday.


Dangerfield, who now lives in Australia, won the series in 2000 and 2003 and only entered Saturday’s event at Great Witley at the last possible moment, won by more than a minute from series leader Kevin Dawson (

With 17 senior national championship victories to his credit Dangerfield, now riding for Wolverhampton Wheelers, was always going to be a challenger for the win, but with little racing experience in the last two years he wasn’t sure how he would go.

“That was my first time trial for about two years,” he confirmed. “I still ride my bike every day, but I’ve not raced properly for ages. I did a criterium just before Christmas which I won, but I really wasn’t sure how I would do because there was plenty of quality in the field.”

He needn’t have worried.

At the halfway mark Dangerfield was already 37 seconds up on Dawson, and while he eased off slightly he still won by 1min 2sec, clocking 1hr 13min 30sec for the 32-mile course at an average speed of 26.939 mph.

“On the second lap I kept looking behind to see if Prebble was coming up on me,” he added. “He was my minute man, and I wasn’t at all sure if I would be caught, but it was ok in the end.”

Oxford City Road Club’s 31-year-old Corin Simmonds was a surprise winner of the women’s event, beating series leader Avril Swan (MI Racing) into second spot by more than two minutes in the 16-mile women’s event, while Richard Handley (Max Gear RT) was top junior.

Coffey wins Anerley 50

Keith Coffey successfully negotiated 45 roundabouts on his way to victory in the Anerley Bicycle Club’s 50-mile event at Broadbridge Heath, Sussex, on Sunday.

The Bec CC rider was one of just five riders to go under two hours on a hard day with strong winds, and with his time of hr 51min 38sec he led the Bec to the team prize alongside Shaun Kennedy and James Hughes.

Vincent on song in Plymouth 25

20-year-old Pete Vincent proved that youth can overcome experience when he won the Plymouth Corinthian CC 25-mile event at Buckfastleigh in Devon.

He clocked 54min 32sec to push Stuart Hall and Karl Hodson, the Alltrax and Trigon riders who are 43 and 42 respectively, into second and third places.

The promoting club took the team prize led in by Rob Scott whose 59min 25sec was good enough for eighth overall

Finsbury Park 25 to James Heaton

With pre-race favourite Sam Barker one of several non-starters, 41-year-old James Heaton won the Finsbury Park CC 25 at Tempsford, Bedfordshire, with his time of 55min 12sec.

Thirty seconds faster than second-placed David Pollard (In Gear RT), Heaton’s time made the trip from Daventry worthwhile, although he was some way off his personal best time of 52min 16sec.

Jones wins wet and windy Severn 25

Clocking exactly 56 minutes, Chippenham Wheelers’ Jeff Jones won the Severn Road Club 25 at Falfield, South Gloucestershire, on Sunday.

One of just six riders to go under the hour mark on a testing course which was made worse by strong wind and rain, Jones won by 54 seconds from Climb On Bikes rival Rob Lyne, while the promoting club’s Simon Haward completed the podium with 57min 45sec.

Close finish in VC Elan 10

Just ten seconds separated the top three in the VC Elan 10 at Reculver in Kent on Saturday, with the promoting club’s Phil Bull coming out on top with 20min 15sec.


Conditions were dry, and with a slight tail wind on the outward leg times generally were good for most of the 92 riders. His victory helped to give Bull the overall victory in the four-race series.


RTTC-Rudy Project Series (Great Witley, Worcestershire, 32 miles)
1 Stuart Dangerfield (Wolverhampton Wheelers) 1:13:30
2 Kevin Dawson ( 1:14:32
3 Richard Meadows (Pezula Racing Team) 1:15:19
4 Richard Prebble (GS Strada) 1:15:33
5 Dominic Munnelly (KB Cycles RT) 1:16:42
6 Mark Holton (Pro Bike Kit) 1:16:45
7 Bradley Johnston ( 1:16:47
7 Simon Baxter (MTS Cyclesport)
9 John Warnock (Twickenham CC) 1:18:43
10 Adrian Bird (Echelon-Spiuk) 1:19:16
1 Corin Simmonds (Oxford City RC) 0:41:17
2 Avril Swann (MI Racing) 0:43:28
3 Jenny Lloyd-Jones (London Dynamo) 0:43:40
1 Richard Handley (Maxgear RT) 0:38:25
2 Richard Houghton (Keswick Bikes) 0:40:44
3 Dean Fuller (Camel Valley C&TC) 0:42:32
Veterans on actual
1 Ian Dalton (Cherry Valley RT) 0:38:04
2 Colin Griffiths (Welland Valley CC) 0:38:29
3 Jamie Burrell (MI Racing) 0:40:14
Veterans on target time
1 Derek Hodgins (Stockport Clarion) 0:44:47
2 John Woodburn (VC Meudon) 0:44:32
3 Colin Griffiths (Welland Valley CC) 0:38:29
British Disabled Championships
1 Darren Kenny (Dave Mellor Cycles) 0:34:27
2 Simon Richardson (VC St Raphael) 0:35:06
3 Becki Rimmington & Jan Newman (VC St Raphael) 0:38:11
Anerley BC (Broadbridge Heath, Sussex, 50 miles)
1 Keith Coffey (Bec CC) 1:51:38
2 Shaun Kennedy (Bec CC) 1:55:27
3 Mark Newton (Sydenham Wheelers) 1:58:28
4 Paul Read (Redhill CC) 1:58:57
5 Paul Alderson (South Western RC) 1:59:58
6 James Hughes (Bec CC) 2:03:35
7 Mike Dean (Redmon CC) 2:04:05
8 Nicholas Day (Verulam CC) 2:04:25
9 Mike Anton (East Grinstead CC) 2:04:46
10 Anthony Reeves (GS Stella) 2:05:03
Team: Bec CC (Keith Coffey, Shaun Kennedy, James Hughes) 5:50:40
Women: Fiona Lawrence ( 2:12:50
Veterans: Harry Featherstone (Eastbourne Rovers CC) 2:20:59
Plymouth Corinthian CC (Buckfastleigh, Devon, 25 miles)
1 Peter Vincent (Mid-Devon CC) 0:54:32
2 Stuart Hall (Alltrax) 0:56:52
3 Karl Hodson (Trigon-JJ Coach) 0:57:17
4 James Smith (Team Certini) 0:57:29
5 Julius Jennings (Trigon-JJ Coach) 0:57:54
6 Paul Friday (Penzance Wheelers) 0:58:28
7 Steve Kelly (RNRMCA) 0:58:31
8 Rob Scott (Plymouth Corinthian CC) 0:59:25
9 Andrew Hitchens (Mid-Devon CC) 0:59:30
10 Chris Scott (Plymouth Corinthian CC) 0:59:38
Team: Plymouth Corinthian CC (Rob Scott, Chris Scott, Jack Loveday) 3:00:01
Espoirs: Pete Vincent 0:54:32
Women: Elaine Jewkes (Exeter Wheelers) 1:16:42
Finsbury Park CC (Tempsford, Bedfordshire, 10 miles)
1 James Heaton (Rugby RCC) 0:55:12
2 David Pollard (In Gear-Quickvit RT) 0:55:42
3 Paul Mill (Team Edwardes) 0:55:54
4 Jason Gurney (Team Milton Keynes) 0:56:12
5 Gary Brown (Equipe-Velo Ecosse) 0:56:23
6 Tom Morris (Cambridge University CC) 0:56:29
7 Anthony Stapleton (Chelmer CC) 0:56:30
8 Stuart Tarry (Team Sanjan Design) 0:57:00
Team: Finsbury Park CC (Christopher Lodge, Hugh Vivian, Dave Kendall) 2:56:30
Women: Avril Swan (MI Racing) 1:01:34
Veterans on std: Carole Gandy (Kent Cycles RC) 1:03:12
Best Improvement: Justin Browne (Glendene CC) 1:05:31
Severn Road Club (Falfield, Gloucestershire, 25 miles)
1 Jeff Jones (Chippenham Wheelers) 0:56:00
2 Rob Lyne (Climb On Bikes) 0:56:54
3 Simon Haward (Severn RC) 0:57:45
4 Derek Smetham (Dursley RC) 0:58:01
5 Alan Warburton (Cheltenham & County CC) 0:58:16
6 Matthew Burbridge (Severn RC) 0:58:59
7 David Leighton (Severn RC) 1:00:14
8 Mark Woolford ( 1:01:14
9 Adrian Pengelly (VC St Raphael) 1:01:17
10 John Sirett (Dursley RC) 1:02:27
Veterans: Matthew Burbridge
Juniors: Luke Davies (Chippenham Wheelers) 1:14:30
Women: Mary-Jane Hutchinson (Bristol South CC) 1:14:51
VC Elan (Reculver, Kent, 10 miles)
1 Phil Bull (VC Elan) 0:20:15
2 Kevin Tye ( 0:20:19
3 Gary Birch (VC Elan) 0:20:25
4 Keith Coffey (Bec CC) 0:20:29
5 Lee Turner (Sigma Sport RT) 0:20:38
6 Reg Smith (DCB Kent) 0:20:48
7 Mike Piper (San Fairy Ann CC) 0:21:12
8 Dave Phillips (GS Invicta) 0:21:20
9 Steve Castle (GS Invicta) 0:21:22
10 Paul Buttery (Kent Cycles RC) 0:21:25
Team: VC Elan (Phil Bull, Gary Birch, Steve Quincy) 1:02:48
Women: Carole Gandy (Kent Cycles RC) 0:23:28
Veterans on std: Carole Gandy
Juniors: Joe Tucker (Medway Velo) 0:23:08