UK time trialling roundup

Carl Saint breaks 25 mile trike record

Carl Saint added another trike record to his collection

Prolific Yorkshire time trial ace Carl Saint broke the 12-year-old national trike 25-mile record in Staffordshire on Saturday after making the most of ideal conditions for time trialling.


Saint, the Yorkshire Road Club rider from Slaithwaite, sliced 12 seconds off the 1996 mark of exactly 55 minutes set by Steve Brown of East Bradford Cycling Club, Saint’s time of 54min 48sec being good enough for 20th spot overall in a field 92-strong field made up mainly of two-wheeled machines.

Another Yorkshireman, Pedalsport CC’s Andy Jackson, won the Stone Wheelers event with a time of 50min 8sec and pipped Northampton rival Sam Barker (Planet X) to victory by 41 seconds, while third-placed Charles Taylor (South Pennine RC) clocked 51min 1sec.

Tandem 10 record nearly goes again

There was very nearly a tandem competition record broken in the Wigan Wheelers 10-mile event on the super-fast Levens course in Cumbria, but the Shorter Rochford duo of Charles McCulloch and Richard Bradley missed out on improving their own national mark by just two seconds.

There were also some fast times recorded in the solo event, with six riders going under the 20-minute mark.

Jimmy Wright (Preston Wheelers) was fastest with 19min 35sec. Fastest veteran (and second fastest overall) was Shetland Wheelers’ 40-year-old Carlos Riise with 19min 37sec, while just four seconds behind Wright was Derek Parkinson (Cleveleys Road Club).

While junior Richard Handley clocked 19min 41sec to easily win that category, third-placed in the senior event was Steve Golla (Sigma Sport RT) who clocked 19min 47, while fourth-placed Mark Holton (Pro Bike Kit) also did a sub-20 time of 19min 54sec.

Wilko on form in Yorkshire 50

Elsewhere, Merseyside visitor Andy Wilkinson (Port Sunlight Wheelers) won the Yorkshire Road Club 50-mile event at Dishforth on Saturday.

Wilkinson, who has claimed national titles at almost every distance from 50 miles to 24 hours, clocked 1hr 41min 44sec to win the event by almost five minutes from Doncaster’s Bradley Johnston (, whose time of 1hr 46min 38sec gave him second place by 35 seconds from Hull rival Joel Wainman (Team Swift-Allsports).

Team Swift took the team prize with Wainman being joined in the winning trio by Andrew Johnston and Phoebe Potts).

Hughes wins Sotonia 25

Clarence Wheelers veteran Ray Hughes dominated the Sotonia CC 25-mile event at Fordingbridge, Hampshire, on Sunday, winning overall and taking second spot in the veteran on standard category.

The 50-year-old clocked 54min 18sec to win by 11 seconds from Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers’ Paul Jones, while Hughes also beat his standard by 16min 49sec.

Evergreen Terry Icke (Poole Wheelers) won the standard competition with a plus of 20min 33sec, while his actual time of 58min 22sec was good enough for fifth overall.

Paul Jones’ colleague Rebecca Evans secured the women’s prize for the Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers with 1hr 6min 19sec, more than three minutes faster than the next woman.

Kendall takes Norlond 25

Prolific Dave Kendall scored another victory over 25 miles when he won the Norlond TT Combine event on the Tempsford course in Bedfordshire on Sunday.

The Finsbury Park CC rider was 52 seconds ahead of Team Sanjan Design rival Stuart Tarry, while Simon Cannings – a second claim member of the North Bucks Road Club and therefore eligible to ride – was third, another 44 seconds off the pace.

Kendall also took home the team prize with colleagues Hugh Vivian and Nick Marrin – fourth and 20th respectively – also in the winning trio, while Vivian was also the best veteran with a time of 55min 33sec.

Watt quickest in Aberdeen hill climb

Granite City RT’s Alister Watt proved fastest in the Aberdeen and District CA hill-climb championship at Cairn Mon Earn on Sunday morning.


He covered the one-mile climb in 4min 4sec to win by just four seconds from promising junior Liam Cowie (Aberdeen Wheelers), while third spot went to Colin Duncan (Tri Changing Gear RT) who clocked 4min 21sec.

Stone Wheelers (Blythe Bridge, Staffordshire, 25 miles):
1 Andy Jackson (Pedalsport CC) 0:50:08
2 Sam Barker (Planet X) 0:50:49
3 Charles Taylor (South Pennine RC) 0:51:01
4 David Crawley (Fibrax Wrexham RC) 0:51:02
5 Alfred Hilton (Warrington RC) 0:51:49
6 Peter Ware (St Helens CRC) 0:52:51
7 Stuart Walker (Walsall RCC) 0:52:54
8 Scott Westwood (Walsall RCC) 0:53:07
9 Malcolm Horner (Warrington RC) 0:53:29
10 Paul Robinson (Lyme RC)
Trike: Carl Saint (Yorkshire Road Club) 0:54:48
Juniors: Jack Green (Westmead Team 88) 0:53:36
Women: Catherine Essex (Kings Lynn CC) 0:58:34
Veterans on Standard: Dennis Milsom (Mid-Shropshire Wheelers) 0:59:15 (+29:39)
Wigan Wheelers (Levens, Cumbria, 10 miles):
1 Jimmy Wright (Preston Wheelers) 0:19:35
2 Derek Parkinson (Cleveleys RC) 0:19:39
3 Steve Golla (Sigma Sport RT) 0:19:47
4 Mark Holton (Pro Bike Kit) 0:19:54
5 Ian Ball (Hinckley CRC) 0:20:03
6 Andrew Allan (New Brighton CC) 0:20:04
7 Ben Abrahams (Equipe Velo Ecosse) 0:20:05
8 Calun Nicholson (Pro Bike Kit) 0:20:16
9 Paul Kaye (Pedalsport RT) 0:20:17
10 Steve Ludden (Forza Cycles) 0:20:26
Team: Pro Bike Kit (Mark Holton, Calum Nicholson, Chris Anderson) 1:01:18
Veterans on Standard: George Dawson (Teesside RC) (27:31) 0:27:31 (+11:11)
Veterans: Carlos Riise (Shetland Wheelers) 0:19:37
Women: Christine McLean (Shetland Wheelers) 0:21:59
Juniors: Richard Handley (Max Gear RT) 0:19:41
Tandems: Charles McCulloch & Richard Bradley (Shorter Rochford RT) 0:17:23
Yorkshire Road Club (Dishforth, North Yorkshire, 50 miles):
1 Andy Wilkinson (Port Sunlight Wheelers) 1:41:44
2 Bradley Johnston ( 1:46:38
3 Joel Wainman (Team Swift-Allsports) 1:47:13
4 Gordon Fargher (Border City Wheelers) 1:50:46
5 Steve Burke (Macclesfield Wheelers) 1:51:45
6 Colin Parkinson (South Western RC) 1:52:10
7 Trevor Mayne (Birdwell Wheelers) 1:52:35
8 Paul Grindley (Liverpool Century RC) 1:52:38
9 Chris Baldwin (Eagle RC) 1:52:56
10 Adrian Hunt (Team Chevin) 1:53:18
Team: Team Swift-Allsports (Joel Wainman, Andrew Johnston, Phoebe Potts) 5:54:35
Veterans on Standard 40-59: Kevin Shand (West Pennine RC) 2:01:28
Over-60s: Brian Sunter (Condor RC) 1:53:42
Sotonia CC (Fordingbridge, Hampshire, 25 miles):
1 Ray Hughes (Clarence Wheelers) 0:54:18
2 Paul Jones (Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers) 0:54:29
3 Martin Beale (New Forest CC) 0:57:46
4 Ian Diaper (Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers) 0:58:20
5 Terry Icke (Poole Wheelers) 0:58:22
6 Aaron Carter (New Forest CC) 1:01:46
7 Nick Williams (New Forest CC) 1:02:21
8 Neil Woodgate (Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers) 1:02:28
9 Barrie Stevens (Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers) 1:02:32
10 Tony Strickland (Bournemouth Arrow CC) 1:02:35
Veterans on Standard: Terry Icke 0:58:22 (+20:33)
Women: Rebecca Evans (Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers) 1:06:19
Norlond TT Combine (Tempsford, Bedfordshire, 25 miles):
1 Dave Kendall (Finsbury Park CC) 0:53:51
2 Stuart Tarry (Team Sanjan Design) 0:54:43
3 Simon Cannings (North Bucks RC) 0:55:27
4 Hugh Vivian (Finsbury Park CC) 0:55:33
5 Steve Cotton (Cambridge CC) 0:55:51
6 Neil Allonby (Icknield RC) 0:56:08
7 Nick Jackson (Cambridge CC 0:56:14
8 David Rochford (North Road CC) 0:56:30
9 David Lazenby (A5 Rangers CC) 0:56:52
10 Ian Brazier (Verulam CC) 0:56:55
Team: Finsbury Park CC (Dave Kendal, Hugh Vivian, Nick Marrin) 2:48:59
Handicap: S Parker (Finsbury Park CC) 0:41:55
Veterans on Standard: M Kirton (A5 Rangers CC)
Veterans: Hugh Vivian
Aberdeen and District CA Hill-Climb Championships (Cairn Mon Earn, 1 mile):
1 Alister Watt (Granite City RC) 0:04:04
2 Liam Cowie (Aberdeen Wheelers) 0:04:08
3 Colin Duncan (Tri Changing Gear RT) 0:04:21
4 Phil Kelman (Deeside Thistle RT) 0:04:27
5 Keith Robertson (Deeside Thistle RT) 0:04:28
6 Veli-Matti Raikonnen (Granite City RT) 0:04:30
7 Mark Munro (Deeside Thistle RT) 0:04:32
8 Cameron Balfour (Angus Bike Chain) 0:04:36
9 Rob Cowie (Aberdeen Wheelers) 0:04:38
10 John Ritchie (Deeside Thistle RT) 0:04:54
Juniors: Liam Cowie