UK Yeti tribe convenes for a big one

World Cup team coming to turquoise bike faithful get-together

Riders at the 2007 UK Yeti Tribemeet

The Yeti World Cup mountain bike team will be the big draw at this year’s sixth annual Yeti Tribe meet, the gathering of the Yeti-riding faithful.


The event will take place on the weekend of 14-15 June at the Cwm Carn mountain bike park in South Wales, and organisers and Evolution Imports have booked the Cwm Carn uplift service for the whole weekend.

Long-time Yeti rider, former Australian national champion and Olympian Paul Rowney will also be there running skills classes on both days.

Rowney’s skills courses have had rave reports in Australia and he’s one of the best bike handlers on the cross-country scene. One of his Australian championships was achieved by taking 30 seconds out of the eventual runner-up on the last-lap descent.

Before he moved to the UK, being passed by Paul used to be one of the fun things about enduro racing in Sydney as he’d levitate by on some impossible boulder-and log-infested line to the side of the trail.

Yetifan’s Andrew Palmer is excited about this year’s tribe meet. “We have both cross-country and downhill trails at our new venue of Cwmcarn,” he told Bikeradar. “Trail riders will be taken care of with several options of rides, and downhillers will be looked after with a subsidised uplift service.”


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