Ullrich to support Honchar at Giro

While most observers at Romandy were focusing mostly on Jan Ullrich's size and hairstyle, the German

While most observers at Romandy were focusing mostly on Jan Ullrich’s size and hairstyle, the German



Jan Ullrich’s much-debated build-up to the Tour de France continues this weekend when he lines up in the Giro d’Italia after finishing a lowly 115th in last week’s Tour of Romandy, his first race of the season. Ullrich’s appearance in Romandy attracted a great deal of comment, much of it along the lines of Paolo Savoldelli’s observation that he hadn’t expected the German to be “quite as big as that”.

However, Ullrich and T-Mobile director Rudy Pevenage are putting a positive spin on events at Romandy, with Ullrich particularly pleased he suffered no adverse reaction following recent knee trouble. “The knee has held up well, and I could feel that I was making small improvements,” said Ullrich, who felt that by finishing Romandy he achieved “a small victory for myself”.

Pevenage described the Giro’s last week as “really tough. There is no let-up on the programme”. Pevenage said that the Giro offered Ullrich “a further important step on the way to an optimal Tour form”. With the Tour very much in Pevenage’s mind, he’s selected a team including two likely starters in July, world time trial champion Michael Rogers and 2004 Giro runner-up Serhiy Honchar, who is the nominal leader for the Giro.


T-Mobile’s line-up is completed by Scott Davis, Frantisek Rabon, Jrg Ludewig, Matthias Kessler and sprinters Olaf Pollack and Andr Korff.