Unique Olympic bicycle promotes Games

With “deer running” and “panther” mode as standard

A Beijing resident is publicising the Olympic games by cycling around the city on his own unique design of bike, decorated with the five Olympic rings.


The bike, brainchild of one Meng Jie,  features a unique dual mechanism allowing it to switch between conventional cycling mode and one where the rider uses both arms and legs to give extra power and speed – what Meng Jie calls  ‘deer running from panther’ mode.

With the bike in ‘deer’ mode Meng claims a top speed on the flat well in excess of 100kmh and does 150km plus daily, cutting a startling dash and turning heads as he rides around the city. He does admit the speedier mode is not suitable for busy traffic but is superb for long distance touring.  

Meng has been working on the design since 1992 when China was actually bidding for the 2000 Games. He left his job as a mechanic to work for a sports company, hoping his new employers would help with the bike’s unique development. “I didn’t just want the bike to look cool; I wanted the design to be unique,” said Meng.  

He “wanted to create the perfect object to symbolise China’s participation and hope for the future”.


What next for Meng?  He wants to ride the bike through all five continents which are represented by the five Olympic rings of his bike. He also adds, “I have made some designs for a bike for 2012 and my dream is to build that next and ride it around Britain.”