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unscene We like watching bike DVD?s at MBUK Towers, especially when they?re good enough to keep play

underground bike vid that manages to encapsulate the full flavour of what we love



We like watching bike DVD?s at MBUK Towers, especially when they?re good enough to keep playing and listening to. Nick Hawker?s one of those types with many fingers in many pies, and after a stint working for Steve Behr at Stockfile, Nick made the move in to the bike flick scene.
Sick of seeing movies stacked with nothing but Pro riders, Nick and friend Tom Hodder wanted to concentrate on the ?un? scene out there, hence the ?unscene? name, with a small ?U?.
It?s an awesome video with a great soundtrack. There?s a great mix of DH, street, BMX, Trails etc, and all the fundamental fill ins. Our favourite bits were seeing Duncan Ferris hit a tree head on, Nigel Page show-boating on a BMX track, Tim Pratt?s awesome street section (with novelty intro), and the graceful Fort William slow-motion stuff. It all pulls together really well, and picks up where Sprung 5 left off?
Here?s what Nick has to say on his video:

?unscene (always small ‘u’, ‘Unscene’ looks pretty ugly) was made by Tom Hodder and me during the 2005 season. We’d both got pretty fed up over the winter watching Americans fall of cliffs in Arizona to a rap-metal soundtrack, and thought we’d rather be watching something that was slightly more relevant to the type of riding we do here in the UK. So the idea was born – make a UK video, filmed in the UK, with UK riders and a UK soundtrack. Easy!
9 months, 40 hours of tape and 4,000 miles later I put a copy of unscene in the post to you guys!
We wanted to keep the whole thing down to earth, while still capturing some inspirational riding. We made the decision to concentrate on the UK’s best up and coming riders – the guys that go and ride the same woods as we all ride, just a load better. A lot of the names you will of heard of before; Rowan Sorrell, Duncan Ferris, Olly Wilkins, Dan Stanbridge, but you probably won’t have seen most of them ride on video. We also believe variety is also key to a good video, so we’ve mixed up the downhill with some street, trails, 4X and BMX.
Hamish Duff, a London club promoter, was called in to source the tunes to match the riding. Again, we wanted to keep it UK and from the smaller labels, and it was great to hear what Hamish came up with. And no, there isn’t any rap-metal. unscene features tracks from Aim, Skinnyman, Splitloop, Boca 45, Only Child, Foreign Beggars, Therapy?… I could go on… We hope the soundtrack is worth listening to alone!
I think ultimately we wanted the video to be accessible to people, something they could put on the TV and say ‘I do that’ before picking up their bike a going for a ride. It was about creating a really good feeling film that reminds people over the winter months why they like riding their bikes. I hope we’ve achieved that.
Oh, should mention the charity angle too… Why should everyone of busted a gut to make this video happen, just so we can line our own pockets? Exactly… unscene was always about making a cool video, not about making a fat profit. So, we thought it would be appropriate to give all profit to two charities. Fairbridge was an obvious choice – they help kids across the country turn their lives around through constructive activities. The World Development Movement was also an easy choice – we wanted to support an charity that worked international, and the WDM seeks to instigate change to benefit some of the worlds poorest regions.

Please take a look at www.fairbridge.org.uk and www.wdm.org.uk

I should also thank all the sponsors… DMR, Silverfish (Raceface, e13, Cove, Rocky Mountain), Wades Cycles, TF Tuned, Howies, Burgtec, 5.10 and epic clothing – cheers guys!

unscene will be available to buy from our website http://www.unscenevideo.co.uk on 12th December 2005 at the very reasonably price of ?15.

Launch party at the salmon and compass www.salmonandcompass.com in London on 15th December?

Doors at 8pm, film on about 9.30pm.

Prizes from DMR, Race Face and Epic Clothing, live band, DJs, drink offers….


….be there!