Video: Ashton Bikes’ Kurt Brain at Fort William

Riding the downhill track

Kurt in action

Team Ashton Bikes’ Kurt Brain competed in the recent British Downhill Championships in Innerleithen, Scotland.


Kurt narrowly missed out on the win in his debut year racing for the team after crashing out at the bottom of the course.

He said: “I made a rookie mistake and it cost me dearly. Still, I enjoyed the event and it’s still my first season. I’m on the pace and learning all the time.”

Fellow Ashton Bikes rider Rowan Johns recently headed to the Fort William downhill track, Scotland, with Kurt and captured the action on video for your viewing pleasure, so check it out below.

Rowan said: “Kurt’s from a trials and motocross racing background, and is bloody fast. He went to the Megavalanche and qualified eighth, had a major mechanical in the main run and finished 53rd.”

kurt brain

If you want to dowload the high-res version of the video, click here now.