Video: Atherton Project series 2, episode 12

Shooting guns and Red Bull Rampage

Gee at Rampage

The Atherton Project, a web video series filmed by renowned mountain bike film producer Clay Porter, follows the famous siblings as they compete in the 2010 UCI World Cup and World Championships.


The season finale of The Atherton Project sees Gee, with his World Cup win under his belt, heading to Utah for the mother of all freeride events: Red Bull Rampage. On the road, Gee and the team stop off at a gun range to let off some steam, and a few AK-47 rounds…

Then it’s on to Red Bull Rampage. The week involves intense heat,  unforgiving terrain, and a ton of digging to get the lines perfect. If only Dan were there, to lend his shovel skills. After a jaw-dropping week of insane freeriding, The Atherton Project 2010 ends with a bang of epic proportions, and a little quiet reflection on the year that’s been.


Watch it now:

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