Video: Fox Float RP23 Adaptive Logic shock

Mojo give us the lowdown on Fox's latest air can

Fox's RP23 has a number of new features for 2012

Fox Racing Shox launched the latest version of their Float RP23 air shock at the Sea Otter Classic in California earlier this year, and we were there to get the lowdown. There are two major changes for 2012: a new, super-slippery Kashima coating that was previously only available to sponsored pro riders, and a reworking of the ProPedal platform damping system called Adaptive Logic.


On the current RP23, the two-position ProPedal lever lets you flick between running the shock fully open (position 0) or with one of three levels of low-speed compression damping (1/2/3). With Adaptive Logic, this is reversed and the lever lets you choose between running the shock with the highest level of damping (3) or with one of three levels of reduced damping (0/1/2). It’s a tricky thing to get across on paper, so during a recent Mountain Biking UK visit to suspension fettlers Mojo, we asked main man Chris Porter to talk us through the changes. Check out the video below:

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