Video: How to remove and install pedals

Install to the front, remove to the rear

How to remove and install pedals

Removing and installing a quick release wheel might seem a simple job for some, but if you need to brush up on the best method, or you need an introduction to doing it properly, then these videos will help.


All pedals have left or right-hand threads. They are generally marked – the right-hand (chainwheel side) pedal with either an R or D and the left-hand pedal with an L or S (S and D being Italian).

The easiest way to remember how to undo pedals is when facing the pedals to turn the spindle in the opposite direction to which you would if pedalling. The opposite applies when you are tightening a pedal – turn the spindle in the same direction as you would pedal. Don’t forget to use anti-seize grease on the pedal threads.


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