Video: Is Jimmy Savile the new Danny MacAskill?

TV legend appears to be a bit of a whizz on a trials bike

Who’d have thought it? Jimmy Savile, the octogenarian former DJ and TV presenter, known for his love of fine cigars and rather less fine-looking shellsuits, is a bit of a whizz on a trials bike too.


Or so it appears in a new tourism promo filmed by the guys at MTBcut to promote Fort William in Scotland as the UK’s outdoor capital. In the vid, which you can watch below, ‘Sir Jimmy’ pulls a succession of moves that have clearly been inspired by street trials marvel Danny MacAskill, culminating with a jaw-dropping frontflip drop.

Jimmy saville vs danny macaskill

Savile goes on to enjoy a spot of skiing, fell running and white water kayaking. Of course, it’s not really the former Top Of The Pops and Jim’ll Fix It presenter doing the stunts, it’s MacAskill himself – who, according to MTBcut’s Stu Thomson, “loved that shellsuit!” – and other adventure sports stars.