Video: Mountain bike vs commuter urban assault

VooDoo Challenge hits the streets of Bristol

For his first VooDoo Challenge, Rob Jarman headed to Morocco where he raced through the Atlas Mountains to Marrakech. This month he was in the slightly less exotic location of Bristol, England to face his toughest challenge yet – a flat-bar commuter bike.


Doesn’t sound like much of a challenge? While a hybrid wouldn’t stand a chance against Rob’s 5in-travel VooDoo Zobop mountain bike off-road, this month’s task was an urban showdown. With skinny slick tyres rather than slow rolling Super Tacky knobbies, the singlespeed road bike had a major advantage on tarmac.

And when Rob heard who he’d be competing against – local 24-hour mountain bike enduro specialist Matt Carr – he knew this was going to be no walkover. There’s was only one thing for it – he’d have to head-off road at every opportunity to make up for lost time!

Check out the video below to see how the challenge went. You can read the full story in issue 262 of Mountain Biking UK magazine, out now. To subscribe, click here.

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About the VooDoo Challenge


Over the next six months, there’ll be a different challenge for VooDoo Cycles rider Rob Jarman to take up every month. Some of them will have a bit of culture and exploring, others a definite man vs the elements feel, and others will just be downright bonkers. You’ll be able to follow Rob’s antics in MBUK and here on BikeRadar. Next month he faces the toughest of the tough in a no-holds-barred head-to-head against a team of Royal Marines Commandos. Will his Voodoo help?