Video: Watch Danny MacAskill documentary online

From the Isle of Skye to worldwide internet fame

Watch an exclusive documentary about Danny MacAskill's rise to fame on Red Bull Web TV tonight

A feature-length documentary about Danny MacAskill’s Way Back Home video will be shown live on Red Bull Web TV at 7pm GMT today (Sunday 20 February).


The film, which will be repeated at 9pm EST for American fans, features behind-the-scenes interviews with director Dave Sowerby and some of MacAskill’s closest friends and family.

It traces his journey from humble beginnings practising trials tricks around his home on the Isle of Skye to worldwide fame after his Inspired Bicycles YouTube clip went viral.


The documentary is part of an hour-long special, called MacAskill Conquers, which also includes an exclusive interview with Danny. For more information, visit You can watch a teaser below:

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