Visijax cycle jacket

Commuter clothing with integrated LEDs

One of the most crucial aspects of urban riding is making sure you’re noticed by other road users, and this jacket from Visijax goes a long way to make that happen.


In daylight you’d be forgiven for thinking the Visijax was just another hi-vis cycle jacket, but it’s when the the sun goes down that the coat sets itself apart. Neatly integrated into the breathable and rainproof shell are 23 high intensity LED lights – six white ones on the front of the jacket, five red ones at the rear and six amber on each arm.

A pocket-mounted battery unit contains the three AAA batteries needed to power the lights, and means that the on/off button is easily accessible without removing the jacket once you’re riding – you can simply push it through the material. We weren’t impressed with the construction of the plastic battery unit, though; it never sealed fully so we’d question its waterproof qualities.

The pocket-mounted battery unit looks disappointingly bulky but works well as an on-the-go on/off switch:
Oli Woodman/Future Publishing

The battery unit works well as an on-the-go on/off switch

Two motion sensors are used to detect vertical movement in the arms, with the amber LED units being activated accordingly. The result is a strip of light that functions as an automatic and self-cancelling indicator.

LED brightness is impressive, and combined with the large reflective patterns and hi-vis material this could be the most visible cycling jacket on the market.

Illumination aside, the Visijax contains all the features you’d expect, with vented underarms, adjustable velcro cuffs and a fleecy collar. We felt warm but not sweaty on a recent ride in cold weather. The red rear LEDs are placed low down, too, so that a backpack shouldn’t obstruct the lighting – a nice touch.

The suggested retail price of £149.99 sounds steep to us but the Visijax is currently available from Amazon at a big discount (£58-£78).


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