Vroom! Pulsejet tinkerer builds 75mph bike

Goes fast, makes lots of noise, much cheaper than a Porsche

Robert Maddox's 75mph pulsejet-powered cruiser

Regular bikes not quite fast enough for you? In a blatant (and successful!) attempt to get attention for his pulse-jet engines Robert Maddox has strapped one to a bike. He claims the resulting contraption is good for 75mph.


Maddox claims to be the “world’s top pulsejet engine designer and builder” and one of his creations will set you back US$650, without bike.

Phrases like “astoundingly dangerous” and “Darwin Award” come to mind, and Maddox isn’t arguing. “Jet engines are dangerous! Buy at your own risk. This engine runs at 140 decibels and glows red-cool!” he warns in screaming red capitals on his eBay auction.

Being bike nerds, Maddox’s bike caught our eye. It’s some sort of cruiser, but isn’t that a cantilever brake on the back? Not our first choice for stopping from 75mph, it has to be said.


Pulsejets are best known as the engines that powered the German V1 ‘buzz bombs’ that were fired at London toward the end of the Second World War. They’re relatively cheap and simple compared to turbine and rocket engines, but they’re not widely used because they’re incredibly noisy – as you can hear in Maddox’s YouTube video – and their fuel efficiency is poor.