Want to ride with Doddy at Glentress?

MBUK’s top rider on hand with riding help

Doddy in full flow

You’ve probably been reading that we’re running the National Demo Series again this year, and it’s set to be a mountain biker’s heaven with some of the best bike brands available to ride for free. From Yeti to Santa Cruz, Lapierre to Diamond Back, there’s something for everyone in every price range.


And as if the thought of loads of top-of-the-range bikes wasn’t enough, how does the idea of riding with MBUK’s Doddy sound to you? Testing bikes and bits for seven years on Britain’s best selling mountain bike magazine, Doddy possesses a formidable combination of serious bike handling skills and in-depth technical knowledge. Come along and put your technique or tech query to the big man, or simply join him for a blast around the demo track.

 “I’m really looking forward to the Demo Day in Glentress, “said Doddy. “It’s one of the best places to ride in the UK, so testing the demo bikes at such a great venue should give riders a great opportunity to rag the bikes to the max.

“It’ll be great to meet some readers and maybe offer a few hints and tips that might help their riding.”


Sound good to you? For more information and to get your Demo booking completed now go here: http://www.bikedemodays.com