Watch mountain bike films on the silver screen

Adventure Film Festival returns to Sheffield, UK

A scene from Seasons, one of the bike films which could be shown at this year's Sheffield Adventure Film Festival

At the centre of the BikeRadar Live showground at Donington Park will be the BikeRadar big top, a massive space where riders can gather and enjoy all kinds of entertainment.


Cycle films will be showing from 8pm on the Friday and Saturday night, and here’s a rundown of what you can look forward to.

The Tour Baby! directed by Scott Coady

Film duration: 65mins

Friday 29th May from 8pm:

The Tour Baby! follows American director Scott Coady’s journey following the entire Tour de France in the year 2000. In a bid to raise $100,000 for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, Scott documented the race armed with a passion for pro-cycling, a handheld video camera and a hire van.

Starting with a talk by Scott Coady, director of The Tour Baby! and Tour Baby Deux! The film The Tour Baby! will then be shown later in the night.


Tour Baby Deux! directed by Scott Coady

Film duration: 97mins

Saturday 30th May from 8pm:

Starting with a talk by Scott Coady, director of The Tour Baby! and Tour Baby Deux! The film Tour Baby Deux! will then be shown.


The Tipping Point, directed by Clay Porter

Film duration: 70mins

Saturday 30th May (time TBC)

Rachel Atherton will introduce Clay Porter’s film, The Tipping Point. Clay will host a Q&A session after the film.


Standing Start, co-directed by Finlay Pretsell and Adrian McDowall

Film duration: 12mins 30seconds

Standing Start gives a unique insight into Olympic cyclist Craig MacLean’s life, his unflinching focus and preparation to battle it out on the world stage – portrayed like a gladiator.

Standing Start has screened in over 30 countries including China, USA, Japan, and Iceland. It was shortlisted for the prestigious Grierson Best Newcomer Award in 2008 which recognises the best documentary talent coming out of the UK.

Road to Roubaix, directed by David Deal and Dave Cooper

Film duration: 75mins

Directors David Deal and Dave Cooper bring you a film that celebrates one of the most historically relevant races in the world. Rare interviews with current superstars, legends of the sport, mechanics, and fans lead the audience through the brutal, unpredictable landscape that elevates Paris-Roubaix to its epic status.

Keist Park, directed by John Alaya

Duration: 16mins

A seven year old leaves his parents and his block for the first time to explore, observe and destroy in a vast new world.

There is a Flower in my Pedal, directed by Andrea Dorfman

Duration: 4mins

A rhythm of mixed media reminds us to dust off the old bike and go for a ride.

Holland Tunnel, directed by Neistat Brothers

Duration: 4 mins

An illegal bike ride through the Holland Tunnel.

Village Bicycle Project, directed by Tricia Todd

Duration: 11mins

The story of a shipment of 450 used bicycles which were collected by Bikes Not Bombs in Boston and sent to Ghana.

On Time, directed by Ari Taub

Duration: 7mins

This comedy classic short, marked the debut of director/screenwriter Ari Taub and captured the spirit of low budget filmmaking in New York City. Jimmy, a bicycle messenger from the Albatross Courier Company, takes us through the streets and boroughs of New York to deliver a package “on time.” Braving the perilous city streets, there’s nothing Jimmy can’t handle, or is there?

Diversion in Brazil, directed by Bobby Carter

Duration: 5mins

Take a journey to the neighbourhoods of Sao Paulo and discover Brazil’s freestyle underground featuring: Balu, Daniel Molina, Leonardo Claro, and Marcos Paulo De Jesus.

Monster Track VI, directed by Luca Brunelle

Duration: 7mins

This alley cat is fixed-gear only. It was set on one of the coldest days of the year in New York City. Catch the intensity of riding in New York with some of the world’s most skilled city riders.

Ski Boys, directed by Benny Zenga

Duration: 8mins

The lost reels of the Ski Boys, which documents their inventive exploits in rural Ontario during the early 70’s.

Bicycle for Sleeping or Maybe Drunk, directed by Ross Harris

Duration: 4 mins

Guatemalan artist Edy Arturo Lopez Peralta shows off his one of a kind bicycle. Awesomeness ensues.

Some Things Ride a Bicycle, directed by Chris Jolly

Duration: 45 sec

A series of chalkboard animations of various funny objects riding bicycles.

Lucas Brunelle Video, directed by Lucas Brunelle

Duration: 12mins

Over one million people have downloaded his videos. Lucas takes a bike and a camera where no woman or man has biked before.

Legends of Eddy Merckx, produced by the Tour de France Organisation

Duration: 1hour 42mins

The Official film focuses on Merckx’s Tour triumphs, from his maiden victory in 1969 when he won every jersey on offer, to the legendary battle with Luis Ocana in 1971 and his final brave attempt in 1977. This astonishing story is told using superb archive racing footage as well as exclusive interviews with Eddy Merckx himself and many of the greats who rode with him, including Raymond Poulidor, Lucien Van Impe and Bernard Thevenet.

The Final Hour

Duration: 106 mins

What if the best British cyclist of his generation could go back in time to test himself against the greatest cyclist ever – and set one last record before he retired. This moving and intimate film tells the story of Chris Boardman’s attempt at a new hour record.

Klunkerz, directed by Billy Savage

Duration: 90mins

Klunkerz chronicles the birth of mountain biking through archival footage and interviews with the pioneers of off-road riding who built their bikes – the klunkers of the title – often from scavenged frames and parts they adapted to cope with the rigours of what was then an entirely new cycling discipline.


Barred for Life, directed by Bjorn Aunet