So what hair dye do you use Rob? "Boots own brand, mostly, it's cheapest. You're not putting this on

Rob’s going on Ann Robinson’s show today

So what hair dye do you use Rob?


“Boots own brand, mostly, it’s cheapest. You’re not putting this on the site are you?”



You just fell for a cheap journo trick. See if I’d said ‘are you using hair dye’ you’d have said ‘no’, I’m just trying to sharpen you up a bit before you meet Ann Robinson.

“Yeah, she’s really going to wind me up isn’t she? Pete Tomkins is going to give me a hard time to see if I can take it.”

So how come you volunteered for The Weakest Link.

“I was volunteered. It was going to be an extreme sports edition, but I guess I was the only extreme sportsman who had a high enough IQ to say yes, so it’s an ordinary one now. Don’t know when it’ll show, but we record on Tuesday.”

What happened at the World Cup?

“I was just shit. I was slow. I’m not fit and I over jumped a double, stuck my bad leg out and it’s all come up black and blue again. I was rolling around in agony, like you do.”

Shouldn’t have been riding really.

“No, but it’s the British race of the year, I had to be there. And I’m glad I was, the atmosphere was great, thousands of people shouting their heads off”.

You had a shite day at Alpe D’Huez right?

“Yeah, I met this great girl too and I wanted to be a hero. So, of course, I punctured before I’d really got started. Bummer. I was the weakest link. Goodbye.”


Lead Picture: Peak experience
Main Picture: Rob was especially inspired for Alpe d’Huez
Picture 1: A very attractive backdrop to the event
Picture 2: Rob was quick in practise
Picture 3: About 20 seconds later it all blew up in his face.