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Legs Larry, By Sam Walker



Webmastery: a work in progress

Hits: 7/10

In the unlikely event you should be asked where Legs Larry’s Unorthodox Bicycle Region is, tell them the Dark Side. I’m not quite sure how recumbents found themselves there – a long time ago in a galaxy far away – but they’ve always been tempting.


Dave Larrington, BHPC Sports Champion 2001, is able to answer most of your other questions. “What’s it all about, then, Eh?”, his introductory FAQ, is sensibly followed by “What it’s NOT all about”, leaving no room for confusion. The rest of the site is a resource which should satisfy lowriders on a quest for shops and suitable links, tyre rolling resistance tests, World Championship results and photos, and that perennial favourite, Further Reading. There’s also a very welcome glossary of buzzwords and abbreviations, though BHPC isn’t in it. (That’s British Human Power Club.). It’s not the most imaginative blueprint for Death Star fun – the layout looks pretty Space 1999 – but it gets the job done in an entertaining fashion.