We’re on the road

At last! Our Fort Bill weekend has begun. We're heading to the World Cup in Scotland and several day

The MBUK wagon heads to Fort Bill

At last! Our Fort Bill weekend has begun. We’re heading to the World Cup in Scotland and several days of bikes, bikes and more bikes. Oh, and some beer as well. And maybe the odd lady (‘odd’ being the important word there).


Doddy spent Thursday morning washing the new MBUK Ford Ranger (and Mad Mike, our Deputy Art Editor, who stood in the line of fire) -ÿyou’ve got to make a good impression, you know. Then we all climbed aboard armed with our sandwiches and Wagon Wheels and hit the motorway. Ah, the joy of the M6.

Still, it gives us our first opportunity to find out how our lovely new Ford Ranger handles the long journeys. It’s a 2.5L turbo diesel with an extended crew cabin, air conditioning and leather seats -ÿyou don’t expect us to slum it do you? £17,800 + VAT on the road to you, sir. Plus, it has a CD player so Fin can listen to his favourite Burt Bacharach album non-stop for the entire 10 hour journey. Oh joy!

The only thing it hasn’t got is a redneck gun rack, but we’re working on that.

The Ranger goes like sh!t off a shovel and there’s plenty of space in the back for us to lob all our gear.ÿand believe us, we’ve got loads of that.

If you can get to Fort Bill, do it. Fin’s throbbing bunyan says the weather is going to be scorching all weekend. 100% guaranteed*. If you can’t make it, we’ll be posting updates from Bonnie Scotland throughout the weekend so keep checking back.

Now where’s that road atlas?


*Strictly speaking, this isn’t true.