Whacky wheels to star on Channel Five’s Gadget Show

Suzi Perry swings her leg over some weird wheeled objects

Channel Five’s Gadget Show will be featuring ‘gadget bikes’ at 8pm on Monday April 21 with the help of Team Identiti’s Pat Campbell-Jenner and MTB Bitz Team Riders Kerry, Scrooby & Tom.


The Gadget Show presenters (Suzi Perry, Jason Bradbury & Jon Bentley) will be testing the ‘gadget bikes’ as part of their ‘Focus Group’ which draws on the opinion of members of the public to judge a different group of products every week.

The ‘bikes’ being tested include the Street Surfer, a five-wheeled contraption which is and the Magic Wheel, a foot-push scooter. The presenters and riders will be kitted out in TSG Protective Gear supplied by Ison, and these gadgets really need to be seen to be believed.

All the action takes place at Creation Skatepark in Birmingham

For more details go to the Gadget Show website.


Tune in Monday night at 8pm for all the action.