Whistler Winners

It was in the Team MBUK/SCOTT bus at Fort William, courtesy of Will Longden's DVD player, that Alex

Which lucky sons of bachelors won the big prize then?

It was in the Team MBUK/SCOTT bus at Fort William, courtesy of Will Longden’s DVD player, that Alex Rankin, maker of the Sprung series and Earthed, judged the final selection of video clips in the MBUK VID KLIP KOMP.


The entries varied hugely. There was a raft of frankly poor stuff, a great many competent fair to middling efforts such as most of us might have managed and a loose handful of impressive clips.

In the end Alex didn’t find the decision hard. The clip made by Robert Bennett from London, mostly at Chick Sands, won first prize.

He and his co-star Robert Cole fly to Canada courtesy of Whistler Mountain and Zoom Airlines on June 26th, where an excellent programme of riding, lounging and hanging out has been prepared for them by Whistler Tourism and the Kona Clump riders, led by Dave Watson.

Robert also wins a Kona Scrap worth £600. Life really isn’t fair.

Second prize is a Kona Shred, which goes to Laurence Parkhurst of Kent and there are five further prizes of New World Disorder videos which go to:

Simon Truelove of Frome, Martin Bullock, Kent, Louis Swann, Leicester, Anton West, Powys and Ian Willis of Co Durham.

We’ll be following the Robs progress at Whistler in the September issue of MBUK.

So what was so great about the winning clip? Alex said:

“I liked it because it was the length of a song and managed to show their riding abilities off perfectly. The action was good and you can see they’ll enjoy the trip to Whistler.

“I was impressed by the way they edited to the music and way the section built up, leaving the best stuff to the end liker a proper video section. The locations were right too, they’d found stuff to ride locally, and it was about riding rather than being a holiday video.”


MBUK, Kona Bicycles and Whistler Mountain thank Alex and everyone who took part for making this such a successful competition.