Wilier Triestina sever ties with Lampre-ISD

Lampre will be on Merida bikes next season

Wilier Triestina has announced an immediate split with Lampre

This article was originally published on Cyclingnews.com.


Despite an announcement in September that Lampre-ISD would ride Merida bikes in 2013, the team’s current bike suppliers, Wilier Triestina, have declared that the partnership has ended at their request after Lampre broke their terms and conditions of the current deal.

Lampre and Wilier originally had a deal set to carry through until the end of 2013 but Wilier has announced that “they have severed ties with Team Lampre-ISD a year early as the team has breached its contract, which was set to expire at the end of the 2013 season. Wilier Triestina will no longer be the technical sponsor of the team.”

In 2013 Lampre-ISD  will become Lampre-Merida and will race on the Scultura SL, while team bikes will be “tailor made” for the rigours of the spring classics and their demanding parcours along with “particularly aerodynamic models for long escapes and building a lead-out train for a sprinter are going to be presented throughout the next year.”


Meanwhile, the jilted Wilier Triestina will, “endeavour to create new professional sports projects to ensure and increase brand visibility both nationally and internationally.”