Will Wins Again

Will Longden won last weekend's NPS downhill convincingly and leads the series, with only one race t

SCOTT/MBUK’s Will Longden is on course to win the National Points Series.

Will Longden won last weekend’s NPS downhill convincingly and leads the series, with only one race to go.


Steve Peat is in the US competing in the Jeep race with Tracy Moseley and Rob Warner had ‘a cough’ but in qualifying Will was 4 seconds faster than the rest. Which is plenty when you’re talking of Gee and Dan Atherton and Crawfie Carrick-Anderson.

In the meantime accident prone Pager broke his wrist and is out for the season – poor sod, he’s only just returned to full fitness after last season’s horrible injury.

Will’s win was all the more impressive because he was also injured after the National 4X champs. He has problems breathing because of his broken ribs and was hyperventilating on the Saturday – it took some time to get him to breath properly again, but Sunday was a bit cooler and a little easier for him.

Will’s off to the European Championships now to race and look after the Junior riders.

Meanwhile Helen Gaskell is suffering from her main rivals concentrating on the States. Tracy Moseley and Ffionn Griffiths are also in the Jeep race and, seeing how much of their sponsorship comes from that side of the pond, it’s natural enough.

“At the start of the season I was pleased to have them out of the way, but now I’m going so well I’d like to race against them. I might not win, but I’m definitely competitive now.”

DH Results

Men’s DH
1: Will Longden
2: Gee Atherton
3: Dan Atherton

Women’s DH
1: Helen Gaskell
2: Vanessa Quinn
3: Emily Horridge

For full results browser over to: http://www.cambrian-timing.co.uk


Main picture: Will, Eric Carter and Nigel Page relax at the World Cup. Now Will leads the UK NPS, Eric won the US 4X and the unfortunate Pager is out to yet another serious injury.
Picture 1: Helen Gaskell won well. Helen? Tracy? Bring ’em on!