One thing we know about downhill games - they can always get more realistic. And the better the tech

Eric Carter talks about the game up for grabs from

One thing we know about downhill games – they can always get more realistic. And the better the technology gets, the closer games playing pro riders can bring us to what they experience up there on the hill.


Eric Carter was a key player in Downhill Domination and pretty soon you’ll get a chance to win his work when Codemasters put a Playstation 2 console, copies of the new Downhill Domination Game and DD goodie bags up for grabs here, in the compo section of

While developing the compo, we talked to EC about his involvement with the new adrenalin-pumping MTB gaming extravaganza and we thought you’d be interested in what he said.

Q: How did you get involved in Downhill Domination?

A: I was first contacted by the guys from the Sony studio in Santa Monica to figure out what my involvement would be, after that I went tothe design studio Incognito in Utah for all the design work.

Q: Are there any moves in the game which you personally added?

A: Sure…some made it in and some didn’t. I wanted to have bike specific stuff in the game…so there is a tranny boost – you’ll notice on the Mountain Cross courses that if you get the speed just right and land on the back sides of the jumps little arrows will appear and you’ll get a quick boost of speed….just like in real life. I would say those tranny boosts, the ability to sprint and the mechanics of the sprint, were the innovations I thought most important to make it seem realistic.

Q: You’ve been riding for quite some time now and been responsible for designing a quite a few courses how much involvement did you have in the courses in the Game?

A: Quite a bit…mostly on the Mountain Cross courses…..I would have loved to been involved in the DH parts as well but the design studio did a great job (the design studio has a bunch of MTB addicts which is how the game idea came about). You can’t believe how much time it takes to get a game like this going with a brand new engine to run it and to work out the bugs and flaws, so I really only had time for the Mountain Cross stuff. I think I did 7 or 8 courses altogether.

Q: Who’s got the highest score playing the game out of the pro riders involved?

A: We haven’t put it to the test but I’m sure it would be me. Out of all the pro riders involved I think I’m the only gamer…I played that game so much in the design stages you can’t believe….9 in the morning till 10 at night for 3 or 4 days to get all the friction’s, gravity and other things that we don’t ever consider in real life, put into the game just right…plus getting all the Mountain Cross courses to flow.


I had that game dialled at the design studio out of about 25 workers only one guy, Mike “snowman” Snow, would beat every time I put up….Scott Campbell the owner of incog is damn good as well. both ride MTB quite a bit.