XC – Exciting! Shock!

Will Longden is stoked about his victory in last weekend's NPS downhill, and he's going all out to m

Yep. It’s a North Shore style XC course at Fort Bill

Will Longden is stoked about his victory in last weekend’s NPS downhill, and he’s going all out to make a name for himself at the World Cup race next weekend. But the thing that’s really, really, impressing him is the cross country course:


“Me and Wardell rode it yesterday and it’s the best cross country course I’ve ever been on. Better than that, I reckon it’s going to be really exciting to watch when all the top riders get going and you don’t often say that about a XC race.

“The thing is they’ve taken it in hand and made an exciting course out of it. It’s good anyway; two excellent climbs and downhills and a lot of good singletrack, but they’ve made berms, added rock gardens and generally upped the skill level needed to do well. It’s a real mountain bike course. Should sort out the men from the roadies…

“But the sections I reckon most are the parts they’ve just finished; wooden Northshore-style trails built two or three feet above the boggy bits.

“Tell everyone to get up here if they can, it’s going to be ace…”


Picture 1:Will’s been hammering the Fort Bill XC course