XC Season starts here

This weekend sees the start of the XC season with NPS round one taking place at Newnham Park in Plym

We catch up with Oli Bec

This weekend sees the start of the XC season with NPS round one taking place at Newnham Park in Plymouth. As was the case last year, the traditional style XC racing takes place on the Saturday with Sunday hosting the Trek 6-4-2 competition. We’re heading down to Plymouth on Saturday so keep an eye out for the MBUK 4×4.


We caught up with Oli Beckinsale shortly after he placed 6th in the road race at the Bike Show – an impressive result for someone who’s more skin and bone that muscle.

MBUK: Nice one in the road race OLi, what are your other plans for 2005?

Oli Beckinsale: Just to win things and have fun. There’s no stress on me really after Athens last year so I can just do a bit of everything. I’ll be riding NPS, World Cups, Merida Enduros, a bit of road racing, just whatever takes my fancy really.

MBUK: What about learning to wheelie?

OB: Yeah I might even learn to wheelie – cheeky git!

MBUK: What are you doing at the Bike Show?

OB: Just a few demos and stuff. I did the road race, got sixth there…

MBUK: You were the crowd’s favourite though

OB: Yeah, I spent half the race by myself chasing back to the front group about five times. I like to do it the hard way!

MBUK: Who do you reckon’s going to be fastest out of the MBUK crew in this Merida challenge thing?

OB: If Chris (MBUK advertising bod) comes round he’ll be fast – he just needs to lay off the late nights and booze a bit. Jamer’s like a little terrier though – he won’t want anyone to beat him. Ruth (new MBUK editorial assistant) is pretty fit seeing as shes just started. It should be close I reckon.

Keep an eye out for Oli this season – if he continues riding like he is at the moment he’ll win everything in sight.


For mor information on XC racing go to www.xcracer.com