Your biking pics and vids

It's Friday [yes!] and we can't wait to hit the trails this weekend - we've got some helmet cameras

Here are some of the best!

It’s Friday [yes!] and we can’t wait to hit the trails this weekend – we’ve got some helmet cameras in at the moment, so we popped over to the video section of the site to see what sort of stuff you’ve been filming.


The Old Dog New Tricks vid featuring Doddy and John Stevenson have been very popular with you, but the more quirky of your vids deserve a mention too.

Particular highlights are the ones where you’re falling off the bike! Our picks of the best are Philip Tomlinson bailing

An unnamed rider falling over some bricks [yes, you read it right]

And Olly P showing us all why it’s a good idea to wear a helmet!

We’ve also been checking out the top rated bikes.

This Stinky is Number one at the moment:

Why not submit your bike?


Keep the vids and pics coming, we love em!