YT Capra AL1 now available in size XL

YT sizes up its alloy enduro rig

YT no longer discriminates against the tall with its XL sized Capra AL1

In a move that will please taller riders throughout the world, YT industries has for the first time made its latest Capra AL enduro bike in a size extra-large.


The new size option should address one of very few complaints about YT’s existing range of superb value direct sale bicycles. Available for sale immediately and with YT predicting delivery in early August, the XL aluminium Capra features a 625mm/24.6in top tube, a 460mm/18.11in reach and a 1218mm/48in wheelbase while maintaining the same 430mm/16.93in chainstay length as the other sizes in the range.

That’s a small but useful jump up from the size Large bike which is around 18mm/0.7in shorter at the top tube and overall wheelbase or 15mm/0.6in shorter in terms of reach.

The bad news? YT is currently only offering this size option on one model in the range, the €2,699 Capra AL1. Those who were looking for an XL version of the company’s slightly cheaper Capra AL2 will most likely have to wait until 2016, say YT. Still, it’s a step in the right direction and should mean a lot of taller riders, and indeed a few of our taller testers here at BikeRadar, might have a chance to find out what they’ve been missing out on!


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