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The key to unlocking the joys of winter riding

Canyon’s e-mountain bikes will keep you riding through the rain, mud, sleet
and snow this winter and beyond

Whether you’re a seasoned mountain biker looking for the right tool for your local trails or a beginner looking for the best all-round machine to clock up some winter miles, you can rely on Canyon’s: ON range of e-mountain bikes no matter what the weather throws at you.

Winter cycling brings some challenges — icy climbs, slippery technical sections and mud that saps the forward momentum from every pedal stroke to name but a few. These facets can dampen the energy and enthusiasm from a winter trail ride, but here’s where e-bikes come into their own. More runs, more miles and a slim-to-nil chance of having to push your bike makes those mud soaked trails much less off-putting.

With two offerings in its e-mountain bike range, Canyon has worked hard to engineer its bikes to retain the same handling characteristics as its non e-bike siblings. Each bike is tailored to suit your ride style, from the playful Spectral:ON to the comfy, efficient Neuron:ON.

The Shimano E8000 Motor Unit is used for both machines, offering low weight, compact size and convenient mid-ride battery swaps (should you fancy an all-day epic). With options to plumb in lights directly to the motor’s 500Wh battery, there’s nothing stopping you making it an all-night epic instead.

The Spectral:ON

The Spectral:ON

With 150mm of suspension travel at the front and back and a progressive rear suspension kinematic that loves to be pushed hard, the Spectral:ON is the bike to squeeze in those extra runs of your favourite descents. Playful and agile, you’ll forget it’s an e-MTB on the way down, only to leave you grinning from ear to ear as the trail points back up. A 29-inch front wheel rolls over the bumps, smoothing out the terrain, while a stout 27.5-inch rear wheel, shod with a 2.8-inch tyre, offers exceptional drive traction for technical ascents.

Shimano’s E8000 Motor Unit helps make this one of the lightest full-suspension e-mountain bikes on the market. Its compact size and innovative positioning within Canyon’s alloy frame mean the geometry can reflect its standard MTBs, keeping the chainstays short and the handling nimble.

New for 2020, Shimano’s 1x12-speed XT groupset is fitted to the Spectral:ON AL 7.0. A huge 510% gear range helps you attempt the steepest climbs, alongside 165mm cranks to reduce those pesky pedal strikes. The range includes unisex and women’s specific specs and a size range from XS to XL, meaning there’s an option for every rider.

The Neuron:ON

The Neuron:ON

Boasting an accessible starting price-point alongside a blend of performance and comfort across the specification and geometry features, the Neuron:ON is a bike that sets out to encourage riders of all abilities to enjoy more trails and more miles, faster. Like the Spectral:ON, the bike is powered by Shimano’s flagship E8000 Motor unit, and with a user-friendly design and hassle-free maintenance, it’s the perfect choice for first time e-mountain bike owners and veteran pedelec riders.

130mm of travel at front and back offers traction and comfort, while retaining an efficient pedalling platform for those big days in the saddle. Wheel size is specified according to frame size, of which there is a variety to suit every rider. Those on an XS or S benefit from the lower standover and improved manoeuvrability of 27.5-inch wheels, whereas those on sizes M – XL gain the rolling efficiency and increased stability of 29-inch wheels.

For 2020, the Neuron:ON 7.0 also features an update to Shimano’s latest 12-speed XT groupset, and the same broad size range alongside offerings of unisex or WMN specs mean that Canyon has got almost every rider covered.

The Neuron:ON

Save more than just energy

If the idea of year-round adventures sounds appealing to you, Canyon is offering discounts of up to £850 on selected e-mountain bike models for a limited time. With pricing starting from £2,589 (Neuron:ON Al 5.0) unlocking the thrills of e-MTB has never been more accessbile.