Marzocchi Z1 fork review

The Italian's brand latest component takes the rough with the smooth

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5
GBP £749.00 RRP | AUD $1,149.00 | USD $699.00

Our review

A budget Fox 36 in disguise, and, weight aside, it’s almost as good
Buy if, You want a plusher feel than a RockShox Yari RC, but can't afford a Fox 36 or RockShox Lyrik
Pros: Brilliant bump-swallowing performance for the price, relatively simple to set up
Cons: Heavy and not as supple over small bumps as pricier forks
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In 1997, the original Z1 put Marzocchi on the map, with its dual coil springs and open-bath adjustable damping earning it an enviable reputation for reliability and suppleness. Diehard Marzocchi fans will be disappointed that the rebooted version is basically a Fox 36 Rhythm in disguise. But on the trail, this is actually no bad thing.


It uses Fox’s supple EVOL (extra volume) air spring, similar to the one you’d get in a top-end 36 fork, along with the simpler GRIP damper. Like Fox’s OEM (complete bike only) Rhythm forks, the upper tubes are made of lower-grade aluminium than an aftermarket 36. As a result, the Z1 is around 200g heavier than a 36 Factory, at 2,266g.

It uses Fox’s supple EVOL (extra volume) air spring
It uses Fox’s supple EVOL (extra volume) air spring
Russell Burton

The GRIP damper’s compression adjustment dial is continuous (there are no distinct clicks) and locks out the fork when wound fully clockwise. It’s not quite as sensitive over small bumps as Fox’s pricier FIT4 damper or the Charger 2 cartridge found in RockShox’s Lyrik, even when fully open, and doesn’t offer quite as much support when hitting things really hard. 

The air spring doesn’t feel quite as smooth at the very start of the stroke as Fox’s pricier forks either, as it doesn’t have as much negative spring volume. The upside is a forgiving feel on bigger bumps, which it swallows up readily as oil swooshes audibly inside the damper.

The fork has a forgiving feel on bigger bumps
The fork has a forgiving feel on bigger bumps
Russell Burton

Crucially, there’s no harsh spiking feeling over hard impacts like you get on RockShox’s similarly priced (£689) Yari RC (though I’ve yet to test the 2019 version of that fork). That makes the Z1 a compelling option for the cash. Just like the original, the new Z1 will suit those who prioritise a forgiving feel over counting grams. 

Product Specifications


Name Z1 fork
Brand Marzocchi

Damping Adjustment Compression