Christmas gifts ideas for those who commute by bike

7 potential presents for those who get around by bike

This is the latest in our series of Christmas gift guides, where we provide you with ideas to fill the stockings of your cycling loved ones. This time it's the turn of the commuter cyclist, and so here you have seven potential presents for those who get about by bike. 

Aubs Granit Xplus 540 D-lock

The Granit XPlus 540 from Abus is a D-lock for someone who really, really loves their bike.

Not only does the X-Plus 540 get a gold rating from security test house Sold Secure, but it also achieved seriously impressive results in BikeRadar's own extensive lock test which saw our expert lock picker unable to compromise its state-of-the-art mechanism. Even crooks equipped with serious tools will be forced to take their time thanks to its clever design.

It weighs less than 1.5kg, which is perfectly reasonable considering how much protection it offers.

  • Price: £99.99 / $89.99 / AU$139.99

Spurcycle Bell

The Spurcycle's bell is a bell for life, not just for Christmas
The Spurcycle's bell is a bell for life, not just for Christmas

For commuters a bell can be an important safety tool and, although you could get a functioning one for a tenth of a price, many people are still opting to buy these premium dingers.

Made in the USA from entirely metal components, the Spurcycle bell can be mounted vertically or horizontally, and thanks to a clever adjustable fastener it will clamp to almost any handlebar.

As well as being outrageously expensive it's actually pretty damn good at what it does, you can read our full review of the Spurcycle bell here.

  • Price: £49.99 / $49 / AU$75

Pedro's tyre levers

You can't go wrong with Pedro's tyre levers
You can't go wrong with Pedro's tyre levers

Being subjected to a good kicking once you're already down, that's how it feels to have a tyre lever snap when fixing a puncture.

Granted, they're about as exciting as a pair of socks, but these tyre levers from Pedro's are the sort of gift you'll receive from someone who really cares about you. Read our review of Pedro's ever trustworthy tyre levers here.

  • Price: £3.99 / $5 / AU$TBC

SockGuy wool socks

It's a classic
It's a classic

Here are a pair of socks that we wouldn't mind finding in our stocking.

These bike specific socks are available in a multitude of funky designs and work so well that the person you're giving them to will reach for them every time they open their drawer.

If this design isn't for you then fear not, SockGuy has tons of designs on its website featuring everything from tribal prints to the Sriracha rooster.

  • Prices from: £12.95 / $13.95 / AU$32.95

Proviz Reflect360 jacket

The Proviz Reflect360 reacts to light sources in a way that's impossible to ignore
The Proviz Reflect360 reacts to light sources in a way that's impossible to ignore

Grey in the day but ultra bright when exposed to artificial light (I'm a poet, wouldn't you know it?), the Reflect 360 jacket from Proviz has cemented itself as a commuter favourite.

It's not one for those who want to be setting speed records but if you know someone who could do with being more obvious to motorists then we doubt you'll find a more suitable gift. For more information on this one here's our full review.

  • Price: £79.99 / US$140 /AU$N/A

SKS Chromoplastic mudguards

SKS Chromoplastics, our Jack loves 'em
SKS Chromoplastics, our Jack loves 'em

These are a firm favourite of BikeRadar's resident mudguard freak Jack Luke, a man whose misspent youth can be traced back to much fastening, fiddling and fondling with such accessories.

The Chromoplastics have proven themselves to be a durable choice that perform well despite a modest retail price. If the classic silver look isn't for you then they're also available in black.

  • Price: £25.99 / $50 / AU$59.99

Alpkit Tau rear light

Alpkit's Tau rear light is a real bargain
Alpkit's Tau rear light is a real bargain

For the cash-strapped commuter who needs to be seen is this impressive rear light from Alpkit. 

It's a properly sorted little lamp with most of the features and functionality of many of its competitors despite being around a third of the price. It'll happily strap to most places and weighs just 20g.

6 of the best: rear lights

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