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Northwave’s new collection of road cycling shoes is a celebration of the Italian brand’s cutting-edge tech and timeless style

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Italian brand Northwave has been crafting innovative cycling shoes for 25 years — who doesn’t remember the bicolour Integrals of the early nineties or the iconic ADVs?

Its road cycling footwear combines the latest technology with state-of-the-art design to create high-performance shoes to suit every rider.

It’s no wonder that pros such as European Champion Alexander Kristoff and the Wiggle-High5 Women’s World Tour team are Northwave fans. The new collection honours the brand’s distinctive flair, with a touch of avant-garde style.

European Champion Alexander Kristoff wears a special color edition of Northwave Extreme RRs
European Champion Alexander Kristoff wears a special color edition of Northwave Extreme RRs

Don’t miss these standout models…

Northwave Extreme RR

Northwave's Extreme RR shoe
Northwave's Extreme RR shoe

Extreme RR is the first model of the collection to incorporate Northwave’s patented XFrame technology. XFrame eases the pressure points on the upper while providing a supportive fit.

Even the small details are designed with high performance in mind. The inner mesh increases comfort, the stiffened mid-layer adds extra support through the upper, the outer is super wear-resistant and the Ultralight Carbon 15 outsole makes for effective power transfer.

Plus, the redesigned closure uses Northwave’s patented SLW2 dial, making it possible to reach an ideal fit with only one adjustable dial.

It comes in Yellow Fluro, Black and White/Red.

  • £320 / $400

Northwave Extreme GT

Northwave's Extreme GT shoe
Northwave's Extreme GT shoe

The Extreme GT also features XFrame technology and is fully kitted out for adventurous bikers. The Morph Carbon 12 AAS outsole features a full-carbon insert in the pedal area to ensure power effectiveness.

Less stiff than the RR, the Extreme GT sole features patented Anatomical Arch Support. While the idea of integrated arch support is hardly new to the market, it’s the choice of material that makes the Extreme GT’s sole so special. Made of TPU instead of carbon, it completely adapts to your foot’s shape.

It comes in Anthra/Gold, White/Black and Yellow Fluro.

  • £205 / $280

Northwave Revolution

Northwave's Revolution shoe
Northwave's Revolution shoe

The Revolution echoes Northwave’s striking, colourful designs throughout the ages. The bold colour scheme is offset by a more traditional upper layout, complete with double SLW2 dials for micrometric adjustments.

Minimised stitching reduces the overall weight and maximises comfort, while the Morph Carbon 12 AA’s outsole features Anatomical Arch Support. The result is a shoe that blends cutting-edge tech with modern style for a great price.

It comes in Blue, Black/Anthra, White/Grey and Bronze/Black.

  • £175 / $230

Northwave Flash 2 Carbon

Northwave's Flash 2 Carbon shoe
Northwave's Flash 2 Carbon shoe

The Flash 2 Carbon sits somewhere in the medium range benchmark. It combines the high performance of the Extreme GT and Revolution models, with a stiff yet light fit.

The single SLW2 dial is reinvented with a Biomap Aero Overlap, which provides the optimal balance between comfort and support. The upper is ultrathin, so it wraps around the foot to optimise pressure distribution, while ventilation is ensured through lasered micro-perforation.

It comes in Black/Lobster, Orange, White/Black and Black.

  • £150 / $200

Northwave Sonic 2 Plus and Sonic 2

Northwave's Sonic 2 Plus shoe
Northwave's Sonic 2 Plus shoe

New to road biking? The Sonic 2 Plus is the perfect shoe for entry-level riders looking for a light, well-ventilated trainer that won’t break the bank.

The Sonic 2 Plus incorporates the SLW2 dial rather than the classic-style three-strap closure of the Sonic 2. Both have a thermos-welded layer construction and are designed to provide a supportive, wrapping fit.

Northwave's Sonic 2 shoe
Northwave's Sonic 2 shoe

The Sonic 2 Plus comes in Black/Yellow, Fluro/White, White, Lobster Orange/Black and Black/White/Red and the Sonic 2 comes in White/Black/Red, White/Black and Black.

  • Sonic 2 Plus: £120 / $160
  • Sonic 2: £80 / $100

Northwave Verve 2 SRS

Northwave's Verve 2 SRS shoe
Northwave's Verve 2 SRS shoe

The Verve 2 SRS is designed with entry-level female riders in mind. The Women’s Skin Overlap Unibody upper provides the ideal snug fit, efficiently distributing pressure across the foot and adding extra support.

Ventilation is enhanced by the five wide vents in the NRG Air Carbon reinforced sole, which is SPD-compatible.

The closure is just as cutting-edge, featuring a thin SRS buckle and two asymmetrical straps for ergonomic design.

It comes in Anthra/Aqua and Black/Red.

  • £105

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