The Body Mechanic series

A monthly column on injury prevention, bike fit and product selection

The Body Mechanic series is published monthly on BikeRadar and covers topics from bike fit, injury prevention, and to how your component selections actually affect you. Written by Sydney-based physiotherapist Blair Martin, this series cuts through trends and popular beliefs, providing real insight into what will actually make you faster, more comfortable and generally keep you riding longer.

The Body Mechanic is a Sydney-based workshop dedicated to helping cyclists, triathletes and runners make their start line. Established in 2008 by physiotherapist and former NSW elite state road cycling champion Blair Martin, TBM offers physiotherapy, bike fitting, bike mechanic service, running technique analysis, and strength training for all athletes, ranging from commuters to elite racers.

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  • Discipline: Road, Mountain, Urban, Womens
  • Location: UK, USA, Australia
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