Turbo trainer workout - power flush efforts

Feeling the burn? This workout will help you deal with it

The purpose of this turbo trainer session is to improve your ability to cope with changes in pace during group rides, or hanging in over the top of a climb.

The idea is that it will build up your your capacity to produce a high level of power, flooding your legs with lactic acid, and then teach your body how to flush it out again.

Follow the workout in the video below. It lasts for 50 minutes, including your warm-up and warm-down.

Turbo trainer workout - power flush efforts

Video: Power flush efforts turbo training session

This video is part of wider series created in association with CycleOps turbo trainers to give you a comprehensive fitness plan for maintaining and improving your cycling performance all year round. Stay tuned for further episodes in the coming weeks – or subscribe to BikeRadar's YouTube channel.

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