Turbo training video - seated strength efforts

Build in-the-saddle power to smash climbs, ease through headwinds and breeze along rolling roads

Turbo training video – seated strength efforts

Our latest turbo training video is all about staying strong in the saddle. Seated strength comes into its own when climbing, powering into a headwind or dealing with slight changes in gradient. We also use this session to build low-end torque in our pedalling.

It’s a great short sharp and purposeful session, so grab your shoes, drink and towel and get ready to feel the burn! If you in the market for a new trainer, check out our guide to the best turbo trainers.

Video: Turbo training – seated strength efforts

Check out the full playlist here:

Video: Turbo training playlist

This video is part of wider series created in association with CycleOps turbo trainers to give you a comprehensive fitness plan for maintaining and improving your cycling performance all year round. Stay tuned for further episodes in the coming weeks – or subscribe to BikeRadar's YouTube channel.

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